June 2018 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Joe Opsahl, Kevin Ehrler, Tristan Anderson, Michelle Clark, Jay Bottem, Megan Stob
Board Absent: Kim Hofer
Observers: Lauren Ganann, Heather Bufkin, Troy MacDonald, Kale Ganann (Briefly), John Koniges, Rachel Tippett, Diana Sneve, Dave Vetrovec


Anime Twin Cities, Inc Board Meeting June 12, 2018 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413



  • Open Session
  • Coordinator Updates
    • Anime Detour
    • Charities
    • Clubs
    • Community
    • Media Relations
      • Convention Report for ACEN
    • SOS
    • Finance
  • Ratify Vote: Approve Troy to sign contracts on Behalf of Anime Detour
  • Finalize Equipment Request
  • 2D Con Equipment Request
  • GPS Finances Presentation
  • ATC Contest Rules
  • Board Member's Projects
  • Decide on Anime Detour Announcements List

If there is anything that you would like added to the Board Meeting agenda please email me and I will make sure to make the appropriate changes. If there is anything anyone would like to speak on an agenda item please either attend the meeting or send a statement to atcboard@animedetour.com  or to atc_secretary@animedetour.com


Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour:

  • New Divisional Split, if you are on Anime Detour staff you should have received this new information.
  • We are starting to look at the next hotel contract.
  • Troy has signed contracts for our overflow hotels for 2019.


  • Thanks for previous dispersions went well.  Incoming request being processed. SciFi authors in path of tornado, one tree came down, needs to remove all trees.  Looking for anything to help. Total cleanup is $13500. Once all paperwork arrives will forward it on. Got an interesting email: Child-Specific Recruiter with Children’s Home Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.  How does the board feel? Positive soundings. The tax payment people are very grateful, and she plans to come to next staff meeting to want to volunteer.


  • No Updates


  • I have heard back from Propel about their Private Training for board members. This would allow us to train 30 people. Charging $30 per head to allow for other organizations to join us.
  • The training is three hours; need an idea about what days or days of the week we are looking for.
  • Requesting a 30 minute phone conversation prior to scheduling.
  • GPS was discussing having their own class, thinks this could be a good idea.
  • I would assume we would pick a date that works best for our people and then give that date to our partners.
  • Made copies of keys and ordered a sign for the office.
  • We have our presence set for Mechadamia, have a table set next to their registration on Friday and a table on Sunday during the fashion show. Anyone who is from our organization and if they would like to attend, can attend for free.
  • Plans for next month are to get Obon finalized, and check in with Barns and Noble if they would like us to have a table at Pop Culture.
  • Would like to meet with the coordinators to discuss the upcoming budget cycle.
  • Michelle has pride set, waiting to hear from GPS about what their volunteer needs are for their booth.

Media Relations

  • ACEN update; would like to work on our table presentation. Still unsure where the ATC Table banner is, we had used the Anime Detour one at ACEN.

CONVENTION: Anime Central

DATES: May 18-20, 2018

LOCATION:  Donald E Stephens Convention Center - Rosemount, IL

ATTENDANCE:  Uncomifrmed, approximately 30,000+


ROAD CREW:  Troy MacDonald, Joe Opsahl, Jason Horning, Age Nelson 

TYPE:  Ambassador Table

NOTES:  Table presentation  

  • Made a lot of contacts, and met the new chairman. Got several items signed including focus on the international guests to get things signed.
  • Had set up a Facebook messenger group for the Road crew, and that worked well.
  • I think we continue to struggle with expectations and what we expect of our traveling road crew. This also includes the expectations about the length of the convention and staying until the hours of the ambassadors are done.
  • They have a really in depth accessibility department, received a booklet there about it and will pass this information along to Anime Detour Accessibility Team. Definitely have some questions for the Guest Relations team about how they handle signings and how long guests are signing for.

We have a vacancy for the Media Relations Coordinator, how do we want to go about announcing it?

  • We can contain it within the ATC Staff as we have done previously.
  • Or we can do a public announcement via public facebook page and in addition to the website and our staff group.

If we do things publicly, we should also cross post to the website, listing as a job posting.

Michelle: we are encouraging more people to be involved, still think that it would be good if this position was publically posted.

