June 2019 Board Notes




Board Attended: John, Kim, Kevin, Michelle, Jay, Tristan, Tony
Board Absent:
Observers: Erick, Troy, Lauren, Anton, Heather


Meeting called to order 18:30


Recap off cycle board actions and votes:

  • Megan is willing to help out with ATC secretary role but really wants us to find someone, won’t be able to make the meetings themselves but can help with some premeeting stuff.  John to email staff.
  • Relay for Life:  Went from needing donation to stage it went to stage+tech equip.  So no longer needs to borrow the equipment.


Open Session:

  • None


Planned Discussions:

  • None


Director Updates:

  • Troy (AD): 
    • Meeting tuesday to start looking at alternative sites before signing a contract with the Hyatt for 2023/2024. 
    • We are in a time crunch since it books out much earlier than we are used to  They have only 2 open dates in March, and if we lose them it would push us to Feb or May. 
    • Their cancellation policy isn’t any more forgiving if it’s 700 days or 1500 days, to look into if there’s any adjustment for this. 
    • Looking to hold exec post mortem
  • Anton (Charities)
    • Next is Relay for Life (22nd).  Kaza will be performing. 
    • ACTION: Will send something out to promote Kaza at least, looking into this.
  • Erick (Clubs)
    • Sent Facebook messages to all club masters to think about budgetary requirements
  • Lauren (Community)
    • Just at charity tree festival, it went very well.  Lots of people in our interest group and excited about upcoming picnic and swap meet.  Saw a lot of charities we support stop by.  A library is doing an anime prom next year and said they were going to contact us.
    • Next is room party at CONvergence, and things are set for this.  May get slushies there. 
    • Furry migration is getting together an equipment rental request.  They just asked if we can do a room party at their event.  So looking to get that in by the 1st.
    • Obon application is in.
    • Pride coming up.  Have volunteers set for Saturday.  Nobody yet for Sunday, but managing it since we are working out of GPS booth.
    • We got at least two people sending in feedback about ethics and attending policies.  Should have something by next month.  Still looking for more people to send in before next meeting.
  • Media Relations
    • No Data
    • Newsletter did get sent out.
  • Heather (SOS)
    • Had Akihabara (Swap meet), about 300 people come in the door.  Had more tables over 50 sellers.  With tables, concessions, donations we took in about $400.  The hope is eventually get a certain size and rent a gym at a wellness center but need to grow more since it’s a bigger space.
      • Have contact information for people who want to volunteer with ATC
      • Have Tax stuff for Kim (for people selling stuff) to store.  Created form for this.  John thinks this could be a good blank for org wide to look into.
      • Had a tier to allow them to go above price ceiling which turned out very well.
      • Reserved swap tables very popular as well.
    • Staff picnic is on the 29th at Highland park location
    • Cosplay picnic on July 28th.
  • Kim (Finance)
    • Financial handouts handed out.
    • Most expenses are for charitable giving
    • Bank Account $216912.65.  Education fund:  $1460.80  and LEG at $12237.68.
    • Received multiple thank you letters from donations.  Kim will put in a book again when we get them all in.
      • Thinking of digitizing the letters for a charities page or archival purposes.
    • Trademarks are up for Renewal
      • ATC: By October
      • AD: By January
      • Kim has sent off paperwork for renewals.
    • LEG account match coming up last week of September.  This is still money earmarked for Chris.  We received $998 only so far.  Authorized several from work donations waiting on.

Updates on Current Board Projects

  • Board member projects (John) : Doing now
  • Coordinator Reviews (Next year: Secretary)
  • July : Go over ATC policies Tristan working on getting them on website. 
  • July : (Next: Secretary) Coordinators need to have goals for what they wish to do over the next year.  This is helpful for the reviews next year.  ACTION: Want coordinators to email goals at least 1 week before the next board meeting email to the Board email.
  • August ATC Attendance Cap and Budget (Owned by Troy).  Going to try to keep the meeting shorter.
  • September ATC Budget (Owned by Kim). 
  • September AD Budget (Owned by Troy)
  • January Anime Detour Prices (Owned by Troy)
  • May Charitable Giving (Owned by Anton)
    • Looking to have people present in April and have charitable team have a month to identify/decide and present in May.
    • Anton going to reach out to partner orgs to get proposals a month earlier.


