September 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Kim Hofer, Troy MacDonald, Kevin Ehrler, Renee Vandervelde, Stephen Gifford, Joe Opsahl, Megan Stob
Board Absent:
Observers: Jayson Stob, Heather Bufkin, Morgan Niemeyer, John Koniges, Elly Copeland, Patrick Cameron, Dave Vetrovec, Marian Gagliardi, Rachel Tippett, Matt Sexton


Anime Twin Cities, Inc Board Meeting September 12, 2017 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413



  • Open Session
  • Coordinator Updates
    • Anime Detour
    • Charities
    • Clubs
    • Finance
    • Media Relations
    • SOS
  • Byte Report
  • Donate to Houston Relief Efforts
  • Revised Anti- Harassment Policy Discussion
  • ATC/AD Code of Conduct
  • Bio Reminder
  • Coordinator Reviews
  • Media Relations/Marketing

Open Session

  • Marian is here to give us some updates about the grant that she received from ATC for new clip art for her students.
  • Fan Fest- It was really enjoyable, and had a lot of opportunities to sit and talk with people about who we are as an organization.

Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour:

  • Ask if the Vice Chairs can get keys to the ATC office, as their roles are expanding.
  • AD has now purchased a filing cabinet; discuss who has access to that cabinet.
  • Email from the American Red Cross; Jacks would like the ATC logo for shirts to give to those installing the fire suppression systems. Would like us to participate in an event to install fire alarms (media involved)
  • Hard to get a hold of them atm, more information forthcoming.

Motion: Gifford motions to approve keys to the Anime Twin Cities office for executive AD staff. Joe seconded, Andy and Troy abstained. All others in favor. Motion approved.


  • JDRF Gala is this weekend – Saturday Night
  • Charlie Pumpkin Patch 10/14- AUSM event – FB Post (AUSM has tagged ATC in two facebook posts)
  • AUSM education catalog has ATC logo
  • AUSM is going to have a table at the Tsunshi
  • Okay to have presence at other SOS events as long as have okay


  • Starting ATC Coaster Club- went with G-Force; because we cannot fly we ride
    • First annual trip carpool volunteers, cost and dates To be announced.
    • Free membership
  • Anime Club is looking for a co-club master
  • Go Club starting with John as club master
    • 3rd Sunday of every month 10 am – 1 pm
    • Monthly meetings
  • FFXIV Club
  • Anyone can start a club; email


  • Quiet this time of year, basic monthly expenses.
  • $216,604 in account
  • Coordinator budgets went out this afternoon
  • Due back in October meeting. Can either bring with copies or send to Kim
  • Leg make annual match contribution of 5k. this year only brought in 2598.86, Kim will make the transfer on 28th to match that number
  • Mail; letter from youth for understanding. Has kale reached out to Rebecca? Kim to touch base to Kale, how we learned from them and potential future endeavors. Will keep us updated.
  • Letter about gala this weekend
  • Flyer for the Japanese garden festival at Normandale on the 23rd.
  • AUSM education calendar. Has our logo and a list of events for the year.

Media Relations:

  • 3.5 hour meeting last night with other people in media relations/marketing
  • Nebraskon and Ai-Kon want to come back next year.
  • Send an email to Morgan if you have a form opening, so that things can get posted online.
  • Next ghibli fest being written posted by end of week


  • Working on getting things purchased for organization purposes for the garage. No more cups and forks needed
  • Picked up a hot dog steamer, have the triple feature coming up; will give it a try.
  • Gathering info for events next year.
  • Meeting at end of month to do the budget. 

AGENDA - GIFFORD: 10 radios marked as Damaged back from Furry Migration, this is not including those that we know about.

  • We are in the process of looking for new radios
  • Have several goals in mind for these new radios; they must be simple, not unprogrammable and be able to go through the entirety of the hotel.
  • The intention is to sell the old radios/equipment.
  • Meeting with reps to gather information on costs. 

Agenda- Byte Report

  • Dave: Byte Fundraiser last July. No head count, apparently packed.
  • Even without 10%, made 881.73 through raffle tickets and merchandise sales.
  • No date for next one yet.
  • If you would like to donate memberships next time for the auction.
  • Meeting at the end of the month at the annual budget meeting, to talk about when. Looking at next year before Detour.  

Agenda- Donate to Houston Relief Efforts

  • John Koniges Proposal; consider donating $10,000 from the Community Fund to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts- Proposal to either American Red Cross or look at Funimation's Hurricane Relief Charities
  • Questions we are considering, Should we make a charitable donation for Harvey Relief? If so, where should the money come from, and how much should we give?

Motion: Gifford motions that $5,000 be donated to the Sentai Fundraiser for its employees. The account is to be determined if Kale is agreeable to come out of the LEG Fund if Kale is not agreeable Kim is okay if it came out of the main bank account. Joe seconded. All in favor. no abstentions. Motion passes.

Agenda- Revised Anti-Harassment Policy Discussion

  • Much easier, well formatted.
  • Work on writing a retaliation code of conduct.

Motion: Gifford motions to approved the revised anti-harassment policy as Joe has written in substance, pending grammatical changes. Troy seconded. No abstentions. Motion passes. 

Agenda- ATC/AD Code of Conduct

  • Come up with a code of conduct, not only general guidelines to follow.
  • Joe and Megan to work on creating this code of conduct to be discussed at a future board meeting. 

Agenda- Bio’s are due at the October Meeting, please remember to submit a picture as well

  • 200 Words or less. 

Agenda- Coordinator Reviews

  • Heather: It’s disappointing to not see more board representation at SOS events, feels like there isn’t a lot of support coming from the top. Feedback for the board, grateful for the comments. A new set of goals with the budget. 

Agenda- Media Relations/Marketing

  • Marketing – focus on back facing; designs.
  • Media Relations – more front facing, client interaction

Renee Motions to end the board meeting. Troy Seconded. All in Favor. Meeting Ends