June 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Andrew, Michelle, Max, Dave, Troy
Board Absent:
Observers: Erick, Heather, Jayson, Kevin, Vi


Proposal: Do project updates 2 weeks before meeting, if there are updates (agreed).


Previous Years  Projects Summary:  

ATC/AD Commercial for CC TV(or youtube) : Keep doing it (owner: Media Relations)

Replace Coordinator Document : Already approved, but not updated to website (owner: Dave to contact Secretary to update website & copy IT).

Max would like a copy of updated Bylaws for website.

Annual Updated Inventory (Owner: Secretary) : Keep doing it.

Board member bios (Owner: John) : Keep doing it. (New Owner: Max)

Creating Timeline of Leg Fund Recipients (Owner: Dave) -- to give to Max.

Dave: To Note - we do not have on form we can publish names.

Kale/Dave to work to determine full list and permissions.

Form to File Harassment complaint -- Done.

Create Procedure for checking out opinion (Owner: Jayson, Andrew) - Still doing

Separate page for SOS/Clubs/Charities/Media Relations - Owner: IT/Max -- Still doing.

New Content for ATC/AD YouTube channel -- (Owner: Erick, Morgan) -- What content are we looking to produce? Cosplay, Opening, Closing, other recorded videos. Yes keep doing.

Promos with pictures of SOS events (Owner: Heather) . -- in process

Japan Scholarship -- Continue with it. We have money for it. (Owner: Kale)

Specific rules for appointing board member midterm (Owner: Dave) needs putting on website.

Ad for ATC Marley is Dead -- Still happening? Yes.  Owner: Kale.

Separate listing for projects on the website (board page) -- Project unsure if will continue.  In Lieu can we post more news posts for projects? Looking for ideas to bridge this gap.

Newsletter (Owner: Media Relations) -- Yes

ATC/AD Trademarking -- Done.  Morgan owns responsibility.

Site Committee second members: Done, we appointed Anton.

Adding Late fees to equipment request. Needs being put on website. Owner: Andrew

Fees for equipment rentals: Wear and tear vs helping conventions vs equipment returned damaged.  Discussion.

GPS wants art for the walls - Owner: Morgan to contact social media if we wanted to this. Yes continue project.

Review/Tweak Bylaws (Previous Owner: Lauren/Kevin) --

JOFCon - Convention over.

Intellectual Properties Document (Owner: John) -- New Owner; Max, John.

Asset Tagging for ATC equipment -- Not worth it? Bad organization in lockers, asset tag system wouldn’t work well. Logistics should have totes for each department, to keep it uniform. Should be brought to Jayson since it’s more AD.


This Year's Projects:


Pride - review people/schedule for GPS tent (owner: Media, Erick) -- too late this year?

Media should have a board member working on some of this stuff to assist or bigger team. Need more people to review posts, etc.

Shoud Room Parties be first line of defense / right of first refusal under Media for these types of events?  Yes.

Storage Solutions for Data - Done.

Max/Andrew : Committee to decide who/how has access to solutions

Write a Standard Operation Procedure for logo permission Guidelines - (Owner: Media Relations / Max)

Board Policy Review Document (Owner: Lauren) - Will continue.

Procedure form for LEG fund and permissions (Owner: Dave) -- Need spot on form that we have permission to use their name.  -- will continue

Emotional Intelligence Training (through MAP) - Owner: Jayson -- was canceled due to trainer not available. -- not continuing form a board level.

Database for Intake Forms : Owner: John. -- unsure status. Lauren to ask John for status.

Events Coordinator ? -- no decisions in past. Now probably room parties. (Owner: Media Relations > Room Parties)

Mediator for staff arguments (Owner: Lauren) - case by case.

If we need a mediator: We can use existing non-profit organizations that offer these services.

Jayson to Review AD Website for false information -- In progress, making progress

Specifically Registration needs an update

Convention Relations Policy (Owner: Morgan, Jayson) -- Mostly Finished but need to review one last time.

