June 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Troy MacDonald, Kim Hofer, Joseph Opsahl, Kevin Ehrler, Stephen Gifford
Board Absent: Megan Stob, Renee Vandervelde
Observers: Kale Ganann, Erick Hofer, Morgan Niemeyer, Diana Sneve, Ellie Copeland, Matt, John Koniges, Patrick Cameron, Rachel Tippett


Agenda Items

  • Open Session
  • Coordinator Updates
  • Studio Ghibli Fest - My Neighbor Totoro
  • ATC/GPS Involvement in Pride
  • Thank you from the Hennepin County Library
  • Independent Audit of Finances
  • ATC Notes Announcements at Anime Detour Meetings; Who and When
  • Procedure for Changing ATC Branding
    • This is NOT a commitment to change the existing branding (ATC/AD logos, mascot, etc.) at the present time, just an attempt at outlining the steps to follow if a branding change is considered at some point. 
  • Projects


Open Session

  • Tech locker revamped by Diana. She would like to be involved in requests to lend equipment so she knows that equipment is gone and so that she can check equipment when it returns.
  • Beginning with 2019 convention cycle Gaming Department will be split into 2 departments – Tabletop and video gaming.
  • Gifford talked to Diana about getting some equipment returned.
  • Coordinators still have not been added back into emails. Troy’s understanding was that it was the responsibility of the secretary. Andy and multiple other people have been contacting Renee. If Megan cannot get that fixed then we need to figure out who can get it fixed.


Finance Updates

  • Quiet time right now until registration begins.
  • Some donation checks came in from Medtronic, Excel Energy and Your Cause. They will go into the community fund.
  • Donations matching will happen in September.
  • We haven’t heard from Microsoft regarding renewing program for donations for staff hours worked. We need to contact them if we want them to continue doing this.
  • $10,442.78 in Education fund. We have been sitting on this money for a year. Kim would like Kale to actively look for a use for this money
  • $17, 854.61 is in Community fund.
  • Quarterly donation from Amazon Smile received.
  • Some letters have come in from charities that received money from us. They will be put in our office.
  • Obon Festival Payment needs to be July 10. Last year we paid for a booth but did not get to use it. Pricing schedule has changed. We need to decide if we want to purchase a booth space again this year.
  • We have extra money in the charities budget. Kim would like some of it to be spent to send people to JDRF Hope Gala on September 16, 2017. Kale agreed. 10 people can go. Kale will take point in setting this up.


Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour

  • Still in process of sorting out Double Tree bill. Dialogue has been started with Attorney Charley. Awaiting his response.
  • Michele Webber accepted position of division head
  • Executive team held meeting on Sunday.
  • Joe Opsahl will be new gaming head
  • Representative from IOEA (International Otaku Expo Association) came to Detour. They would like us to be a part of their organization. Troy asked for the application paperwork from Morgan so that we can apply. They do not interfere with how we will run out con. Rather, it is a networking tool. There are many other cons involved in IOEA already. There is no cost and no risk to us but there are many potential benefits.
  • When is registration going live? We do not know yet. Follow up needed. We were supposed to open June 10. Morgan did not announce it so we are ok for now.




  • AUSM – Brian and Kale brainstormed ways that we can work closer together. They will be submitting panels for AD 2018. They will be running a sensory friendly room. Thinking of using a yoga room. We will be bringing them out to the anime club in July. Will try to set up a sensory friendly meeting in September.
  • Other charities activities have been suspended due to personal issues
  • Anton is working on improving relations with other charities we partner with.




  • Clubs seem to be doing good.



  • Morgan has not received update on registration, and some other dates.
  • Group of 5 attended ACEN, went well, got some items signed for charity auction,
  • Toru Furuya was a guest at ACEN and wants to come to Detour next year
  • Crunchyroll and Viz and some other companies want to start working with us as well.
  • Other Midwest conventions have noticed our absence but like that we are starting to have a presence
  • G-Kids and Falthom Events are working with us for Studio Ghibli fest, we have 5 pairs of tickets to give away for each event for the rest of the year. The first pair, for My Neighbor Totoro, is already up. Drawing will happen on Friday and a random number generator will be used to select winners.
  • Since we have control over which theatre the Ghibli Fest tickets will be used at, Troy suggested working with the management of the theatre we choose to try to have an ATC presence at the showing our winners will be at. Morgan said that it is too late to do that for My Neighbor Totoro but she can work on that for the other showings.
  • No social media updates have been posted since no information has been given to Morgan.
  • Most ambassadors have been picked for Ai-Kon
  • Can we have a write up/convention report form for when we go to other conventions?