Nail down what is expected of the role before we make any decision. We are currently trying to nail down a meeting between Shanna, Age, Troy, Michele, and Andy. The intent is to take time to do this right.

Start with opening it up to staff, giving them an additional week to when positions are opening.

  • In Anime Detour, we are looking at how we plan on drafting a policy about announcing open positions.
  • Having a period of time where internal candidates could apply, and give some time, we will still be looking at external candidates but we will take into account your experience with the organization.
  • Should be consistent for how we do this. If we create a policy we can be consistent about how we announce positions.

IT- would like more things posted on the website, or emailed out to the staff list. Making sure that any announcements made on the staff group on Facebook get emailed out.


  • Sunday we had the June Staff Picnic, turned out to be a lighter showing than normal, but people tended to stay longer. Took some pictures, hopeful that these pictures will show people how fun these events can be.
  • The June Akihabara is this Sunday; we filled 5 community promotional tables, and all of our artist alley tables.
  • Been spending every spare minute posting flier all over the Twin Cities. I will have access to a list that has zones and where the places to place fliers at. We hit all of the game stores and geek places. Facebook promotion has been running. Have 70 people RSVP’d, and about 100 people that are interested.
  • Received the BEO from the Hotel and not sure who needs to sign it. Andy to sign it.
  • Next thing to come up is the Cosplay Picnic which is in July.
  • Heather plans on starting her own mailing list for SOS, in the meantime until a full list is created. John has a list of those who have opted in to the newsletter, would Heather like them? Heather does not want a full newsletter in terms of responsibilities.




Hello Everyone,

Sorry I missed last week’s board meeting - I think in my 10 years that is only my second one so I don’t feel too bad for laying around on the beach!

I have finished the May financial reports.  The statements and quickbooks report have been sent to Andy for him to update the file that he keeps for us.   

As of May 31, 2018 our bank balance was $253,346.76; the LEG fund was $13,376.38 and the Education fund was $849.46.

The only expenses that are currently coming out of our bank account are the monthly expenses - such as IT, Storage Rent, etc. plus the payments from the Charitable Giving.   All of the donation money has been sent out and we are just awaiting the cashing of the checks.  I do have one payment owed to GPS of $6,000 for our partnership agreement.   I will get to GPS and have this paid in the next week.   This will leave 1 remaining payment owed to GPS of $10,000 for their matching contribution in December.   Our current partnership agreement does end April 30, 2019.

As for income - pretty light right now until registration opens up.   However, we did receive our quarterly deposit for the period of January through March from Amazon Smile of $99.00.   I do have a couple of additional checks that will be deposited this coming week - Pepsi refund of $2,871.52 and the donation check from Best Buy of $250.

The meeting notes are not up yet as I wright this so not sure what other updates you might have received from other people in attendance - so forgive me if I repeat.     I did sign the lease for our new storage facility on May 31st.   The lease will begin on August 1 and continue for a 12 month period.  Next May we will have the option of renewing the lease.   There will be some things that Ben and I need to work out - mostly with having to do with the keys.    Our new equipment policy will need to have a slight adjustment made to it as i believe it indicates we will use combination locks.   This is not an option.  The facility we are going to will supply us with the lock and key for the door.  They will give us 3 keys to that lock.   While we do have the option of making more keys I’m not sure that is a good idea as the facility also has a keyed entrance - not a combination like we are used to right now.   They will give us 3 key fobs for that entrance and those we don’t get more of.   So, whoever has a key also needs a fob.   It will mean a bit more cooperation on everyone’s part to get equipment in and out. 

As a head’s up - since the Detour budgets are going to be pushed up in an effort accommodate some department head requests I also want to push up the Coordinator budgets.    My current plan is to have the (so-far) budget expenses for this current year out to everyone at the July board meeting (10th).  They would then be due back at the August board meeting (14th).   It would then be my hope to be able to get together for a review so that they budget amounts can be approved at the September board meeting (11th).   This would then give me a couple of weeks to get them finalized and sent out by the end of September for the new fiscal year that begins October 1st.    This is the first time around under our new format so if anyone has a better suggestion I am open to hearing them.

I think that is it for now.  

