August 2018 Board Notes




Board Attended: Michelle, Jay, Kevin, Andy, Kim, Megan, Tristan
Board Absent: Joe
Observers: Lauren, Kale, Troy, Age, Heather, John Koniges, Anton Petersen, Jessica Aronson. Alli Cassel, Tori Magno, Diana Sneve, John Hermanstorfer, Cyn Letterman


Anime Twin Cities, Inc Board Meeting August 14, 2018 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413



  • Open Session
  • Coordinator Updates
    • Anime Detour
    • Charities
    • Clubs
    • Community
    • Media Relations
    • SOS
    • Finance
  • Future Meeting Recordings
  • MR Job Description
  • 2D Con Rental Verification
  • Equipment Rental Agreement Draft Discussion
  • Timeline/Review Process

If there is anything that you would like added to the Board Meeting agenda please email me and I will make sure to make the appropriate changes. If there is anything anyone would like to speak on an agenda item please either attend the meeting or send a statement to  or to





Open Session

  • Joe Opsahl is stepping down from the board; do we want to change how we handle the announcement and application process?
    • Andy to make an official statement to the ATC Staff Facebook page.
    • In the past we have posted on the ATC Staff FB Page, and interview, and then select.
    • Any changes?
    • Send an invite to those who applied at the most recent board elections. Nothing elaborate, but also post publically.
    • Don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a job description. It’s hard for those who don’t have firsthand knowledge of what the board actually does.
  • We received another anonymous email regarding disbursing funds from charity. This complaint is saying that our donations are unfairly tilted towards those who know staff members.
    • This could lead to a good start of a discussion.
    • A motion can only be made by a member in good standing.
    • Would be fair, to ask the audience if any members in good standing would like to make this motion?
      • This has not been the first time that this concern has been an issue.
      • Could we make this a meeting discussion, we could also discuss this when we discuss prizes and contests.
      • It does at least warrant some conversation.
      • We really needed clarification; this email could be taken two ways.
      • The community fund original founding documents states that you cannot donate money to ourselves, currently it reads that you cannot be Anime Detour Staff. It does not specify immediate family.
      • We were discussing some potential ineligibility with prizes and contests, could we have it be similar with our community fund.
      • Have we spoken with our Lawyer about what is standard and where the line is drawn. Let’s start there.
      • Andy to send an email to Charles first.


Anime Fusion Equipment Request:

  • See Heather’s Email.
  • Lauren has forwarded to Operations, Logistics, Tech, and Gaming.
  • Switch projectors and screens that are additional to 8 panel room kits.


Make sure you are aware, $150 rental fee, and a $200 deposit due 2 weeks prior to event.


Motion to approve: Michelle motioned, Tristan seconded. Unanimous among present. Kevin abstained.



Coordinator Updates


Anime Detour

  • We will begin our search for a Head of Marketing; Shanna has resigned.
  • We are working on filling our fourth vice chair vacancy.
  • We will be sending in the 2020 event contract for the Millennium soon.
  • We have 2 overflow hotels currently signed for 2019.
  • We will be looking for alternative sites before signing the Hyatt’s next contract.
    • Convention Center
    • St. Paul River Center



  • I am unaware of any responses from Gifford’s attempt to reach out to that town that was dealing with flooding.            
    • JASM has found a few organizations
  • AUSM has just invited us to have a table at their event. In September, 22nd or the 24th. We have tentatively approved and will work on setting this up.
  • Early plans in motion for the Santa photoshoot.
  • Submitted Goals, budget, and have submitted a job description to Andy.
  • Request to the LEG Fund that have been open for 2 months, and 1 for 1 month.
    • Flooding in Japan- since we didn’t use all of the charitable giving funds, could we potentially use the remaining for that?
    • Since we are at Obon on Saturday, do we want to have the tip jar towards the flooding cause in Japan. We could put out 2 tip jars, 1 for the LEG Fund. 1 for an organization to help with flooding in Japan.
    • There is $3,400 remaining from the charity disbursement from May.

