April 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Michelle, Lauren, Kale, Andy, Troy, Joe, Kim, Renee, Kevin
Board Absent:
Observers: Shanna, John, Emily, Erick, Dae ,Morgan, Emily


Registration would like to reopen topic of tiered pricing.


Morgan ( Media )
Mechadamia - Showed up for 5 hours of the event had ambassador table.
Didn’t give them information on how long they were expected to be there.
Write a list of expectations of Ambasador table.

Will be working with Emily Kringle on an application system

Table or badge swap

Broke 7000 FB likes for detour

Broke 800 FB likes for atc

Had to ban staff member from FB

Jayson ( Detour )

Detour reviews are solid. Detour was a success.
Issues with Doubletree and empty rooms

Finances ( Kim )
Letter received from Midwest PHP

Charity Auction Totals - $26,876.22

Registration - 200+ Walkups - $29,610

Sunday pre-reg - 196 pre registrations

Merch/AA Are not included ( Litte over $4000 so far )


Erick ( Clubs )

List of coordinators that attended Anime Detour


Room party went well

Meetups went well

Thursday is Your Name screening ( 7:15 Lagoon )


Kale ( Charities )

Gearing up for Charity meeting



Detour Badge Pricing

Motion to pass tiered pricing with $75 maximum

Michelle seconds

$45 at con

$50 Until Feb 1st

$60 Until Cutoff

$75 At the door

Motion passed



Motion to approve staff discount

Dave - Troy second

4 in favor

3 opposed


Motion Passed


Motion for $45 flat rate for staff

Lauren - Troy seconded

All in favor - Motion Passed


Motion to vote on

Approve Party Panel Room Kit
Motion Lauren Open Vote

Diana to pick up

Troy seconded

Majority - Motion passed