March 2024 Board Notes




Board Attended: Alli Cassel, Alyssa Johnson, Christina Kramer, Bruce Levine, Chelsea “Buttons” Lieser, Kristen Loth, and Nick Nelson
Board Absent:
Observers: Sherilyn Brown, Samantha Cozort, Kevin Ehrler, and Troy MacDonald


Anime Twin Cities Board Meeting Minutes

12th, 2024
6:34 PM

Board Present - Alli Cassel, Alyssa Johnson, Christina Kramer, Bruce Levine, Chelsea “Buttons” Lieser, Kristen Loth, and Nick Nelson

Public – Sherilyn Brown, Samantha Cozort, Kevin Ehrler, and Troy MacDonald

Recap off cycle board actions and votes.

  • The website is updated, the new about us section is live.
  • We got a physical address, this will be on the website:
    5021 Vernon Ave S, Box 119
    Edina, MN 55436
    • That is ATC and Anime Detour’s new physical address.
    • This address can be used if people need to order something for ATC/Detour but don’t want it delivered to their house.
    • Three people will have keys: Christina, Sky, and Alli.

Open Session (First 30 minutes)

  • We got a chat on the livestream that the board meetings aren’t showing up in the calendar, which is something we’ll work on.


Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

  • None

Coordinator Updates

  • Anime Detour - Troy
    • We are finalizing contracts moving onto the onsite contract with the hotel.
    • We are working on a lot of finishing touches on ordering badges and setting up badges for registration.
    • There is a lot of fine tuning going on with processing badges and the changeover with Eventeny this year. Last year was a hybrid of the old system and Eventeny.
    • We will have tablets for the registration team.
    • We are finalizing mixer items and menus with the hotels.
    • We will make sure all the departments have what they need.
    • We are entering the home stretch and are a little over two weeks out. A lot of people will be onsite Wednesday night and the bulk of others Thursday populating throughout the day for the big kick off on Friday.
  • Communications – Brittany
    • Nothing
  • Finance
    • The total dollar amount in each of our accounts are as follows:
      • Business Checking - $412,284.38
      • Education Fund - $3,098.03
      • Business Market Rate Savings (Community Fund) - $14,505.69

15 Minute Break (If the preceding topics take little time, the board may vote to skip this)- skipped


Current Month Board Topics


  • Nothing to work on for this month with Anime Detour coming up very soon.
  • Future Board Topics
    • Bylaws update should take place in April or later if people are too busy/exhausted right after Anime Detour.
      • Bruce wanted to share another group’s bylaws; those will be approved on Thursday then Bruce will drop that in chat. This will include their write-up for their ethics officer position, which could be a good foundation for our possible new ethics officer role.
    • Coordinator Consolidation Discussion / Overhaul (April)
      • Brittany brought up consolidating some of our positions and streamlining them. May consider a coordinator name change to “event coordinator”.
    • Elections (May) We need to get the word out to get people to run, and we need to get the voting list together.
      • Incoming board members should be aware of the structure of the process for applying. The details are included on the ATC site, and this process also applies to members at large reapplying.
      • We will conduct interviews with these candidates which will be livestreamed. You used to have to give a speech which isn’t required anymore but this helped to allow the board to ask more detailed questions and to get more information on the applicant.
      • It is also a good opportunity to figure out what the candidate if elected would like to do on the Board.
      • We will need to get out a timeline and get posts out to communicate that the elections are upcoming.
    • Coordinator Reviews (June) This is due in June, not sure what expectations have been set.
      • Back when Christina was the secretary every board member would write a review of the existing coordinators, so currently Troy and Brittany.
      • We don’t go over them live with the Board, it will happen between the board and coordinators instead.


Motion to adjourn

6:51pm meeting adjourned.

Please contact or if you would like to be added to the agenda for discussion items.