February 2023 Board Notes




Board Attended: Tristan Anderson, Matt Paulson, Chelsea Lieser, Alli Casel, Joh Hermanstorfer, Kristen Loth
Board Absent:
Observers: Kevin Erhler, Troy MacDonald, Amy Johnson, Samantha Cozort


Off cycle action

John hermanstorfer was elected to the final open member at large position. There were 24 eligible voters, 7 voted, all were in favor.

Alli requested that we loan Kitsune Kon several of our radios to test them to see if they would like to purchase them

Discussion was made to ensure that Tabi the current head of Logistics has a full set of keys for the locker.

Open session


Planned Discussion


Equipment rental


Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour -troy

Coming up on several deadlines only 50 days away. Were out at AMKE last weekend for the ambassador table. Finalizing some facility related things like room placements. Already starting to look forward to 2024 planning items.  Looking at various ways to use eventeny for the future events.  Have already been using it for things such as staff forms and placement.  Working with themes to get information for all departments together to make sure the program book is done in time. Remainder of the time will also be focused on registration.

Charities – tristan

               No new updates at this time

Communities – tristan

               No new updates at this time

Communications – Brittany

               No new updates at this time


SOS – tristan

               No new updates at this time

Finance -tristan

January financials are looking good, on track to be in the black very soon

990 and MNAG finals are completed and ready to be posted to the website

Current Account Balances
        Bank - $320,787.86
        Education - $2,911.71
        Community - $14,266.32

Board need to get the final copy of the new storage unit lease for 36months signed and returned by 2/23

Mail box location

               Tristan is going to have to get down and sign paperwork for one of the various post offices.

Adjourned 648pm