May 2016 Board Notes




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    >we got a letter of a previous staff leaving. He wants a response. Dave is asking who should respond? >>we are letting Jayson respond since it’s an AD matter.


    >Equipment Rental: don’t buy sets just for lending. >>[VOTE: Decline budget -- unanimously vote to decline]


SOS: Nothing new outside post-mortem announcements. Next thing is Cosplay Picnic in July.  Next big project is 2nd run of Cosplay Fest.


Detour: Let hotels know about decisions. All things being put into contract we discussed. Working with Loring Parking. Giving $5/off for 150 staff rooms. We could let ATC incur some costs as well as a gift for staff (ie: $5 addt). {Lauren: Anton is considering desert instead of dinner on Sunday, if that happens, we could re-allocate that money.} Millennium has offered banqueting too. We can also push dinner out late (830/9 unlike DT).  {Dave: Requesting evening/weekend meetings for Hyatt hotels}


Finance: We got an invitation to Lantern Festival (Sat Aug 21st) {push to Morgan}. LEG $12,950 [YTD ~2400]. Education Fund $8790 [ebay gave us $1170, room party $100.97].  Bankwise just shy of $328,000, we haven’t seen hotel bill yet, quite a few expenses to come in still, gave target number to Kale for charities. Red Cross $18,899.04...


Media Relations: Bit of a social media nightmare post con, ie: scary reviews on facebook, quite a few of them infact.


Let’s Pick a Secretary!: [VOTE: 4/2 for Joe]


Let’s Pick a Club’s Coordinator: [VOTE: Eric, passed]


John:  We should only use @atc / @ad accounts. We shouldn’t use our own personal emails.


Dave to Morgan: We can get a graphical signature, uniform one for our e-mails.





Marrian’s School/{Andersview?} - [$1500,,$1500]   -- We should consider donating to other schools each year. Maybe a club coordinator can bring this up to other schools.


Arts MidWest - [$500,$1000,$0] -none of the acts this year are Japanese, haven’t done it for years. John originally suggested, and okay removing them since no more Japanese things.


AUSM: [$3000,$4500,$4500] -


Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - [$1500,,$1500]


Como [$500,,$500]


Cornerstone [,$500-$1000,$500] - Works with domestic assault/trafficking/etc... Lost Ramada as a place to house male/men of certain age.


Education Fund: [$0,$1210,$1250] - Our Fund, let’s just give it. Extra $40 for our next student.


Gordon R Dixen [$1000,,$500] - Dave says no update since 2013. But we and Mars con are only contributors. We’ve been giving it since the beginning of our giving. Maybe we can get more information of what they need to continue scholarship.


Operation Hamond [$2000,-,$1000] - Produce EMTs that benefit convention/community


Hennepin County Library [$5000,$5000,$5000]


Hallie Q Brown Community Center [$0, $5000, $3000] - has Project Super Hero


International School of Robotics [$2000,,$1500] - We had a follow up by Trinity who wants money so we should equalize them.


Japanese American Citizen’s League [$500,,$500]


JASM [$1000,-,$1000]


Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund [$500,,$1000]


Light The Night [$5000,-,$0] - Charities recommends we drop this charity. They are not good to work with.


MN Center Book Arts [$0,-,$500] - reached out to us since we didn’t give last year, missing our donation since most come from individuals. They do some things related to our cultural interests.


Normandale Japanese Gardens [$500,-,$500]


Macadamia (School girl and mobile suits new name) [$0,$500,$500] - MCAD gives them nothing but space. And MCAD takes the profit. For the future, Anton would like us to sponsor Macadamia instead of MCAD. $500 to cover flights.


Organization for Transformative Works: [$1500,-,$1000] - recommendation to reduce for odd board level oddness.


Second Harvest [$0,-,$500] - Not just a food shelf, they also make and distribute single package food to other food shelves. We may better serve them by volunteers than giving money. (They have bigger pockets giving money)


Friends of the Saint Paul Library: [$2000,-,$2000]


Saint Paul Sister Cities: [$1000,-,$1250] - did great work


Trinity Robotics Club [$0,$$,$1500]


This is Geek: [$3500,-,$3500] - Don’t /need/ our money, but offering a sponsorship opportunity. Offering us the $3500 level for $2000. Extra money above operation goes to Children’s Hospital through 2nd Life.


Women in Risk: [-,-,$500] (recommend give to Civilian First Responder program) - counselors tend to not last long due to subjects being emotionally devastating.


This Year Total $35,000

Last Year: $32,500

Treasurer Asked to remain within $35,000.


[VOTE: Approved 7 FOR]


John asked to have Kale give this post on the AD Home Page.

Michelle : We should have a proper press release?

??? : Document on the ATC documents section about these each year

IT: to Get Kim’s spreadsheet to post this stuff

Andrew: Posts about lining our pockets, so we need this. Let’s make it so simple a Kindergartener can understand it.

Troy: It can shine a spotlight on these orgs, so people can pass along more too, and learn about these orgs.

John: We could add a blurb about each of these orgs. Until joined board never heard of OTW.

Jayson: We may need to reach out to these companies legally before we can post about them..