January 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Renee, Kim, Michelle, Troy, Dave, Lauren
Board Absent: Joe
Observers: Kale, Morgan, Kevin, John, Andy, Connie


Kale (charities)

    Changing articles of incorporation is very simple, just fill out a form and file.

    Charities meeting this Friday.  Going to bring up rewrite during that meeting, will have drafts at next meeting.


Kim (Finances)

    Bank Account: 284,563.05$ which is excellent.  Based on budgets approved, what we spent, we are able to pay all builds and have $4,700 left over so far. And are at 43% registration. Closing community sponsor after 4 more. We are short 864 short from last year so far.  Education fund $10,240.49 still waiting for details on who we are sending. $16,353.93 for community fund. We received payment from Anime Fusion for damaged television.


Morgan (Media Relations)

    Working on ambasador table swaps, forms are set up.  She has staff now!

Troy: Can we figure out how to list Morgan and staff on the staff roster?  Not listed on staff roster.

Coordinators and staff don’t count as Detour Staff.

Is Media Relations also a Detour Department?

She should be placed in Executive Column

Needs a place for her staff too.


It’s Chairman’s decision to be put into the Exec Column.

Open Session (Connie) :

If we use our TaxID we could get into Restaurant Depot.

Kim: Consuite has bought from there in past.

John: We do order from United Noodle

Kim: Will touch base with ConSuite.


Arcade Cabinets

Vendor has no reason to hold equipment the longer we wait and could increase transit costs.

Lowered transportation estimate by $600-700.

Trying to source anything reliable locally is difficult.

Ross has 3 machines, if they work, if they bring them on time. Doesn’t respond back.

Total looking for: $2700 less $900 allotment (original approved $900). And Provide hotel rooms.

Hotel does owe us a few nights, might be able to use that, but those rooms normally go to guests. Guest budget is currently assuming full payment for those rooms.

Would be about $2280 added to budget.

What happens if we have to back out/contingency plan (ie: Hotel removes 9-mile grill)? ????

VOTE Dave: Propose Budget Increase of $2380 (contingent on hotel if we are paying for free room or not, decrease if not) - 2nd by Michelle.  FOR: Michelle, Dave, Lauren, Kim.  Opposed:  Max.  Abstained: Troy.  Motion Passes.


Agenda:  Person who wants to interview ATC regarding thesis project.

    Lauren - Is everyone cool if you want to talk to her you give Joe an email with phone number and he contacts her with details?  Yes.


Extended Date for Chairman Applications -- Give interviews after meeting (assuming Jayson is available) on Feb 11th meeting.

Are we giving a reminder out?

An email was already sent.

We forgot to remind at last Detour Meeting.

Interview order by alphabetical or date of submission? Alphabetical order.

Lauren to send Jayson an email to verify his availability.


Rental List Update : E-mails are being exchanged.  Dave is in charge of combining ideas into a proposal. Wants to add to Agenda for next month’s meeting, should have document/procedure ready for approval.


Michele - Signature Block Update -- Block has been sent to board e-mail address for review.


Lauren Motion to Adjourn @ 7:11pm Max 2nded.  Max, Kim, Michelle, Troy, Dave, Lauren voted to approve.