November 2019 Board Notes




Board Attended: John Koniges, Kim Hofer, Tristan Anderson, Kevin Ehrler, Michelle Clark, Anthony LaBerge, Jay Bottem
Board Absent: Secretary
Observers: Troy MacDonald, Anton Petersen, Erick Hofer, Heather Bufkin, Lauren Gannann


Meeting called to order 18:30

Agenda: Recap off cycle board actions and votes:

  • None

Agenda: Open Session

  • None

Agenda: Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

  • None

Agenda: Equipment Rental Requests

  • Anime Fusion - Diana has points to bring up circling back.

Agenda: Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour (Troy)

  • Budgets returned to departments

  • Went to Nebraskon and got over 20 reg and sponsorship

  • Past weekend at GalaxyCon, 20 some reg, 2 sponsorships, and contacts made

  • Department head meeting this Saturday, plan to make it a regular thing once a month.

    • Documentation of policies will be topic.

Charities (Anton)

  • Currently in process to setup a meeting in the next couple weeks

  • Will reach out about email that was missed.

  • Sent email about Anime Bonsai.  They are a 501c3, Utah Anime Promotions.  One of their storage lockers burned due to people living in the one next to it.  Trying to recover about $1k. They have a gofundme page. Suggested $300-$500.

    • John is leaning towards the $500.  Thinks it would be hard to do it in just $1000 they are asking.

    • John is asking if we should reach out to avoid the GoFundMe %.

    • VOTE: John Motions to donate $500 from the LEG fund to Anime Bonsai.  Anthony seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Clubs (Erick)

  • A middle school teacher asked about support for anime club.  Working to put people together with them.

  • No heard issues with other in-house club masters.

Communities (Lauren)

  • Resigned from communities head.  So we can start looking for replacement.  Will continue to work on some projects in the interim, attempting to wrap things up.

  • Lauren recommends while we are looking for social media, communities, secretary we may want to redefine both positions.  A lot of the office manager stuff like setting up trainings, ordering business cards, that’s the kind of thing maybe more secretary driven.  Troy has recommend ATC logistics, so it might make more sense there than communities with a huge umbrella. Confusion with partners with charities as well.

    • ACTION: John needs to redefine the role of Media and Communities coordinators and narrow them to make them less scary


    Anime Fusion Equipment Rental Return

  • Diana: Fusion did the best they could.  Main stage couldn’t be locked, and got security guard overnight to make sure everything was safe.  This brings up the fact that it didn’t come a thing until talked to the board of Fusion mentioning their tech head was going to sleep there.  Not sure what would have happened if she wasn’t part of the staff there. Not sure if we can do something about the contact... It’s a huge burden on tech to acquire new items (between finding, sourcing, pricing, sales, qualities, etc...).  We don’t always have representation at all these cons, and wonder how they know we can have our equipment safe.

  • John:  We could write into contact secured or hire someone.  Sleeping in a room is not okay.

  • Erick: In vendor contracts it states they are responsible for the price of full replacement.  Even with a locked door no guarantee things won’t go gone missing.

  • Lauren:  Last meeting we were talking about adding a 20% restocking fee.  

  • Diana: You aren’t paying for my time to replace equipment, things we are dealing with... So yeah maybe looking at that restocking fee...  People don’t think it’s not a big deal to ‘replace’ things.

  • PREVIOUS ACTION: Lauren suggests she consults with the 4 departments that rent the most, gather their opinions, and send email with collective data, and think is a good amount and we can vote on the next meeting.  (restocking fees)

  • Tristan: The space would be similar to the doubletree garden court without fences

  • Troy: As long as verbiage is in contract, and if we have consistent loss they may not be able to rent again.

  • Diana: Fusion didn’t really know to begin due to the marriage of hotel owner’s daughter.  If they knew and didn’t disclose the space is at-risk, we should not rent again to such places.  

  • Heather:  We were planning to lock equipment next door but we found out then it didn’t lock.

  • Cable needs fixing.

  • Power strip got marked not working.

  • One of the panel room kit covers got broken.

  • Missing radio charger (thinks they know where it is)

  • Two microphones broken in ON position.

  • There is a charger base for the radios missing and a headset was missing.  But we received an extra headset of another variety... not sure how that happened.

