April 2024 Board Notes




Board Attended: Alli Cassel, Alyssa Johnson, Christina Kramer, Bruce Levine, Chelsea “Buttons” Lieser and Nick Nelson
Board Absent:


Anime Twin Cities Bylaws Update Meeting Minutes

*Addendum: On 4/22/24 an email was sent to the ATC voting members that the bylaw change is no longer being pursued due to the circumstances not being necessary anymore.

15th, 2024
7:00 PM

Board Present - Alli Cassel, Alyssa Johnson, Christina Kramer, Bruce Levine, Chelsea “Buttons” Lieser and Nick Nelson

Meeting is Motioned in

Bylaws Update

  • We needed to have a meeting with minutes about the Bylaw updates before sending out a notice to the members.
  • We are primarily making two big changes.
    • 1. The first update is how the latest version of the Bylaws will be structured and is under Article 3.2.3.
      • “Anime Detour covers the cost of membership for persons who earn a staff badge.”
      • We are making this change to make this easier to remember, when Christina came back as President there were two years over Covid-19 where people were paying for a membership but since the physical Anime Detour convention wasn’t happening there were no badges given.
    • 2. The second large update we are making is a bunch of changes around Article 3, for the Vice President position, Treasurer, and the Secretary.
      • Kim is stepping down from her role as Treasurer and would like Sky who she has been mentoring to step into the role, but we don’t want to put Sky though having an election and needing to run for the position.
      • We haven’t asked Kim to come to a meeting and while, and not sure if Sky would like to be she can, but either way we have been down a voting member for a year.
      • We are changing the board to have a President, a Vice President, and then 4-6 members at large.
      • The Vice President will be appointed from one of the members at large to make it easier for elections and to not have it be a separate position.
      • The Vice President will be nominated annually.
      • We are changing the Treasurer and the Secretary to be appointed positions, previously they were technically elected positions, but for Christina when she came in as Secretary, and when Nick came in, it was more sending out an email to ask if everyone is okay with them being Secretary, so it didn’t go through the standard election process.
      • The Treasurer and the Secretary will both be non-voting members.
      • A lot of the wording that applied to the Treasurer that now applies to the Vice President for voting matters has also been updated.

Motion to send out the Bylaws updates and get the voting process started

Motion Passes

  • We just covered the Bylaws updates in this meeting. Christina will be sending out an email to voting members (we have 22) tonight April 15th, and then a second email April 22nd. Voting will begin April 29th and will stay open until May 7th.

Motion to adjourn


7:08pm meeting adjourned.