July 2016 Board Notes




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Open Discussion


John Koniges: Compile list of votes and results from previous board notes.

Lauren: Already in progress




Coordinator Updates


Social Media: 1 like away from 6500 on the Facebook page.


Lauren: At last meeting spoke about delegation of marketing departments. 
Will runevent marketing through room parties.


Status on flyers: Need to update Anime Twin Cities flyers to better incorporate Anime Detour branding.


Branding for SOS


Clubs): Working on Oban. Awaiting email from Youtube club with dates on running club, dates must be submitted 30 days prior to ensure availability of the room.


Is working on an email to send to schools for starting anime clubs.


Lauren: With Oban, are we just working together on a table.


Erick: We need to get hosts together, as it is the same day as the picnic and the meeting (August 21 st )


Lauren: Also have Drive in the night before


Morgan: Minnesota RenFest is also going on.


Lauren: Kim has been emailing Oban. Communicate with Oban about MCing the cosplay fashion show.


Got overwhelmingly negative feedback about cosplay at a ceremony that is essentially about respecting loved ones.


Heather: We may just want to tell them that we can’t do it.


Erick: I have not gotten any of the emails, they went straight to Kim.


-- -Clubs Closed




Heather: This Saturay is the 3 rd cosplay picnic, was wondering if we have anyone from the board who can be there to promote ATC

Troy: What time does it start.

Heather: It’s 11-2, we couldn’t get the evening session. It sounded like everyone was in favor of the Paramount star trek advertising, I reached out and they are good to go.


Are there any handouts from CONVergence room party.

Lauren: I wasn’t there.

Erick: I don’t think they were thrown out.

Lauren: You can bring the informational binder.

Heather: We can also just stick the banner on a table.


Heather: Cosplay fest is coming up next month. Cosplay picnic is a hangout. Cosplay fest is more of a serious mini convention, with workshops on aking props. Photography and formal cosplay contest with formal workmanship judging. We provide the materials for the workshops. There is a 10 dollar charge with a Detour badge.


Planning on doing a swap meet this fall in November. Would like to open up the option of sales as opposed to just trading. Maximum price per item limit, not supposed to be where someone brings their expensive collector’s item.


Andrew: What would be the pricing, anyone could bring anything to the swap meet.

Heather: If people wanted to trade stuff, I would not be concerned.

Andrew: That is why I am a little afraid.

Heather: Would make it more accessible.

Andrew: Would you be the negotiator between the two parties.

Heather: We had the swap meet last year.

Andy: How many people were shut out last year de to it being trade only.

Heather: Specified that it was trade only. 4 or 5 people expressed interest in a cash option.

Andrew: Don’t want you to be put in a scenario dealing with that, when you don’t have to.


Anime Detour


Jayson: Two points, two major things to cover. Advertisment for Anime Detour. Would like to start focused Anime Detour marketting. 
Anime Twin Cities has been advertising for a while. Would like to shift focus to advertising Anime Detour.

Does not anticipate hitting the cap within the next two years.

Lauren: would be excited about advertising if it helped improve our image. Unsure how to go about that to improve our image that has been brought down by reports of bad staff.

Troy: I don’t think that advertising is to raise the number of people. But to raise awareness about the event. It is important to get out there in front of new people.

Erick: Would the room parties department be able to talk more about Anime Detour in this light. Have been unable to for the last couple of years.

Andrew: Going back and forth between a department head. By making our presence known as more than Anime Twin Cities, but along with Anime Detour. I do not see anything in the marketing world for Anime Detour. I see Anime Twin Cities which is great because that is our focus.

Jayson: We are starting to run into the issue that the Red Cross has, we aren’t bringing in the younger crowds anymore.

John: A lot of time if we convey advertising that we are looking for staff.

Dave: We have to be aware that AniMinneapolis has a great marketing program, spent a lot of money on marketing. Our responsibility is to provide a value to them. It is against us as a 501©(3). We don’t want to spend money on marketing.

Lauren: It sounds like you are asking if you should advertise, how you should advertise and how much you should spend. Create a plan and we will work from there and talk budget wise when budgets come up in September.


CONVergence is looking at the idea of giving a discount for Anime Detour badge holders and vice-versa.

It has been proposed.