Board Members’ Projects

  • Board notes from July 12 has list
  • Policy Indexing (Tristan)
    • Done and organized, need to get them loaded on website still
  • Updating bylaws on website
    • Looking for votes from previous meetings for missing bylaws on website
  • Rules for appointing board member midterm
  • Annual locker inventory (Kim) adding to board projects
  • Board member bios and photos (Secretary) Should be a June item annually.  Tony and John need to submit to IT.
  • Timeline for LEG recipients for website content
  • List of charities we donated to for website content
  • Coordinator Web Pages
  • Pictures for SOS Already there
  • Artwork for GPS dropping
  • Intellectual Property Document
  • ATC Vision Statement need to get on website
  • Trademark infringement letter Troy was going to pull some examples of C&D letters.
    • Lauren wonders if our lawyer can send us a blank template
  • Sign for ATC office DONE
  • Standard Ad for convention cycle more AD than ATC so dropping.
  • Annual Report for ATC.  Combined with AD.  Andy and Troy were to discuss.  Troy has some information, John offering to assist with Troy.
  • Need to update website for board members
  • July Lauren to present ethics and attendance proposals
  • End of May Locker inventory due
  • Troy wonders if we have a business plan and thinking we should have one.
    • We have visions/mission of where we want to go but no plan to get there
    • Troy willing to help
    • John will own, and reach out to the entire board.


Coordinator Reviews

  • Reviews attached to Board Agenda <link>
  • SOS
    • Positive feedback all around
    • Didn’t do enough activities after meetings as much as wanted to
    • Has feedback of feedback going to review.  Looking to get information on where people are coming from. 
    • Looking to work with M.R. more going forward.
  • Media Relations
    • Regular newsletters going out
    • Meeting attendance lacking, no notice, and no updates.
      • John to reach out to ensure they know we want at least a status update
    • ACTION John: to reach out to Äge about project schedules/meeting schedules to newsletters
  • Community
    • Good reaching out to community events, good single point to have people contact
    • Biggest negative wondering about system for rentals and memberships outside of detour
    • John thinks we should look into system where we put schedules and M.R. can just grab them from.
  • Clubs
    • Reaching out to do a lot of work with clubs we have
    • Biggest thing is publicizing on websites
    • Issues contact highschool contacting clubs.  Emails go to dead addresses.
      • Erick thinking of whenever we get a club packet to email a universal thing, pitch letter, card, etc.. let them contact us.
      • Good starting point might be to talk with our contacts with the library system that have anime clubs.  Then when we write pitch letters we can reference those organizations if we can work with them.
      • Can we reach out with scouts, campfire orgs.  Michelle to work with Erick on this.
      • We need content on website for this.  For kids and parents.
      • Original intent of clubs was to write a document for schools to work through the red tape on how to start an anime clubs in schools.
  • Charities
    • Had three coordinators in the year
    • Best part was probably a timeline of the application process
    • Standard boilerplate for replies
  • Anime Detour
    • Generally reviews were good/positive
    • Does a lot of work, ambasador tables, events to represent us, etc...
    • Biggest points were communication
      • Have an ask us anything link for quite a while, nobody uses it.
      • Troy is available before staff meetings and open to schedule times to talk.
    • May want to focus on fewer goals
    • Looking for more specifics in vague feedback comments
    • Looking to improve communications for departments.



  • ACEN went very well
    • Good table presentation
    • Looking into taking registrations in future there
    • Several shows overlapping/in subsequent weekends need banners.
    • Got rid of all foam fingers
    • Looking for name tags for board, looking for move tables a bit to remove pillars.
  • Placing Charities Coordinator Appointment in July meeting.


Motion by John to Adjourn meeting, seconded by Kim.  Meeting adjourned 20:10