Anime Twin Cities Elections


These are your Candidates for the Anime Twin Cities elections. Elections will take place between May 27th through June 2nd. Please carefully review your choices because these people will be representing Anime Twin Cities for the remainder of the term ending 2021. Eligible voters can vote for a maximum of one (1) candidate for President. Write-in candidates are also accepted.

Tristan Anderson

For the last 2 years I have served as a member at large of the board of ATC. I first stepped up because I did not like how things have been running and how the organization was being presented. I wanted to step in and try to work with everyone to get the proverbial house in order, become more transparent, and make sure the information about what is going on is being documented and get out to everyone. I did not know how, but that is what I wanted to do.

In that time, I have tried to stay as close to that as I could. I have reviewed all previous ATC meetings on record and found each policy and bylaw change that has happened and created a written list of policies that is now listed on the ATC website. I have been a part of the ambassador program to help spread the name and message of ATC and AD as far and as much as we can. To make sure our reputation and our image in the community is a good one. I have pushed to have the board meetings live streamed over some of our social media channels so that more people are able to see it. I have pushed for more effective transparency in our actions. And one of the biggest projects I am currently spear heading is the finalization of our first ever 5-year plan for the organization. The two projects I plan to continue to bring to completion is the finalization and continued live streaming of the board meetings. The second is working with a team to find things like grants from various groups or organizations to help us in our various charitable works.

I know I am not a perfect person and have made my share of mistakes. However, I feel that the good I have done outweighs what mistakes I have made. If elected I plan to do as best as I can to work with not only the board, but to listen to all of you and steer this organization as a whole, not just anime detour, in a good path. To do everything I can to find a way to make us better. I know we can be a great organization and I plan to everything in my ability to make sure we are the best we can be.

Amy Johnson

Hi, I am Amy Johnson. I am running for the Presidential position on the ATC board. I have been apart of Anime Detour for over 10 years working for the Safety Department as a Sub-head for much of that time. I have been there to see the Detour at it’s best and been there to help it get through it’s worst. As a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy I have had experience dealing with high stress situations and used that experience to handle the wide range of situations that can occur within Detour. Outside of Detour I have had experience being the member of the board of other organizations and am currently serving as the President of the Board of the local Chief Petty Officer’s Association which has 90 members. I have had experience with the rules of order and have experience with Detour. That experience will be advantageous should I be elected.


Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.