L.E.G. Community Fund

Anime has always been about heroes.

They inspire us. They allow us to see what we would like to be. And Anime Twin Cities is dedicated to helping all of us reach that potential. That’s why we established the Anime Twin Cities Community Fund.

What is the Community Fund? It’s a pool of money we set aside to help people in trouble in our community. When Greg Ayres needed vital dental work to continue as a voice actor, the Community Fund was there. When Richard Townsend similarly needed to address a medical emergency, the Community Fund was there.

In the past, whenever an emergency came up in our community, Anime Detour and Anime Twin Cities didn’t stop to ask if we should help. We just figured out where we could cut, and asked everyone to chip in and help us meet whatever goal we needed to in order to help. This is what we did when Greg Ayres had a heart attack. This is what we did when there were deaths in our community. This is what we did when the tornado ripped through North Minneapolis. This is what we did when the tsunami rocked Japan. The idea behind the Community Fund is we don’t want to have to cut from the convention or to have to run a fundraiser every time someone needs help – although if that’s what it takes, we will. Rather, we want to already have the money to help when we’re needed – and that’s where you come in.

There are many ways to contribute to the Community Fund. If you’re going to Anime Detour, you can become a Community Sponsor and one hundred dollars of you registration fee goes straight into the Fund. Periodically throughout the year we hold events to raise money for the Community Fund. You can even donate directly on this page. It’s just that easy.

And what will we do with that money? Every dollar that goes into the Community Fund will go to help someone in the community. Period. Not to our staff, but people like you. Like Greg. And like the Townsends. Plus, every year Anime Twin Cities will match the first five thousand dollars into to Community Fund. If the fund ever goes over fifty thousand dollars, then at the end of the year we’ll either donate that money to programs that help our community, like the Hennepin County Libraries or to the Geek Partnership Society, or else we’ll raise the cap. And whatever we do, we’ll make sure we tell you about it. You’re helping us build this fund; it’s only fair you should be able to see that it goes to worthy causes.

So we’re asking you to help us. We’re asking you to be a part of something that directly contributes to our community overall. We’re asking you to be heroes.

And in return, this is what we pledge to you:

  • Every dollar that goes in the Community Fund goes to help someone in the community. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  • Anime Twin Cities will match the first five thousand dollars into the fund every year. If we’re asking you to contribute, it’s only fair we do too.
  • No one on the Anime Detour or Anime Twin Cities staff can benefit from this fund. We’re not doing this to line our own pockets.
  • If at the end of the year the total in the Community Fund exceeds fifty thousand dollars, we’ll either donate the excess to charity or we’ll raise the ceiling on the fund. Having the money to help is great, but if all it’s doing is sitting in our bank account, it isn’t helping anyone.
  • We will be transparent on this fund. We’ll keep the total in the fund posted, and if we disburse funds, we’ll tell you why. This isn’t our money, it’s yours, and you should know that it’s going to a good cause.

And that’s it. It really is that simple. We know we wouldn’t be here without you, and together we can, and have, done amazing things. We’ve changed lives for the better, and we fully intend to keep doing so. And because Anime Twin Cities wouldn’t exist without the community, it is partially our responsibility to help in the community where we can.

So come on. Be a hero. Contribute today.

Donating to ATC Charities

Anime Twin Cities maintains a Charity Fund year round. Our Charity Fund consists of money we've set aside specifically to help people in need in our community just like Richard. If you'd like to make a donation towards it, we encourage you to do so using the form below.