July 2023 Board Notes




Board Attended: Alli Cassel, Chelsea Lieser, Kristen Loth, Nick Nelson, Matt Paulson and Lorien Paulson
Board Absent:
Observers: Troy MacDonald and Kevin Ehrler


Anime Twin Cities Board Meeting Minutes

July 11th, 2023

Board Present - Alli Cassel, Chelsea Lieser, Kristen Loth, Nick Nelson, Matt Paulson and Lorien Paulson
Public – Troy MacDonald and Kevin Ehrler

Recap off cycle board actions and votes – Nothing

Open Session (First 30 minutes) - Nothing

Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners – Nothing

Charitable Giving Requests – Nothing

Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour
 We had the second meeting of the cycle, some areas starting to gear up. Shifting areas for a few departments for spacing reasons. We are talking with the Millenium to finalize space allocation there, registration is open. We are looking to do more promotion with marketing to push stuff out. We should have guest announcements for that part of marketing soon. Department budgets are starting up, budgets are due around the second week of September, which will then be presented at the October meeting.

Communications – None

 $281,558.30 in the business checking account.
 We went to Pride and did a fair bit of promotion.

Scheduled break – Skipped with no objections

Board Topics

Ally - Radios to Kitsune Con in two weeks.
Ally has been going through equipment checking for damage, logging notes on the condition, and testing after charging them up. We have 59 total radios including all broken ones, of the ones tested she has one that doesn’t power at all, that one is dead and could be used for spare parts. One has a broken antenna, that is labeled as poor condition but should still work, they could just replace that antenna. Otherwise, some with some issues like a broken push to talk button. She will have a full report to the board once all are through testing. We have more than enough headsets for them. The chargers are in good condition, the headsets are in varying condition, some are new and never opened. We have lots of extra batteries for them too. The batteries work decently well, we decided to replace them, but every time you add to the system you have to reprogram the radios, which can be a pain, the amount of radios go up every time that need to be reprogrammed. Kitsune will get the manuals and software for reprogramming but no transfer of knowledge since we don’t have any guidance on reprogramming.

Matt - Bylaw Amendment
Matt wants to make sure everything is right, will make sure that it is handled appropriately. We are making the treasurer an appointed coordinator position since we could appoint or hire a business and it would be generally better to have someone qualified since it is a professional job. We also want to establish a formalized VP elected off the year of the President.

Chelsea – Renting Equipment to other cons
We may want to discontinue the practice considering the condition the equipment gets back to us in. Matt- we will cease the program since it is utilized very little and is not worth the hassle. Formalize no longing soliciting rental work requests. No longer worth our effort, does extra wear and tear on our equipment, it is a great expense and effort for us. We are beyond the point where it is a good idea.

Motion to discontinue the equipment rental program by ATC.
Motion passes
ATC will no longer solicit rental requests.

Nick – Adding Documents to the Site / Website Overhaul
Asked about if anyone had admin credentials to add documents (outside of the minutes) onto the site.
Matt will network with IT on adding the financials.
Could commission a website overhaul and pay for it.
Could get an easier one to work on the back end.
Kristen knows WordPress and is a graphic designer.
We will explore that option with a cost analysis and will deal with it more formally at the next meeting. We want better guidance on cost before moving forward, that is an item for next month.

6:42pm meeting adjourned.