Anime Detour Announcement

Update straight from Chris Ayres!

November 21st 2017, 16:04 CST


I have been sitting here for a while trying to find some way to put into words what is in my heart.  Nothing that I think of can capture how overwhelmed and grateful I am for the love and support everyone has shown me.  Not just the donations but the well wishes, prayers, and thoughts have been amazing and have often left me as speechless as I am now.  I have heard from old high school friends, college friends, theatre friends, friends in the industry (both U.S. and Japan), friends from all over the world, and the incredible and amazing Anime Fan’s out there.  The way they, and especially the fans of Dragon Ball, have jumped so quickly to help has been amazing to watch.  I have to say when the goal hit 9,001, it made me smile.


 This is the start of a long, very scary journey for me, but it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone.  Through all of this I have had Krystal, Greg, Mom, and Dad with me every step of the way as well as a few local friends who have been with me to doctor appointments, hospital visits, and all of that, but I know now that there are so many of you who are with me in spirit and are sending out your energy and love and it means the world to me, as well as to the people around me who are here with me on this journey.


The Oral surgery that was supposed to be on Nov. 16th had to be pushed back to Nov. 28th.  So I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving before the surgery. Many people have asked how I am doing.  I have good days and days that are not so good.  The doctors are hopeful, they say that I look a hundred times better in person than I do on paper, and most of them can’t believe that the person they are talking to is the same person on the charts they are looking at. I’m on 24 hour oxygen, a concentrator at home, and canisters if I want to go out, and I am functioning on about 11 – 14% lung capacity. Those are pretty scary numbers I know, but when you see me or talk to me, most days, you wouldn’t know it was that low.  With the help of my bipap machine at night I have actually gotten my carbon levels down lower than the doctors thought they would ever get which has thrilled and excited everyone.


My transplant team is anxious to get me listed and get me my double lung transplant and double bypass surgery as soon as possible.  They have opted to do both at the same time as they feel it’s safer and I will only have one round of healing rather than two.  Both are very serious surgeries, but I know with all of your support, love, caring, and prayers I will make it through, and like Frieza come back stronger than ever. I am doing what is most important and that is keeping my spirit, faith and sense of humor strong and the love from all of you will help me to continue to do that.


The treatments for me are very expensive even with insurance, and the money raised will be a huge help toward the bills that I currently have as well as ones that are coming up in the immediate future. As we have said, this is the first of what will probably have to be multiple fund raisers as I continue on this long, strange, and at times scary journey, but I know that I will be alright because I am not alone, I have all of you with me.  No matter how many times I say it, it will never be enough but Thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Love and Laughter Always