I feel very out of sorts right now - so here’s hoping I see some of you prior to the July 22 staff meeting.  :)

Agenda: Ratify Vote: Approve Troy to Sign Contracts on Behalf of Anime Detour

All in Favor. Unanimous among all present.

Agenda: Finalize Equipment Request

Equipment Rental policy approved by the ATC board at the January 2018 board meeting

Locker Rules/regulations/suggestions

Both lockers should be combination locks

Who should have the codes and combinations?

  • Logistics head (both lockers)
  • Logistic Subhead (both lockers) – access to be determined by logistic head
  • Tech Head (“Tech” locker)
  • Tech subhead (“Tech” locker) - how many and which to be determined by tech head
  • One other person who can be there for rentals (both lockers)
  • Codes kept in a secure location (ex. ATC/AD Office at GPS in locked Filing cabinet with Key held by the secretary)


  • No storage of personal belongings. Even if the item is being brought to departments as possible donation, bring them to a meeting, or keep them at home until a department decides they want them.

Items leaving the locker for maintenance/Inventory/Etc.

  • Who knows
    • Logistic head
    • Tech head – if the item is stored in the “Tech” Locker
    • The head of the department to which the item belongs
  • Contact via email the necessary persons with the information: name of remover, item(s), why
  • Contact made when the item is removed. If the item will be in the possession of another person that information is included
  • Contact the necessary persons when item is returned
  • Consequences for not making contact of any kind/ not returning item

Notification of needing entry

  • For rentals for other cons at least 14 days’ notice with an estimated time for entry
  • Staff members without direct access to locker
    • If they are asking 7 days in advance with possible days/times of availability
    • No notification needed if an access person is already going to the locker (i.e. after a meeting)

Equipment rentals


  • Contact: person from other convention who is liaison for the equipment rental. Needs to be present at pick up
  • ATC: The liaison for ATC accessing the locker for equipment removal and return


What is allowed to be rented

  • Listed made by department heads, to be discussed by the board for final approval
  • Update once a year
  • A Hold is put on equipment bought before the next Detour unless replacing items removed from inventory

Rental steps

  1. Board agrees with what to rent to a convention at least 60 days prior to that event.
  1. If additional items are requested after the 60 days, the convention has up 2 weeks prior to event to get that information to the board
  2. Contracted is made and signed agreeing on terms of the rental
  1. Email is sent to locker managers (i.e. logistic and tech heads) containing
  1. Dates and times of removal and return
  2. Equipment list
  3. Contact information for convention contact
  1. Check out/in and verification form created containing
  1. Event
  2. Dates
  3. Equipment with locations for
      1. Check out (contact signs)
      2. Check in (ATC signs)
      3. Verified return (tech/ qualified individual signs once verified)
      4. Comment section (signed by contact and ATC).
  1. Contact has 24 hours to inform ATC of missing or damaged equipment before the it affects their rental deposit
  2. Deposit and any deductions discussed at a board meeting
  3. All contracts and requests kept on file to determine future interactions.


  • A Rental fee determined by the board for the year, plus a deposit fee determined by the board
    • Rental fee – will not be returned put in to an account set aside for repair and replacing rental equipment
    • Deposit – Will be returned in the amount determined by the board after verification of rental equipment’s conditions
  • Rental deposit has to be deposited at least 2 weeks prior to event and can be received after approval.
    • If the deposit is not to ATC and deposited before event equipment does not get rented.
    • Please note that if the person designated from an organization is late by over an hour to pick up or drop off the rental equipment a $75.00 charge will be withheld from the deposit.
  • Damaged items while rented
    • Noted/informing ATC prior to verification gets up to 50% of item is docked on deposit
    • Damage found during verification process items deposit cost removed from deposit return in full. Plus possible charges to the convention for items that cost more than the deposit
  • Verification happens within 2 weeks.
    • A copy of the verification sheet is given emailed to the board and the renter
  • Deposit returned after the next board meeting to allow for any discussion of deductions to the deposit.
    • If the next board meeting happens within the 2 weeks’ time for verification it will be put off until the next board meeting.