Would anyone like to make a Motion to commit the remaining $3,400 from the charities disbursement meeting to go towards organizations to support the flooding in Japan.


Tristan Motions. Jay Seconded. All in favor unanimous


Tree Removal, storm damage. Don’t want to keep kicking the can down. Hold for 1 meeting. To allow for further discussion. The tree’s just need to be removed by winter.





 Kale and I haven't seen our daughter for a week so while we will be attending tonight's meeting we hope to leave early. Here are my goals as they currently stand so that you can better understand my budget. Also my updates for the month to save time/ so I don't forget anything later.


Had my conference call with propel they were going to send me a list of potential dates for training and have not. I have sent a follow up email and will email the team as soon as I have dates to work with. Sounds like it will be on a weeknight. They don’t have weekend availability.


We will be at Oban Festival this weekend.  Last year's festival had an attendance of 11,000.  If there are any talking points the coordinators or board would like us to cover please email me.


The Coordinators all met in July to discuss shared promotional resources we found some money in the 2018 budget to purchase some items now. A new ATC table cloth, logo pens and logo tattoos. Many of which will be available for Oban.


There were some misplaced items in the 2D con equipment rental.  We all received emails about that.  I will be doing follow ups.  I submitted a version of the draft contract to Furry Migration along with the invoice for their rental.  I know the contract has not been approved yet but wanted to have something concrete with Furry now given the 2D mix up.


Media Relations

  • Currently we have the barebones script for a podcast, newsletter, or youtube video.
  • We want to have information being released to everyone’s preferred method.
  • Don’t think we could get ATC on media sites like WCCO, however working with Twin Cities Geek or MPR to get our name out there.



  • Would like it if we could go over goals really quickly. See Typed Sheet from Heather.
  • If anyone has any comments or concerns I can adjust. Looks good.



  • Not a whole lot going on.
  • We got our quarterly benefit from Amazon $42.09.
  • $229,509 bank balance
  • $885.50 Education Fund
  • $9288 - $2100 to Chris; Leg Fund
  • Of the overall budgets that we had set and approved, we have spent $310,000 roughly. Around $47000 banked for the next year.
  • Gearing up for budgets.

Got a thank you from Sentai of DVD’s/Tshirts for the donation. To be delivered to SOS


Agenda: Future Meeting Recordings

  • See email from Tristan.

Proposal to record Anime Twin Cities board meetings


Proposed by Tristan Anderson


I propose that all public portions of future Anime Twin Cities Board meetings be recorded. That these recordings be uploaded to a publicly available site of the boards choosing for access by any persons who wish to view them.


In the past we have told people to come to these meetings.  That these meetings are open to the public.  We have told them that we want to see them here so that they can see the process that goes into the organizations various events and planning. In the last few years ATC has pushed more than ever to show a link between ATC it’s self and the various events and organizations its part of.  However, I have found we have done very little to assist in the transparency and sharing of this information beyond saying that its here if you would like to come and see it in person. This would provide access to much of the meeting to people who cannot make for many reasons ranging from physical disability, work and just a lack of transport to and from the location the meetings are being held. Another thing to take into consideration is the size of the area in which we hold the meeting. It is not large, and I have seen it fill to a rather full point in the past. This would not only provide those people with easier access to these meeting but the transparency and notoriety we have been calling for.


I propose that all future ATC board meetings be recorded with our own equipment we have on site. That this video be stored in a secure fashion and location so that the ATC board and pertinent personnel have access to them. That this video then be edited by a chosen member/s to remove certain private information to be chosen by the board. This video would then be posted to any or all of our various social media sites that would allow such content. This video is to be posted no later than 1 week from the time of the meeting. A list of specific information to remove from all videos should be decided upon by the ATC board prior to approval of this proposal. Additional items may also be excluded at the request of those present. I believe this list should include, but not be limited to:

  • Any non-public portions of board meetings such as closed sessions
  • Personal information such as address, and financials of individuals discussed during the meetings.
  • Anything specifically requested by any person present to not have the information be public
  • To record and publically post meetings.

Tristan would own. However to remove concerns about being on the board, a conflict of interest, we would want to find a third party. Do we know someone that would be interested?


