Anime Twin Cities Elections


These are your Candidates for the Anime Twin Cities elections. Elections will be held electronically. The voting will be open from 8:00 PM Tuesday May 28, 2024 through 8:00 PM Wednesday May 29th, 2024. Please carefully review your choices because these people will be representing Anime Twin Cities for the next two years. Eligible voters can vote for a maximium of one (1) Treasurer and maxmimum of three (3) candidates for Member-at-Large. Write ins are also accepted.

Electoral Procedures for Anime Twin Cities

The procedures by which a member wishes to be considered a candidate for a position on the Board of ATC

A member is not eligible to be a candidate if:

  1. the member is not in good standing (suspended, banned, or currently being investigated for activity that will result in the former two conditions)
  2. a current coordinator

A board member is expected to:

  1. be 18 years old or older
  2. experiences working with non-profit organizations, volunteer organizations, etc. and agree to attend the board training by the organization
  3. has the capacity to commit to 3-4 hours a week of board related work
  4. Reside within state geographic bylaw boundaries

The organization would like to see these characteristics from a candidate:

  1. Some history/involvement with ATC events
  2. Attend ATC events as a representative
  3. Ability and willingness to regularly attend the monthly board meetings

During the period up to the election, candidate is required to:

  1. Prepare and deliver a 2-3 minute oral presentation specific to ATC, including their goals for serving on the board and positions on the future and operation of ATC. This should be viewable by at least all members.
  2. Each candidate will participate, with a membership audience, in a question and answer session with current board members and coordinators. This session will be up to 30 minutes in length.
  3. Each candidate will participate, with a membership audience, in a question and answer session with the organization's membership. This session will be up to 30mins in length.

Hotura Vo

Attended 0 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

My name is Hotura Vo, I've been in the anime convention scene since 2017 and Anime Detour was my first convention back in high school. I have had the opportunity to be an attended to staff to having leading roles both in AD level and ATC board level. I am looking forward to returning to ATC board to be a part of the change to help create bylaws that protect both ATC and AD. To better help create guidelines that better align with our future goals of success. And lastly to mend the gap between ATC board and AD staff.

Briana Johnson

Attended 1 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

My name is Briana Johnson, I am new to working Anime Detour this past con cycle as the Assistant Head of Guest Relations, and I am a long time attendee who has been attending Anime Detour since 2006. I also have been involved in management in a plethora of other conventions across the Midwest so I understand how many conventions run.

My experience with leadership positions extend more than just Anime Detour and Conventions, I also have experience working in another Non-Profit group as a President Elect through the Minnesota Society for Histotechnology. My professional job is a Histotechnologist for the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis. I am also involved as a Safety Captain and SOP writer within my professional job so I understand Federal and State Laws pertaining to a lot of different subjects within the Medical/Non-profit world.

My current and past professional skills and background include but are not limited to: attention to detail, leadership, time management, negotiation, conflict resolution, patience, precision, problem solving, verbal and written communication, familiarity with spreadsheet, word processing, and budgeting. I am confident that I have the qualifications and skills necessary for the job, and I'm eager to put my knowledge and experience to work.

I look forward to the opportunity to work as a team and engage with the Anime Twin Cities community directly.

Kristen Loth

Attended 9 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

Kristen Loth has been staffing Anime Conventions since 2012 and has been in Convention management since 2018. She entered Director status in 2019 and has happily served her fandom communities in the midwest since then. She is currently a Vice Chair for Anime Detour. Kristen attended College at the University of Minnesota Duluth and has been attending ATC events since 2012. Currently she is a Cosmetologist, Artist and Graphic Designer by trade. She currently works as a Master Stylist at a leading Salon and Beauty School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she helps facilitate the growth and learning of future generations of hairstylists. When not working for multiple conventions she enjoys Tabletop Gaming, video games and fantasy literature. She also loves to spend time with her husband, Shiba Inu, Husky, and their two black cats.

Bruce Levine

Attended 7 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

Bruce Levine, an experienced IT Systems Engineer, has dedicated over a decade to supporting large enterprise IT environments. In his spare time, he has volunteered for six years in the technology and AV areas of conventions. As a senior leader, he has worked to foster open communication and streamline processes within the departments he oversees. Seeking re-election as a member-at-large for Anime Twin Cities, Bruce aims to continue the work he started during his previous, albeit short, term. If elected for a full term, his goals include creating an organization that emphasizes open communication and accountability. One of his initial objectives is collaborating with fellow Board members to establish easily accessible policies and procedures, ensuring that members and staff understand their roles and the reporting structure within Anime Twin Cities and its events.