Suggested was $150 for the Rental Fee, and $200 for the Deposit. The old policy had a late fee attached to it. Highly recommend that it be put back in. If the staff had to wait past an hour at the locker for pickup and drop off. Originally it was $75.00 if a group made our staff wait for longer than an hour, could roll this in with the Deposit.

Need somewhere in the document that there is a late fee. Make a severe deterrent for people to not be late. Especially since the group is setting their own times.

Motion to set the pricing at $150 for the nonrefundable rental fee, and a deposit of $200 conditioned on return of equipment once inspection and approval has been obtained. Tristan motions Joe seconded. Unanimous all here


Lauren to work with department heads to get lists of equipment, as well as to establish a form and a contract agreement for rental.


Agenda: 2D Con Equipment Request, Email Received April 23rd

Hello ATC Board,

I hope you all enjoyed this past weekend. I think I'm finally recovered from Detour - the warm weather helped!


Below is the equipment I would like to request for this years 2D Con. 
In sending this request I want the board to be aware that we will have a dedicated Logistics person and I would like the full board and myself in on any communications regarding pick up and drop off to avoid a situation like last year!


Tentative dates

Pickup: August 1st

Drop off: August 6th


20x Asus monitors
2 x JBL SRX815P 15" - Speakers

2 x Cerwin-Vega EL36C - Subwoofers

4 x wireless mics + system/rack
5 x wired mics
1 x Behringer Eurodesk SX3242FX

20 X Walkies

5 X PS4

5 X XBox One

5 X Panel Room Kits


Thank you!

Shanna Opsahl

Phone | 651-206-1085

Treasurer | This is Geek
Chairwoman | 2D Con -  A Celebration of All Things Gaming

Powered by Twitch

http://thisisgeek.net || http://2dcon.net


Diana thinks that our wireless mics are not doing well, they may need to get wired mics instead. Should be okay.

Motion to approve 2D cons request, Michelle motions. Andy Seconds. All in Favor. Joe abstains.


Agenda: GPS Finances Presentation

  • Dave Vetrovec Presented, this partnership is so much. GPS was based on the idea that as a center we can support people in running new clubs, new conventions, formed from Convergence.
  • The last 6 years we have had our contract with ATC.
  • It was noted that a lot of our money came from Convergence Events and ATC. Would like to see GPS more involved with fundraising for their own benefit. We have been trying. We have several main projects that we have been supporting. Our space camp scholarship and project lighthouse awards. The money that you have given us has helped us continue these things.
  • For the first time, Tsuinshi our joint club actually submitted an invoice to be paid, we are happy to join help supporting this club. Also have our arts initiative projects.
  • We have had some issues, last November we were told our lease would double. Our lease was increased but more rationally, we needed to give up the storage space in the basement. Board members have had problems; we now have a full board. For instance, if you have had a problem we have specific people to go to. Got a free program that we now have 4 people on our scheduling team. Heather has her own access to make her own events. Can pay with their credit cards right away.
  • Haven’t had a site scheduling meeting in some time. But we are hoping to meet soon. Hoping to improve our relationships.
  • Not non-profit at the moment, our filing wasn’t complete. It was all on me to forget to file or respond. We should have our status back in August.
  • Our partnership agreement is up April 30, 2019. We would like to start discussions to start negotiations on our next partnership agreement. Are asking for an increase.
  • Currently going through Thomas Lewis to work through non-profit status in order for appropriate filings of taxes.
  • Dave doesn’t want to stand in the way of GPS, if my error was egregious enough to not continue our partnership. I will step down.
  • Looking at Grant options for income as well.
  • Who should we contact for contract negotiations, no more last minute stuff.
  • With the new scheduling app, we are limited to six months in advance.

Does the board want to think about a timeframe by which we negotiate? Would like to potentially have the cut off by the end of the year, this gives us 6 months to do so.

Will continue discussions for when Kim is back.Start Negotiations by September. Dave to send excel docs to Kim.


Agenda: ATC Contest Rules

Andy Tso <andy.tso@animedetour.com>

May 8

to Atcboard

Hi all -

Following are the rules for ATC contests that Joe drafted. If we feel that it can be voted on in the week before the next BM, we can do so online and ratify the vote next Tuesday. If it still needs significant revision, we can kick it over to the incoming board for the June BM.


as always,




Here is the current text. This is a combination of various open contest rules generators.

