March 2021 Board Notes




Board Attended: Tristan Anderson, Christina Kramer, David Vetrovec, John Itzin, Kim Hofer, Ashley Rahn, Hotura Vo
Board Absent:
Observers: Troy Macdonald


Meeting called to order 18:30


  1. Recap off cycle board actions and votes

    • Bylaw Revision

      1. Passed 10 yes and 1 no

  2. Open Session (First 30 minutes)

    • Has there been any progress on setting up to pay ATC member dues so there will be voting members in this coming cycle?

      1. The link on the ATC website has been fixed

      2. Need to communicate with staff about needing this for membership

        1. We will be having a discussion about the Annual meeting later tonight, and will go over this then. 

      3. Had a question come up about viewing financial documents, advised to submit a request to the treasurer and we will be able to provide them. 

  3. Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

    • n/a

  4. Equipment Rental Requests

    • n/a

Coordinator Updates

  • Anime Detour

    • Continue to work on the upcoming digital convention

      • Pushing that communication out on social media

      • Kim made two different payments to the Hyatt and we are caught up, and prepaid an installment for 2022

      • Will be reviewing the contracts and signing/sending back to Hyatt

      • Realizing the timing of it, Detour’s budget was approved as if we were going to be holding it physically, however that has changed

        • Not looking to spend the full amount but may have a few departments looking at expenditures for website things etc. 

          • Kim - it is understood that there will be a few expenses.

          • The board believes Troy will handle the budget according to the needs of the digital event vs physical convention. 

          • Furry Migration/MN Furs offering assistant with hosting / staff of tech parts if needed. 

          • Many people have been working very hard behind the scenes to get this up and running

    • Looking to fill many leadership positions, this will be prioritized after the digital event. 

      • Reservations, has been open for a long time, since no physical con hasn't been urgent, but Nichetta would like to train someone in on this

      • Logistics, writing position description

      • Social Media, current had to suddenly step down, will currently be run by executive team

      • Charity Auction, stepping down post convention

  • Charities

    • Person who was interested in the Charities position is still in discussions 

    • Will be sending a letter out to past recipients advising them of no donations this year

  • Communities

    • n/a

  • Communications

    • n/a

  • SOS

    • n/a

  • Finance

    • Bank Account $173,360.59

    • Education Fund $2,262.47

    • LEG Fund $12,998.73

    • Everyone should’ve gotten the February financial report yesterday morning, got quarterly payment from Amazon Smile, and received one ATC Purchase. 

    • Registration refund came through at roughly $7,700.

    • Financials haven’t been posted on ATC website yet

      • Tristan hasn't had a chance to meet with Drew yet about doing this

Updates on current Board projects

  1. GPS Funding Discussion

    • We as a board are responsible for ATC and while we need to keep our partner organizations in mind, we have to consider ATC first. 

    • We do not want to push this down the road 

    • We do need to have further discussion about considerations of what this would mean for in place meetings. 

    • Ashley will schedule an off cycle discussion with the board

  2. Recording Board Meetings

    • This is a moot point, as per the bylaws that the meetings have audio and video communication as long as we are in electronic meetings. 

    • Dropping this proposal as this is presumed. 

12 Minute Break 19:23 - 19:35

  1. Running for Candidacy

    • Went over the electoral procedures that we should have

    • Want to have a more experience 

    • Want to have potential candidates be aware of what is expected of them

    • It is our responsibility to fill in those holes and educate people, so they are aware they are held accountable to laws. 

    • Want to inform the voting members more about the candidates

    • Improving some of the beginning steps will help with this process all around 

    • Need to post this document as a policy, pending edits to be completed by 3/12/21

      1. Proposed by Tristan

        1. 2nd by Hotura

          1. All in favor

  2. Annual Meeting Discussion

    • We have in the past held the annual meeting at the same time as the Anime Detour Post Mortem. Our new bylaws have now separated this, the annual meeting needs to be its own separate event. 

    • We need to decide on when that will be, no later then the end of May. 

    • The Anime Detour Virtual Event is 4/2-4/3. (Original convention was planned 4/2-4/4) 

    • The annual meeting is to be held within sixty (60) days following the scheduled end of the event known as Anime Detour as decided by the board. The annual meeting is not to be held concurrently with the Anime Detour Post Mortem.

    • Does Anime Detour plan on having a post mortem, or any planning meetings in April?

    • Decided: Annual Meeting Saturday May 1st

    • When do you need to purchase a new membership for voting?

      1. We will discuss off cycle and send out a communication with all of the information. 

  3. Budget Discussion

    • Presented a thought experiment for 2021, after discussing with the board this document is not helpful. We will work on this off cycle. 

Open Board Projects/Future Meeting discussions (sorted by due date):

Meeting Month <Caretaker(s)> - Example Project

  • April <Board> - Annual Meeting Discussion

  • April <Board> - GPS Funding Discussion

  • April <Board> - ATC Budget Funding Graphic / Explanation

Meeting Adjourned 21:16