Disciplinary Action Guidelines (Owner: Jayson) - Wants board to review finished document.

Mascot - Owner: Morgan. -- Continuing.

Vision Statements - Reviewing later this meeting

Festival of Nations - Going to Room Parties / Media Relations

Flyers for Room Parties (Morgan) - Yes continue.

Lantern Lighting Festival Applications Open in March -- Owner: Morgan.  Due very soon. Erick to ping Morgan.

Trademark Infringement Letter (Owner: Max) -- continuing

Create standard Ad for 2017 convention cycle so we don’t last minute it each year -- Tabling to next time when we have Joe and Morgan around.

Posting Charitable Donations to website (Owner: Kale) -- To Submit to website

Sign for ATC office (Owner: Dave) -- to continue


Vision Statement

Several statements from John/Kevin sent out last month.

E-Mail vote will occur in 2 weeks.


Radio Payments

Anton Paid for radios for Manta Con.

There needs to be a pentalty for future rentals in general for not returning on correct date, or taking too early


Logistical Conflict of Interest

Having logistical team representative for ATC also doing Logistics for cons renting them out, and not communicating to people who are waiting in locker when they gave permissions to be delayed since they are doing it.  Conflict of interest, should be resolved, at a later discussion.


Fury Migration Equipment Request

Form not filled out correctly, missing equipment checklist. Our policy says we need forms filled out in full.

Do we want to make them fill out the form in full?  Yes.  Andrew to send an email to them.

We need to get the forms combined.


Equipment Form

Must be filled out in full.

Google Drive Item

ATC Board will have full access to see what was checked out and when over time.

Lots of paper copies today. But for new people they have no idea. This will help keep track of things.


Processes at Events

Already covered with Room Parties taking the lead to keep it from being just one person.

Lauren to begin conversations about transferring events to Room Parties.


2D Con

Sent us a box of stuff for charity auction or future usage

Sent letter to the board.


Coordinator Updates:


Jayson (Anime Detour)

Post Mortem from Doubletree

Gave contract for 2018, in case we decide to end up with them.

Revision #2 with Hyatt, Jayson changed quite a bit.

May have to go with another company instead of AVVR if we don’t go with their preferred vendor.

Morgan/Social Media definitions and powers

Michelle / Andrew / Lauren as Owners [please email in those three any input]


Erick (Clubs)

In contact with Steven (ATC Youtuber Club). Scheduling something this or next month.

Still organizing

E-mailed Morgan about Lantern Lighting Festival.

Working on email template to contact various high school clubs to see if they need any help (and including middle schools).


Heather (SOS)

ATC Staff picnic this Saturday

Submissions for logos for SOS have come in

Coming up with something for convergence. Have reprinted cards available.

Have handouts for cosplay fest

Cosplay picnic next month (good number of RSVPs)

Biggest turnout at a Kotatsu in a long while.


Kim (Finances)

We got a thank you note from Shawn (Community Hero from RedCross)

Couple donations this month for leg fund (Microsoft sent us $1200, amongst others)

We made $46.01 from amazon smile last quarter

Got bag of stuff from Comic Book Relief Fund


Kale (Charities)

Thank you, board members, previous ones and new ones.

On last day of convention was approached by MH. Was involved in helping set stuff up but never started going into going to double tree. Got Kale/Lauren involved in anime community. Has degenerative muscle disorder. She is being evicted. Legal aide came through to let her stay as long as wants, however her condition is not good. Gave us large portion of her collection for charity auction. Doesn’t have much if any family left. Proposal to help out with any final arrangements. And if Christina is okay setup a corner with her photo in the charity auction (still going to RedCross). This is advance notice, in case if needed when information comes in.


Future Meetings:

July - Cap Discussion

August - Coordinator Reviews


Motion to Adjourn (Lauren, Kale) @ 8:45PM -- Unanimous