I made some adjustments to further cover social media pages, etc.



Anime Twin Cities may refer to all entities within the organization including, but not limited to Anime Detour.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Some restrictions may apply. One qualifier per household. You need not be present to win.

Deadline for Entry: The deadline for entry is posted within the promotion, contest, or  sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes: All sweepstakes are eligible for entry (as that may be defined from promotion to promotion) during the dates specified in each Contest by anyone eligible to enter.Anime Twin Cities may publicize , by means of promotion at www.animetwincities.com and via other internal and third-party means, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, the opportunity to submit entries to win prizes as detailed below.

Eligibility: In order to submit entries, entrants must be of at least 18 years of age, or must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian, and live in the United States of America. Any individuals who have, within the past twelve months, performed services for Anime Twin Cities, or other Contest promoters, participants, or sponsors, or any organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the Contest or supplying the prize, and/or their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies, and immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to enter or play. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, siblings, stepsiblings, or spouses. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three months in one calendar year.

How to enter: The available methods of entry for each Contest includes mailing, via postage-paid envelope, a single sheet of paper including your name, address, and a valid contact phone number and/or email address to Anime Twin Cities, 21121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413. Please write the name of the Contest you are entering on the front of the envelope and on your entry paper. Additional methods of entry, if any, are detailed within each specific Contest announcement.

How to win: The prize winner(s) will be selected in a random drawing conducted from all qualified entries after the Cut-Off Date specified in the Contest. In the event the original prize winner does not meet Official Rules or eligibility requirements, or he/she or the parent or legal guardian forfeits the prize, Anime Twin Cities will award prize to an alternate that will be chosen via a random drawing of all remaining qualified entries. Process will continue until all prizes are awarded.

All entries must be received on or before the Contest Entry Cut-Off Date specified within the Contest announcement. The selection will be held the week following the expiration of the Cut-Off Date. Decision of the judges and Anime Twin Cities is final. Prize winners will be notified by mail or e-mail and must meet all eligibility requirements.

By entering, each contestant agrees to be bound by all applicable rules. Anime Twin Cities, its promotional agents and sweepstakes co-sponsors are not responsible for illegible, lost, delayed or misdirected mail, errors in faxes or shipments, busy phone signals, Internet connection errors, server errors, or any other acts that may result in lost or incomplete entries.

Prizes: A complete list of prizes is included in the Contest announcement. Prizes are non-transferable. There may be no cash or other substitutions of prizes by winner. However, Anime Twin Cities reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason. Individual, parent or legal guardian of winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes with respect to entire prize.

Winners selected by Anime Twin Cities will have fourteen (14) days to claim their prize from the date that Anime Twin Cities provides written notification to the contact email, Facebook profile, or other method of contact that each promotion requires for entry. After this period of time has elapsed a new winner will be selected and Anime Twin Cities shall have no further obligation of any kind to the recipient of the original notification. Anime Twin Cities has no obligation to send more than one notification to the contact method provided by the participant of the promotion.

Unforeseen Events: Anime Twin Cities reserves the right to change this sweepstakes at their sole discretion at any time that Anime Twin Cities becomes aware of any circumstances or occurrence which would materially affect the sweepstakes security or fairness. Anime Twin Cities reserves the right to announce any sweepstakes rules changes in print or online, at any time. Anime Twin Cities is not responsible for the inability of the winner to accept the prize for any reason.

By participating in the Contest, you agree that the all entities associated with the Contest, including but not limited to sponsors, marketers, promoters, or suppliers of Contest Prizes, have no responsibilities with respect to the Contest and you agree to release and hold these entities and their employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, and fulfillment agencies, and legal advisors (the “Promotion Sponsors and Affiliates”), harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the Contest, or resulting from acceptance, possession or use of any prize, including without limitation, personal injury, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy. Further, by participating in the Contest, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Promotion Sponsors and Affiliates harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind which arise from or in connection with the entry.

