April 2018 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy, Kim, Troy, Joe, Renee, Michelle, Megan
Board Absent: Kevin
Observers: Kale, Lauren, Heather, Jayson, Geordan, Diana, Tristan, Age, Patrick, John


Anime Twin Cities, Inc Board Meeting April 19, 2018 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413



  • Open Session
  • Coordinator Updates
    • Anime Detour
    • Charities
    • Clubs
    • Media Relations
    • SOS
    • Finance
  • Ratify Vote to Appoint Lauren as Community Coordinator
  • Ratify Vote to Pursue Co-Sponsorship Opportunity with This is Geek for Mystic Lake Event
    • Update on Event
  • Ratify Vote to Approve additional $2,000 funds for Anime Detour Consuite
  • Starter Discussion: What is the goal for participating in Corporate Events

If there is anything that you would like added to the Board Meeting agenda please email me and I will make sure to make the appropriate changes. If there is anything anyone would like to speak on an agenda item please either attend the meeting or send a statement to atcboard@animedetour.com  or to atc_secretary@animedetour.com



Open Session

Kale: looking at a procedure to address concerns within our organization. I have drafted an idea that I would like the board to look at to discuss.

Time line of review process: Committee appointed today? Then we could present/have a procedure layed out by the next meeting or at the latest June. Tristan/Joe/Troy/Michelle/John/Kale to start looking at this possibility. Arrange a time to look at scheduling a time. Kale to send out what he has so far.


Rules for ATC to run contests/ has provided. Andy to send out to the board, Joe sent in board to the review. Please read through this.


What are the implications of changing my title from Secretary to Administrative Assistant. I believe our bylaws state my title is as the Secretary. Discussion is to change my working title as the Administrative Assistant, and my legal title is as ATC’s secretary.


Coordinator updates


  • Feedback has been blowing up in comparison to previous years. Have received constructive feedback, or positive feedback.
  • Convention Communications has received very positive feedback.
  • Facebook rating went up.
  • Red Cross has reached out to us. At the hero’s breakfast we have a table because of our donations to the fire relief fund. We also have another Hero’s sponsor to donate $10,000 (this funding goes to the emergency funding for Minnesota). We did promote this that all of our funding went to the relief fund… Jayson to reach out to Red Cross and Christina to discuss and get their ideas. Jayson to email Christina tonight and reach out to Jax tomorrow.
  • Email for the inappropriate behavior. The Hyatt thinks he may be one of the new Security officers. They are doing an internal investigation to determine if this individual is working there. They will keep us posted. We may be the intermediary with the attendee to let them know the outcome.


  • Scheduling our meeting in the next few weeks.
  • Hoping to hear from Kim with a number to plan a proposal for the upcoming charities meeting
  • We have decided not to pursue a table at the AUSM gala this year, re-evaluating how we approach corporate events


  • Nothing

Media Relations

  • Total views 1,304 for youtube views for 2018 streams.
  • We are already allowed to monetize our videos, any video we post with any music cannot monetize because we don’t own the rights.



  • At con live action hungry hungry hippos. Lasted 25min before our equipment broke.
  • Date booked here at GPS for the end of July to do this again. July 28th.
  • We had a 20-25 people for the bean bag toss game. 15 took flyers who said they were interested in going to events. Nice to have a solid representation to the attendees.
  • Neglected to put the date on the Cosplay picnic flyers. Oops. Calendar page on ATC website has the google calendar.
  • Set for akihabara. Have a write up for an Akihabara page for the website. Have a write up with details and the rules. This can go on the website as a dedicated page.
  • Staff Picnic events have been posted online


Community Coordinator

  • List of things I’m about to do: Festival of Nations is out for this year as it is the first weekend of May. Michelle still planning on running our presence at Pride. Get info out to our people to sign up for volunteer shifts. Barns and Noble pop culture, currently they don’t have anything up on their site, looks like that’s mid july. Interested in us doing something? Obon just posted their dates. August 19th. Needs Keys! Lauren to facilitate equipment, and send an email to the board asking who has keys.
  • Lauren requests access to ATC Facebook to post on behalf of events.
  • Taiko and Cherry Tree Festival: June 2nd. With the Saint Paul Nagasaki Sister City event.



  • Had a pretty great weekend. Merch brought in $11,235. Registration $69,151 just at the door and lost badges. Square 144 people registered for next year. We did get our refund from Hartfard for $95 for cancelling our insurance policy. State Farm reduced our premium so we got a refund from them as well.



Agenda Items


Ratify the vote to appoint Lauren as our Community Coordinator. Reprising yay votes. All in Favor. No abstentions. Kevin voted yes online.


Ratify vote to pursue the co-sponsorship with This is Geek for the Mystic Lake Event. ATC will provide 20 monitors for the epic event at Mystic Lake Event. Joe will provide monitor


All in favor. Joe abstained. Kevin voted yes online


Joe: update, have everything picked up for tomorrow. Request wasn’t sent to Ben or Diana, didn’t know it had been okayed. Lauren to help with facilitating equipment requests making sure that our equipment is going out nicely.


At the next board meeting can you provide a recap of sorts.


Ratify the emergency vote to approve the additional $2,000 for Consuite. In panic asked for $2,000 more with the refund I’m getting from pepsi I was under budget. All in favor. Michelle abstained. Renee abstained.


Agenda: Starter discussion for what should our goal be for participating in corporate events.

  • Should we develop a common thought process for what to do with these events, what considerations should we take into account. Jayson had a flow chart about partnerships with other conventions, gave to Morgan.
  • If an entity comes to us and says, hey would like you to attend our event. Consideration be given to where the money we donate goes to. Is it part of a national scope or is it local. What the corporation does… Where is the money going, that is a big part. Is the company reputable, does the money go back to the community, what is the reputation within the members within our community, What’s the effect on our organization, how will this partnership help us.
  • The amount of engagement. Come up with some questions that we can ask ourselves when we do come up to these situations. Is our donation doing as much buying a table instead of just donating to them. If our donation does the same going to the event vs just donating to the organization, what is our exposure worth.
  • Making sure to pay attention to who we are sending to these events as well. Get considerations down for the record, we have something to look back to in order to move forward our discussions. Are there businesses that we want to do more with that have these types of events, where do we want to outreach… The charities team does a lot of the research into this. What more do we want to do with the community. AUSM is doing great, they are running events with us. Our partnership is really strong.


Joe Motions. Michelle Seconded. Meeting End 9:37pm.