  • We have two weeks to refund based on contract.  Heather (Anime Fusion) is okay with extending this while things are being considered.

  • Action: Diana to coordinate with Kim after figuring it all out

Media Relations

  • Emailed in saying couldn’t make it.

SOS (Heather)

  • Akihabara Event this Sunday.

  • Dates set for next few things.  Team meeting Dec 3rd (recruitment meeting).  

  • Working on location for NYE party

Financials (Kim)

  • $207846 Bank

  • $2129 Education

  • $14926 LEG

  • Handed out Financials for Oct 2019

  • Completed annual registration with MN until end of 2020.

  • On Oct 15th the D&O insurance is now in place.

    • Went with highest limit available ($1M).  Kat helped looked over policy.

Agenda: Rum River Library Event

  • Looking to run a mini event

  • Looking for assistance in getting funding (annual giving - may not work due to being in May).  Would also like some non-financial help as well. If successful maybe we can help out for the next event more.

  • Charities didn’t submit a budget but we gave them one if needed too.  Anton would be willing to give some of this if needed.

  • ACTION: Anton to reach out to them to discuss

Agenda: Anime In Classroom Email

  • Looking for someone to give a presentation.  Troy volunteered for this.

  • John: Might be another reason to have a letter we can just hand out to discuss things too.


15 meeting break called at 19:11.  Meeting Resumed 19:27


Agenda: Five year financial Plan

  • Working on it.  Reaching out to various people.  

  • Looking for income/expenses through history

    • Tax statements contain this and on the website

  • Expect several months at least to get a rough draft.  

  • ACTION: John to move this to Board Projects section to revisit in Feb.


Agenda: Board Attendance For eligibility

  • Kevin typed up missing ones and sent to board to review before posting

  • Concern about requiring people attend meetings since we don’t get a lot of interest

  • John: Recommends ranked voting of choices from our amendments for how many we for meetings to attend.

  • Troy: We manage half a million in assets, as a registered charity if we can’t mandate attend meetings...

  • Troy:  Most people don’t know what they are applying for as they reference Anime Detour all the time.  This is dangerous for a board of directors.

  • John: We need to do more education about what we do as the board.

  • Troy: Want to see more of a process.

  • Lauren: No matter what you write in an amendment it will get approved.  

  • Troy: If we are going to have a 5 year plan, then those people will be guiding our organization and want them in meetings.


Agenda: ATC Anti-Harassment and Incident policies

  • John has email from Jay/Michelle with updates from last time.  Will be emailing out to ATC staff to let them know what we plan to vote on at the next meeting and provide feedback.

  • John wants to make clear this will replace other policies like code of conduct, etc...


Agenda: Updates on current Board projects

  • December vote of “code of conduct”

  • ACTION: John to drop “Anti-Harassment” name

  • Still looking for Corporate Sponsorships caretaker (doesn’t need to be a board member)

    • Troy: If we redefine roles maybe this will fit somewhere.

    • ACTION: John to meet up with Troy/Lauren to discuss redefining of roles

  • January - prices for registration

  • April Charitable Giving Proposals

  • May Charitable Giving Vote

  • June Board Members’ Projects

  • June Coordinator Reviews

  • July Review ATC policies

  • July Coordinator Goals

  • ACTION: John to move ATC policies to policies section

  • Lauren requests to delete point of contact policy 

  • VOTE: John motions to remove point of contact policy - seconded by Kim, MOTION PASSES - unanimously

  • Media relations policy needs help

  • VOTE:  John motions to remove ATC Media Relations Policy, seconded by Kim, MOTION PASSES - unanimously


Secretary Interview Summary

  • Christina volunteered to be secretary, and did an interview before the meeting.

  • VOTE: John motions to make Christina acting ATC secretary, pending approval of membership approval.  Seconded by Kim. MOTION PASSES - unanimously.


Side Notes:

  • Heather notes we don’t have a facebook event, and could make one for the board meetings.

  • Tristan wonders if we can move the meeting time/date to a more main page instead of events/calendar

  • ACTION John to add time to Agenda


John motions to adjourn.  Motion passes 19:53. Meeting Adjourned