What services are available to us? Using AD Tech equipment, we have people on Tech Staff who know how to edit video.


Concern that all Anime Detour Staff Members are ATC Staff Members. We should have full documentation. It’s important to have them documented.


We get a third party; it’s going to be a cost. Unless we find someone that needs community service hours, or an internship?


Maybe look at U of M video school, or Propel.


We need to flesh out the logistics a little more. Tristan would you be willing to look at third party options for us to discuss. Also we could ask Charles about the legal ramifications of in house versus third party recording and editing.


Would this replace the secretary? The concern is that our secretary is currently taking notes. Would not replace the secretary.


This would be both Video and Audio. We would mute the audio and cover the lips of the individual speaking during points of information that are not public.


Agenda: MR Job Description

  • See email from Andy with document.

Proposed responsibilities of Media Relations


Produce a newsletter and other means of periodically disseminating info of interest to the community as appropriate


Make prepared posts for website and FB

  • Establish and maintain interface through which people can submit content
  • Some content may be equally applicable to ATC and Detour*
  • For posts promoting ATC events (excluding Detour):
    • Would use Meetup in addition to website and FB                       
    • Work with relevant Coordinator(s) in a process for assuming full responsibility for these posts


Handle questions received via ATC FB page

  • For questions about events, can let them be answered by relevant Coordinator
  • For other types of questions, direct them to the relevant person, review and post their reply to FB thread


Live At Event FB posts at Detour*

Live At Event FB posts at other ATC events (with 48-hour notice of confirmed presence)


Reach out to external media

Handle requests from external media*


Point person for promotions with external organizations (e.g, movie giveaways)


Manage content for other (i.e., non-FB) social media platforms

  • Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube


Recruiting and maintaining staff to assist with tasks


*Shared responsibility with Anime Detour Marketing

  • For new coordinator: have a test drive or a probationary period in order to see how things go in the new role.
  • Andy could work this into a formal list of responsibilities in announcing taking applications for a permanent media relations coordinator.
  • The truth is that we would want the ATC MR and AD Marketing people to work on together.
  • Working with each other in tandem. Can cover for each other.
  • Email and post to ATC Facebook Group. This is a position where we would want to widen our breadth. In contrast for the board vacancy, do you want to restrict that to present ATC Staff or open as well? Want to keep it to ATC Staff.


Agenda: 2D Con Rental Verification

  • Deadline for PS4 and extension cord is September 10th. Would like to know ASAP if we need to go purchase these items. Once we hear back if we need to make purchases the check will be returned within a week.

Agenda: Equipment Rental Agreement Draft Discussion

  • Within 30 days of the event unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
    • to 7 Lauren’s Draft.
  • Add 5, 6, and 12 from Charley.
  • #2, in giving it to the event (delivering to their possession) upon pickup replaces delivery.
  • Add $ to lines that require dollar amounts.
  • Formatting of #5 (confusing)
  • Add inc. to Anime Twin Cities.


Send recommended Changes to Lauren, and see if she can add them.


Agenda: Timeline/Review Process

  • ATC Budgets are no longer line item by line item.
  • Move attendance cap discussion to August.
  • This is for next year.


Proposed timeline of milestones by designated board meeting





Coordinator reviews (This is closed Session)

Board members’ projects

Attendance cap for next year’s Detour


Coordinator goals

Review ATC policies


Receive ATC budgets (excluding Detour)

Attendance Cap Discussion


Approve ATC budgets (excluding Detour)


Approve Detour budget








Determine badge prices for next year’s Detour






Charitable Giving




Deadline for Reviews for Coordinators is August 28th.


Please send your email to Megan.


Last year we introduced SMART Feedback for reviews. This was a way to direct feedback towards constructive, something to act on. All outgoing board members are given the opportunity to submit feedback for reviews.


This year, we will hold our attendance cap discussion in October to balance out length of meeting.


Send out SMART feedback info + list of names to review.


Michelle motions to adjourn. Tristan seconds. Unanimous. 8:35 end time.