April 2019 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Megan Stob, Kevin Ehrler, Kim Hofer, Tristan Anderson, Michelle Clark, Jay Bottem
Board Absent: Robert Thell
Observers: Alli Cassel, Erick Hofer, Lauren Ganann, John Koniges, Troy MacDonald, Dave Vetrovec, Anton Petersen, Heather Bufkin, Kat Pepmiller, Diana Sneve, John Hermanstorfer


Anime Twin Cities, Inc Board Meeting April 9, 2019 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413



·  Open Session

·  Coordinator Updates

o   Anime Detour

o   Charities

o   Clubs

o   Community

o   Media Relations

o   SOS

o   Finance

·  Ratify Vote: AD 2020 Badge Prices

·  Ratify Vote: Locker Move

·  Ratify Vote: Sunday Walk Up Registration Rates starting 2020

·  Ratify Vote: De-Tour Japan 2020 Trip Proposal

·  Discuss Proposal for Cancellation or Rescheduling Board Meetings


Start of meeting 18:31, thanks everyone for coming


Open Session

  • At the last meeting, Kat announced her intention to step down as the Charities Coordinator. The other candidate in that process was Anton, want to discuss any concerns about appointing Anton as the Charities Coordinator.
  • Suggestion: Appoint Anton as acting Charities Coordinator until we are able to open the hiring process and give others the opportunity to apply if they so choose.

Andy motion’s that Anton be appointed acting charities coordinator until a replacement is found through a full application process. Jay seconded. All in favor of those present.

  • The Charities Coordinator Position will Open May 11th and close 30 days later; June 10th. Applications are due by 11:59 pm that evening. Please submit applications to atc_applications@animetwincities.org.



Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour

  • Recently had our convention, we had over 1,000 walkups on Friday. We could start seeing more of a trend towards walkups as there are regionally/nationally. Total attendance: 6,319.
  • Looking at having a specific department head post mortem, so we can have open discussions about what issues there were, and then move on to the Vice-Chair one on ones.



  • Wanting to get the funds for the AUSM fun and games gala. No set list on who’s going. Need everyone’s name, register online by April 17th, let Kim know if they are vegetarian or Gluten free.
  • Anton- received a text from Carrie Savage, thank you for everything. Very appreciative of what we did for her.
  • Kim to give Anton final charitable giving number.



  • The clubs are going fine, looking at gearing up the YouTube club. Looking at a light kit for that so we will look professional.
  • Aside from that, still waiting for people to sign up for the coaster trip. Need 15, currently have 9. Trip will be the last weekend in July. Do have the proposed dates July 26-28. Will have Age repost on the Facebook Page/Website.
  • Knights Lunarious had a panel on Sunday and it went really well at Con.



  • Had our room party at Anime Detour, it went okay.
  • Coming up we are looking into Marching in the May Day Parade. Lauren sent out an email and have got response to it.
  • The plan is to have the office open during Art – a – Whirl. (May 17-19). The next event after that will be Pride.
  • Have a couple things upcoming this summer and then we have the Obon festival in August. Lots of stuff in the works. We will have a CVG room party, and an Anime Fusion room party. We did a room swap.
  • Card Holders will be Detour branded. Moving away from buttons.


Media Relations

  • Not here



  • Hungry hungry hippos and had one board break, it was at the end of the event.
  • Had promo events out at the room party and in consuite.
  • Next social is the end of this month.
  • June akihabara
  • Cosplay picnic in July.
  • Working on all three things.
    • FYI- scheduled handouts for detour put the clubs that I had information on that I had info for. Happy to do as long as I know when things are.
  • Next SOS meeting is April 30th.
  • Staff picnic on Facebook group



  • Few things…
    • Expenses were 5 times the income. See Sales by Customer Summary and Expenses by Vendor Summary pages.
    • Major places that we would expect- Hyatt, Guests. Used Art shows budget to purchase the 13th panel room kit.
    • Looks bad, we had a ton of income, 4 trips to the bank, 2 days counting money. The registration deposit was over 29,000. Brought over 100,000 in that weekend. Merch came in over 14,000. Brought in more money than she spent.
    • We will see that income in the April reports.