Jason Bruner

Attended 2 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

Jason is a lifelong Minnesotan, residing in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with his wife and two dogs. From a young age, Jason came up through numerous community organizations where he learned DJing, Audio Engineering, and Video Production. This has led to a long and storied career as a performance DJ for a multitude of different anime conventions and pop culture events, including performances at Anime Detour, Anime Expo, Anime Central, and most recently, Lvl Up Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jason attended college in the Twin Cities where he majored in Systems Engineering. Professionally, Jason holds a career in commercial and municipal life-safety, electronic security, and fire protection system design, sales, and project management.

Jason’s professional and recreational pursuits have led him to take on numerous leadership roles with anime conventions in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, where he has served as the head of technical services, dance coordinator, and board member for several events since 2008. Most recently, he has been serving as Anime Detour’s Music and Dance Event coordinator since 2023. His passion for running dance events, long history as a convention guest of honor, and his professional skills in sales, contract negotiation, and project management make him an ideal candidate for the position of Member-At-Large with the ATC.

Anthony LaBerge

Attended 2 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

I've been a staff member at Anime Detour for over a decade now, working my way up to Head of Facilities. I have also previously been elected to the board.

After seeing how the board functioned then, and is functioning now, I feel compelled to step up to help this organization run properly. I will assist in this endeavor by pushing for the bylaws to be rewritten by a lawyer that specializes in nonprofit organizations to start. I believe that the board should listen to its membership when making decisions, and that is what I will strive to do as a MAL.

Hope Kronen

Attended 2 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

Anime and Manga have been a huge part of my life ever since I was introduced to them back in 2005, but like most people I was introduced to anime much earlier in life without even realizing it (thanks Sailor Moon and DBZ). I have been a long-time attendee of Anime Detour. My first year was 2008 way back to the Thunderbird Hotel and I was a part of the Volunteer staff from 2012 through 2024. I love this community dearly and I am looking forward to doing my part in helping the community grow.

Kevin Ehrler

Attended 10 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

I've been attending Anime Detour since its very first year and it didn't take long before I counted myself amongst the ranks of its staff. I've held a number of positions at Detour over the years including head of Artist Alley, a member of Charity Auction, and a member of the Guest Relations department. While it's been several years, I have served multiple terms on the Anime Twin Cities board of directors previously, where I've helped craft a number of policies and bylaw changes. For over a decade I've been coming to ATC board meetings and even when not as a board member there have been very few I have missed. I believe in what ATC does and feel passionately about the good we do.

I feel I can help the board by being a clear and analytical mind whether that's working through issues of the day, reworking bylaws, or helping go through our policies. I want to see an ATC that once again fills its ranks with coordinators and groups and works towards bringing more back to our local community.

Andrew Janssen

Attended 0 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

Hello, Andrew here, but as I've been known throughout the conventions for the last 18 years, everyone calls me Spex. I've currently been staffing tech departments for 16 years with Anime Detour (now as the Lighting Sub-Head), about 6 with Kitsune Kon, 3 with Colossal North, and a lot of other conventions all over the midwest here and there. I keep busy throughout the year with my convention schedule varying between 6-12 conventions a year and staffing or ambassadoring the majority of them.

But I digress, I should state my intent of running. For years I've heard of everything within ATC and I figured it's about time I decided to run for at least a Member At Large position and get a little better understanding and involvement with the board as I've wanted to about 7 years ago, but was not sure enough to attempt it. My motives are nothing more than trying to learn more and expand my knowledge with further involvement from where I've been.


Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.


Attended 2 out of 12 Board meetings in the last year

My love for anime and Japanese culture began at a young age. In 2008, attending Anime Detour for the first time opened a whole new world of fandom experiences. Since then, I've actively attended conventions across the US, appreciating the unique offerings of each.

Beyond my love for anime and conventions, I bring a strong foundation in finance and administration. I've trained under Kim Hofer, the current Treasurer, for the past year and I'm eager to contribute my skills in the day-to-day operations of ATC with what I've learned from her, ensuring financial stability and smooth execution.

Outside of volunteering for organizations I care about, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling and playing video games.


Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.