  • Akihabara went great as usual, attendance and concessions intake were both up this year. We've had requests to do this twice a year. 
  • The first staff picnic is this Saturday, at Hidden Falls. Weather is iffy, but there's plenty of shelter there and the tables are concrete, so we can use our portable grills under the roof if need be. We've paid for the space and there are no refunds for weather, so this event is rain or shine. 
  • We have a drive-in event coming up next Friday, so any leftover food from the picnic can be used then.
  • The Cosplay Picnic is July 15th. This is a popular event that is a great promo opportunity for ATC, but SOS does not have the staff to do a proper job of marketing for the org. If Media or the Board has any volunteers that can represent ATC at the event, that would be far more effective. 
  • I've checked with Christina Kramer, who seems to be de facto interim lead of Merch with Micah stepping down, and she's okay with SOS offering some Detour merch for sale at our events if Logistics is willing to dig the stuff out of the locker. I'll be working with Logistics to try to arrange this before the Cosplay Picnic. 
  • Speaking of Logistics, a bunch of Detour stuff was brought to the ATC office after the con, including what looks to be the entire Tabletop library and a bunch of old computer equipment marked for disposal. I don't know why it's here. I had to spend half an hour moving it all out to the garage space prior to the last SOS meeting so there was room for us to meet. It's frustrating. 
  • Joe Opsahl will work with logistics to get equipment either returned to locker or thrown away.
  • Word from GPS is there may be vermin in the garage, so I'll probably have to invest in some extra bins to keep our food supplies in. I won't be able to get there until Friday, so someone might want to peek in there tonight and check on things.
  • This summer we'll be evaluating alternate venues for events that cannot fit in the GPS space, to have any costs in mind before budget time. 
  • We should have new event promo materials ready in time for CONvergence. 




Agenda – ATC/GPS involvement in pride. They are asking that we advertise involvement in Pride. According to their email they want staff to walk in parade. Morgan stated that she can post on social media about our involvement if we staff present but she would not be the one to organize volunteers for the walk. Heather should be the one to ask for and organize volunteers.


Agenda – Thank you from Hennepin County Library. Andy asked if we can we get pictures from Hennepin County Library and other organizations we give to of things money was used for? Kale said that he would reach out to them, but he thinks that AUSM, the libraries, Sister Cities will probably respond, but that the others may not.


Agenda - Independent audit of finances. Andy would like to know if this is something we can do. If we are interacting with other conventions, we want to ask for proof of their financial integrity, so it is something that we should be able to do as well. Kim and the rest of the board are fine with the idea. We will need to do research to find a company and find out how much it would cost. Gifford and Kim will start reach-out efforts and try to come up with some options for the board to consider.


Agenda - ATC notes announcements at Anime Detour meetings; who and when. All upcoming scheduled Detour meeting dates have an assigned board member to give updates. Board requested that the secretary send reminders to assigned board members prior to meeting.


Agenda - Procedure for changing ATC branding. Branding change procedure presented by Andy for board consideration. This will be for any kind of branding change – logo, mascot, etc. There were some concerns about making sure that multiple artists were involved in coming up with new branding material and that Anime Detour staff members felt involved in that process. Andy to review feedback and work on refining procedure to present for vote at a future board meeting. There was a concern raised about the SOS logo already in progress – how we will we handle this branding change happening at the same time this procedure is being implemented. Board decided that this logo will be grandfathered in since permission to design logo was already given at previous meeting.


Agenda - Equipment requests. 2 received this month from Fury Migration and This is Geek. Fury Migration requested a large amount of Consuite equipment and discussion on loaning Consuite equipment was continued.