Bank balance: $302,823.63

Education Fund: $1,351.3

LEG Fund: $12,233.07


  • We got a thing in the mail, apparently there is a class action settlement being done towards visa and mastercard for their merchant fees. This is a notice that it’s out there. They will send me the claim form. Kim will fill it out and submit it. We will see what we get.
  • Dave is here on behalf of GPS to answer any questions about the Facilities agreement that we may be signing. Dave presented back in June what they would like the yearly payment to be. Ends this month. Start May 1st ends April 30th, 2021.
    • GPS has made a request for $20,000 annually.
    • Currently some is a guaranteed amount and some as a match amount.
    • Can make 1 complete check vs 2 checks. Will make that payment in October once budgets have been approved.
    • Kim not willing to give that much of ATC’s finances to GPS. Currently we do $16000 a fiscal year. Kim, thinks 17250 and 18000, willing to go up to 18000. Nice compromise what GPS has requested and what we are currently paying. We do use the facility. They have increased the rent. Feel that it’s a good compromise.
    • 9,000 guarantee and a 9,000 match (if for some reason that they aren’t earning that for us to match, then they won’t get all of it.) Dave can certainly answer any questions.
    • The ask for the increase was for rent increase (up 780 a month) due to the popularity of Northeast Minneapolis. We have never had any issues making the match. 9,000 is about CVG’s charity auction. If we are going to do the match again, do I do it Oct 1 to Sept 30.
    • Details- whenever we do sign a contract it is a public contract. We do need to make a decision tonight.

Michelle motions to approve $18000 for GPS, Tristan seconded. All in favor unanimous among those present. Dave to draw up contract and reach out to Andy to set up a time for Andy to sign.


Agenda- Ratify Vote: AD 2020 Badge Prices

Vote to keep the badge prices for 2020 the same as 2019. Andy motions. Tristan seconded. All in favor unanimous among all present.


Agenda - Ratify Vote: Locker Move

Vote to move the storage locker to the larger space.

Tristan took a 360 picture. Have to be out of the old locker by Thursday

Andy motions to approve. Kim seconded. All in favor unanimous among all present.


Agenda - Ratify Vote: Sunday Walk Up Registration Rates starting 2020

Allow for Sunday walk up price at what ever the price for atc membership, currently $15. Starting ad 2020. Troy you and registration can determine how best to disseminate. Andy motions. Tristan seconded. All in favor. Unanimous among all present.


Agenda - Ratify Vote: De-Tour Japan 2020 Trip Proposal

Approve Evan’s PacSet’s Anime De-Tour via ATC/AD Channels. Sold out in 2 hours. 40 spots. 19 registered before the end of the panel. Andy motions. Tristan seconded. All in favor. Unanimous among all present.


Agenda- Discuss Proposal for Cancellation for Rescheduling Board Meetings

Policy Proposal #1

Cancellations of an Anime Twin Cities Board Meeting must approved by a majority vote of

Anime Twin Cities Board members. In cases of extreme endangerment to the board and

membership a single meeting may be canceled by the President, or Vice-President in the

absence of the President.

All due diligence will occur to attempt to give at least a minimum 48 hour public notice of the

board meeting cancellation; special attention will be given to communicate with our

membership and partner organizations when such an event occurs.


Policy Proposal #2

Anime Twin Cities Board Meetings shall happen on the 2nd Tuesday of every Month. Permanent

(three or more meetings out of alignment in any given calendar year) changes to this schedule

must be unanimously approved by the full board, including secretary, in a meeting no less than

one month before a board election period or during the last meeting of an outgoing board.

Temporary changes to this schedule must be approved by a 5/7th or greater majority. All due

diligence will occur to give a minimum of 48 hour public notice of a board meeting being

rescheduled; special attention will be given to communicate with our membership and partner

organizations when a change occurs. To facilitate board and membership schedules, no

meeting may be rescheduled without a minimum 72 hour notice before the new meeting is set

to occur. This policy only applies to the public regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Proposing 2 policies, put policies around when we cancel and how we cancel meetings. And any meeting changes.
  • Andy- so the second proposal, once we moved the meeting, the Tuesday after detour, we also moved the meeting after that to maintain a 4 week gap to maintain.
  • Kim- only concern is 48 hours might be a bit of a stretch…
  • Kevin- 24 hours might be better.
  • Anton- what happens if we don’t meet quorum at the meeting??
    • Kevin- a third policy that we could add, something that we should discuss.
  • Kevin- change the 24 hours, would like to see if you are comfortable agreeing to these policies.
  • Andy- Quorum stuff as a separate policy.
    • Anton- without quorum you can’t vote.
  • 1st change 24 hrs for cancellation. 48 hours in 2nd policies.


Kevin would like to propose passing the 2 policies with the changes as reflected. Kim seconded. All in favor. Unanimous among all present. Kevin to resubmit with changes made. 

Policies Passed and Indexed as 2019.04.09.3 and 2019.04.09.4 


Tristan motions to adjourn. Jay seconded. All in favor. Unanimous among all present. Meeting end 7:30.