Hyatt Contract


Put in bid up until 2020 – There was a $6 increase in room rate for 2020, all other prices stay the same.

For the doubletree the price has increased almost $20000 each year.

Hyatt does offer relocation if there is an overbooking. Hyatt relocates overbooked guests and schedules

transportation for them.

More complementary rooms at the Hyatt than at the Doubletree.

Meeting and event space is $5000 more per tier, first large event to take up the entire space. This is to

get the entire space on Thursday morning.

Do not get charged for storage space on Wed.

Consuite: Consuite room (northwoods) not usually used as convention space. $1000/day. Free power

drops, ice and water refills. Unable to use cooking utensils or dishwasher.

There is a clause that the event staff can transport food to one another as long as food is covered.

Parking is $6 off per night and comes out to $13 a night. Will look at other parking options.

Max: How large is the parking ramp.

Millennium may be overflow parking. Will work with convention center on their overflow parking ramp.

Hotel requires $3000 down at contract sign. Goes directly toward the event charge.

Cancellation, Pretty normal. Termination clause. Able to renegotiate contract if there is huge fluctuation in attendance or staff up to cancellation if both parties agree.

Clause was put in contract, in any arbitration clause, both parties will go through negations beforearbitration.

20% discount if PSAV is sole provider.

There is a clause – No additional charges outside of the contract without express approval from both parties.


Lauren: List of things I’ve noticed.


Anime Twin Cities to Anime Twin Cities, Inc


Update Address


Dates under the cut-off section. Cannot make reservations to non-Anime Detour guests.


Jayson: Will reword it

Lauren: Meeting and event space fulfillment

October 5 th cutoff for programming and total attendees.

Lauren: Typo in same sentence. Dates for 2018.

Consuite: Under Food and beverage, specifies what food is being served. All other food and beverage arrangement must be made through banquet.

Meetings Offer: Is currently worded implies that we only get planning meetings if CONvergence also signs up.

Jayson: Will request two meeting dates

Lauren: Last concern is deposits, being paid up fully by the 15 th of January as we may not have the money in the coffers.

Jayson: What day should we push these out?

Lauren: Email Kim to figure out dates. A month after paying doubletree, paying 18k may be a little difficult.



Charities (Kale)

One item on the docket.


Request for Christine Davies, her house was damaged in the recent storm. House and belongings are

gone. Looking for help to pay insurance deposit. They are looking for between $1500 - $2000 Would

recommend paying at least the deductible.

Michelle: Go Fund Me currently at 4600 with a goal of 6000.


Motion to vote On approving charitable donation to cover insurance deductible. Payable directly to insurance vendor.


Motion Passed

Charities has been quiet since end of convention year.





Last year motion passed to raise cap by 500. Current 500 prior to staff and additional invitees.


Preliminary vote to increase cap another 500.


Dave: cap was raised to $5000 so we could pay appearance fees. 6000 is too many.

Andy: I think we managed this year’s increase fine, could have easily not been the case.


Andrew: Fix the problems instead of avoiding them.

Kim has proxy vote.




Motion to increase discuss increasing cap for the 2017 convention cycle.


Motion Passed



Increase cap to 6000 member cap excluding, staff, vendors, guests, exhibitors for the 2017 convention cycle.


4 Yay

2 Nay 
Majority Vote - Motion passed


Lauren will send list of projects.


Vote on mission statement. Votes for change. Passed via (email vote)

Unanimous 5 for statement 2.

1 abstain

Motion passed




Concern about email list. Expressed on 6/22 as coordinators are on the board email list.

Would like to change

Addition of secondary email account

Max doesn’t need general email


Motion to remove coordinators from board email and create a secondary emailing list.


1 abstain

All in favor - Motion passed


Anime Fusion Request

Furry Migration Request

Andrew has created a new form for this.


Needs to know if form created acceptable Can you use that other than document.

Motion to move forwarded with Andrew approving equipment rental forms for Anime Fusion and Furry Migration


All in favor – Motion passed


Motion to approve both forms under Andrews supervision


1 abstain

All in favor - Motion Passed

Bylaw updates to website. Last update March 2014.

Turn in coordinator reviews to secretary to compile into each document.


Due by Monday the 25th . Email back by Monday the 1 st

Get notes from Connie for website.


Motion to adjourn