Fury Migration - Andy made motion to approve request absent mobile service carts; in addition, Consuite portion of request contingent on having ServSafe certified staff on site. Gifford seconded. Unanimously approved.
This is Geek – Andy motioned to approve request. Joe abstained. Gifford seconded. Unanimously approved.
Both groups requests radios, so Megan needs to send reminders that $75 radio fee must be paid by August 1st in order to pick up radios.
Decision was made to no longer lend out consuite equipment. Edit equipment request form and post on social media that as of July 15th , due to updates in health code rulings, moving forward, we can no longer provide consuite equipment to other cons. Requests received between now and then will be approved only if the event can provide ServSafe certification.



Agenda - Projects updates

  • Commercial for CTTV or Youtube– Since Hyatt does not have CTTV, this is less of a concern. When we are a larger convention Morgan would like us to consider having a commercial for places like Crunchyroll, however that has been tabled for now.
  • Document to replace coordinator? – approved but not updated to website. Andy to follow up with Dave.
  • Updated by-laws for website – need to get from IT.
  • Annual updated locker inventory – Inventory has been updated. This goes along with equipment rental. Permissions need to be fixed by IT in order to upload changes. Project for Andy – get count of electronic keys.
  • Board member bios and photos – photos were done, some bios were submitted. Photos may need to be re-done for some people. IT needs to update website with new board members.
  • Timeline of Leg recipients – handed off to Renee
  • Full list of charities to be on ATC site with logos and links – need to get permission to use logos but we would like this to happen.
  • New form to check out equipment - in progress, will be presented for final approval
  • Separate pages for coordinators – Not done yet – need to follow up with IT.
  • YouTube content – slow progress. Morgan is working on some stuff but it is low priority
  • Promos with pictures of SOS – Heather owning
  • Japan scholarship – continue?
  • ATC add for Marley is Dead – Kale is not continuing this project
  • Specific rules for appointing board member mid-term – has been done by Dave – needs to be put on website
  • Newsletter – priority for Morgan but needs a staff who can own that.
  • ATC trademarking finished
  • Adding late fees to equipment requests – part of revamping equipment loan policy
  • GPS wants art for walls – need to check with GPS to see if they are still interested
  • Intellectual properties document – John and Renee? Anime Detour retains rights to works created for it unless otherwise stated. Form needs to be created to that effect. Should be something people sign when they start volunteering.
  • SOP for logo permission guidelines – Current procedure is that parties seeking permission should contact Morgan or Jayson and they are authorized to give permission by sending written letter.
  • Database for intake forms – John – IT is unwilling to do this because everything is stored in a spreadsheet right now.
  • Room parties is under media relations.
  • Convention relations policy – been replaced by ambassador program.
  • Disciplinary action guidelines – owned by Jayson
  • Vision statement – One was submitted but never approved or posted. All changes are handled by Renee.
  • Fliers for room parties – in progress by Morgan
  • Festival of Nations – rep sent us and email and came to a meeting – was not pursued
  • Lantern lighting festival – now called Obon – discussed
  • Trademark infringement letter – should be drafted – should be spearheaded by Morgan and Jayson. Check with John and see if he has anything previously drafted. Should have stated policy on website.
  • Standard ad for convention cycle – has not happened – every convention provides a different format that needs to be used. They also change format from year to year. We do not have an ad in the CONvergence program book this year. Email was sent to Heather after this year’s Detour. Because Morgan was not notified in time, we would not coordinate ad swap with CONvergence. Morgan needs more resources for ads
  • Sign for ATC office – Dave was owner – reassigned to Gifford. Needs ATC logo in vector art.
  • Introduce annual report for ATC? Board agrees is needed. Morgan thinks this would be a great resource for convention relations. Andy will own.


An additional concern was raised about the website team. There have been ongoing issues for 2 years and several projects discussed in this meeting cannot move forward because of inaction from them; registration opening late is also due to their inaction. This affects both the ATC and the AD website.  Andy acknowledges the need and will speak to Jayson about confronting the issue, since the same staff work on both websites.


At 9PM, Andy motioned to adjourn meeting. Joe seconded. Unanimously approved.