April 2020 Board Notes




Board Attended: John Koniges, Tristan Anderson, Kevin Ehrler, Michelle Clark, Jay Bottem, Christina Kramer, Kim Hofer, Anthony LaBerge
Board Absent:
Observers: Troy MacDonald, Heather Bufkin



Recap off cycle board actions and votes

  • Cancellation of Anime Detour

    • All in favor

  • Making the April meeting Virtual

    • All in favor

Open Session (First 30 minutes)

  • Reprimand/coaching punishment for not doing Reviews as board member

    • Scorecard for performance

    • Is there a definitive list for expectations and duties as board member

    • Who would be doing the scoring

    • Do peer reviews of each other 1 month before elections

    • Michelle volunteers to start a rough draft for guidelines

    • Also have members in general review board members vs just peer reviews

      • Verbal and written communication 

  • Rolling badges over would include ATC membership?

    • If or when an anime detour badge is rolled over, the ATC membership and dues are included as well.   

      • All in Favor

  • Need to tell people to purchase membership to ATC if they want to vote. Will need to promote this strongly. 

  • Board Micromanaging, board members telling people below the coordinators what they are going to do. Should just be communicating with the coordinators. 

    • We have gone over this many times, if it is a large scale thing, then that decision does come down to the board.

    • Short term falls down to the coordinators

    • Wants to define this so we don’t have to rehash this every time 

      • Ex. request to leverage coordinators resources vs telling them to do something. 

    • Proposal: The ATC board of directors can not dictate to any coordinator what the responsibilities of the coordinator's staff are, or how those staff are to fulfill those duties.

      • 6 in favor 1 against

Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

  • NA

Equipment Rental Requests

  • NA

Coordinator Updates

  • Anime Detour

    • Emails went out about difference between refunds and rollovers, working with Artist Alley, Vendors. Still in holding pattern for meetings as waiting on covid

  • Charities

    • No charitable giving for this year

    • Michelle came up with a letter for charities we have given to in the past about the issues with Covid.

    • Charity we couldn’t give to, of the week, and people could donate to, via ATC Social Media (Jay posting)

  • Clubs

    • Clubs aren’t really happening right now. 

  • Community

    • Still looking for community coordinator, needs to set up communication

  • Media Relations

    • Numbers are up on views on ATC facebook page, response time is about 2 hours

    • Nothing new on instagram

    • Working on Twitter

    • Working on ATC Twitch page, seeing where that can go

  • SOS

    • Online staff meeting last month

    • Focused on how to help community connect when can’t be together in person

    • New discord server, ATC SOS Chat house (60 participants currently) 

      • Team has been very helpful in running and moderating

      • Looking at doing jackbox games, or streaming viewing party with anime, and scheduled online group activities. 

      • Looking for ideas: bingo, mass video sharing?

  • Finance

    • Bank account $244,094.97

    • Education Fund $2,262.36

    • Leg Fund $13,151.33

    • Exhibitors still need to finish being paid out

    • Artist Alley has been paid out

    • Dave @ GPS financial update 

      • Losing all of their income from cancelled rentals

      • If Convergence does not happen in August, then GPS will not be able to survive the year

      • If they don’t survive, then they would not be asking for our payment in October. 


Updates on current Board projects

  • Proposal for recording board meetings

    • John does not currently have a rough draft on this

    • Life has been busy so they are going to continue working on this

    • We are a public meeting in a public space, anyone could walk in and record the whole thing since it is public, unless they are disturbing the meeting. Looking into details

    • Having this live streamed, helps people to be able to participate

    • Will try to have a proposal by May meeting

  • Proposal for waiving Anime Twin Cities membership costs for Anime Detour staff who meet requirements for free badge

    • To be a non paid volunteer you have to meet certain criteria, once you break $500 in compensation there is tax stuff involved, we are currently at about $100 in compensation (Volcon, tshirt, AD Badge, staff dinner, anniversary pins)

    • Need to discuss with the legal consultant further. 

    • Clarification that people aren’t buying tickets, they are buying a membership to AD which includes the ATC Membership.

    • Will come back to in June

  • Five Year Plan

    • Reviewing the document

    • Clarifying 20,000 target each year in additional funds coming from a number of sources that are not ATC Based sources

    • No suggestions on %s for targets

    • Frustrated with lack of feedback on the document

    • Hard to come up with concrete plans on how to make goals

    • After hearing his explanations, some felt the document was completed enough 

    • Will need to update it so it is not based on 2020 numbers

    • How much can we increase through advertising?

    • More recruiting for staff, not just SOS staff

    • Idea: Recover to 2019 status by 2022

    • Doesn’t want to steamroll 5 year plan, to entirely focus on Covid recovery.

    • Michelle with work with Tristan to help complete this document

  • Charitable Giving Proposals

    • Michelle will be sending out letters apologizing that we are unable to donate this year, but will promote charities through alternate means

  • May 3rd planning meeting will not be able to happen anymore, so we need to possibly look into voting online. 

    • Kevin and Christina will work on this. 

    • Kim says we should be able to budget for this. 

Meeting concludes at 20:50 pm