Promotions sponsored by Anime Twin Cities may use third-party platforms including, but not limited to, social media sites such as Facebook and users acknowledge that no promotions featured on Anime Twin Cities or Anime Twin Cities social media pages, or other assets owned, controlled, or engaged by Anime Twin Cities are sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or any other third-party platform. Any entrant or participant in a sweepstakes, contest, or other promotion agrees, with their use, to provide a complete release of Facebook or any other third-party service that may require such release, in conjunction with participation in the promotion or with Anime Twin Cities. All information provided by participant is being provided to Anime Twin Cities and not to Facebook or any other third-party service.



Heather B <overclocked.heatherby@gmail.com>

May 8

There's a typo in the mailing address:  1121 Jackson St. NE. Also, that's not ATC's official address, although I'm not sure if it matters.


Bums me out that we'd go with the "no family" rule, with as casual as our contests tend to be. My sister, for example, has nothing to do with any of this but enjoys Ghibli movies, and if we were giving out tickets to a showing I'd normally tell her about it. And it's sad to exclude people's kids, depending on the contest. I guess it just seems a bit far-reaching the way it's written, applying to so many relatives of every person who volunteers for ATC.... actually, the way this is currently written, I think it excludes all of Detour's volunteers as well, which I'm pretty sure we wouldn't intentionally do? It would also be extremely difficult to enforce, if everybody who volunteered at the convention this year as well as all their family members (and even roommates) is ineligible. So maybe that bit needs to be revisited.


The relevant bit:


"Any individuals who have, within the past twelve months, performed services for Anime Twin Cities, or other Contest promoters, participants, or sponsors, or any organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the Contest or supplying the prize, and/or their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies, and immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to enter or play. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, siblings, stepsiblings, or spouses. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three months in one calendar year."





Heather B

May 9


What range of contests does this cover? Just giveaways at the corporate level, or stuff like the cosplay contest?


Lauren Ganann

May 9


I realize I'm being really nitpicky but "Prizes are non-transferable" makes sense for tickets. However, if someone wins a DVD or poster do you really want to imply that that it cannot be sold, gifted or thrown away?


Internal Contests vs External contests; internal volunteer staff Anime Detour members. External focuses on marketing

Joe to look over questions and suggestions and revise for 2 different policies.

Board Member’s Projects



Tasked Previous

Tasked New

Policy Indexing



Updating By-Laws on Website


Megan with IT

Document to Replace a Coordinator


Megan- Email to Dave Sent

Rules for Appointing a Board Member Mid-Term


Megan- Email to Dave Sent

Annual Updated Locker Inventory

Andy- Get count of Electronic Keys

Equipment Request Discussion- Kim should have, After July

Board Member Bios/Photos


Megan- Emails Sent

Timeline of Leg Receipients


Kale (Content for website)

Full List of Charities to be on ATC Website

Need Permission for Logos

Need Charities Page for Website

Coordinators Pages


Each individual Coordinator is responsible.

Promo’s With Pictures of SOS


Lauren/Heather- not really a project anymore.

Artwork for GPS?

Does GPS Still need art for their walls?

Inquire to artists in our Art Show or Artist Alley. Troy to talk to appropriate division head

Intellectual Property Document

John & Renee

Low Priority; should be cognizant that we own it, but they can use it for their own portfolios. Preventing someone from writing code and taking it if they leave. Protect us from this, can get along in the mean time.

ATC Vision Statement


One was submitted and approved, need to get on website. Kevin to resend out vision statement.

Trademark Infringement Letter


Troy to take a look; form letter, will pull some examples; cease and desist.

Sign In for ATC Office


Lauren will have a sign posted on our door within two weeks.

Standard Ad for Convention Cycle


Wait for meeting with Age, Shanna, Troy, Michele, and Andy

Annual Report for ATC


Combine with AD prospectus, Andy and Troy to discuss.


Agenda: Decide who will do announcements at AD Meetings

Meeting Date

Announcement Giver

July 22, 2018

Andy Tso

August 11, 2018

Falls Before Board Meeting

September 8, 2018

Tristan Anderson

October 13, 2018

Jay Bottem

November 10, 2018

Falls Before Board Meeting

December 2018


Early January 2019


Late January 2019


Early February 2019


Late February 2019


Early March 2019



Motion to adjourn. Michelle Motions. Tristan seconds. All in favor. 8:39 pm end.