February 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Troy, Kevin, John, Michele, Connie, Dave
Board Absent:
Observers: Andrew L, Max V, Brendan J


Open Topics

Andrew- 2 sets of speakers are blown

What do we do with it?

One set of the two blown tweeten

Other set one speaker blown tweeten

Not fensiable for 300 watts

Dave- I am fine with Andrew disposing of the speakers, he has the best intrest in mind.




Andrew. Where are we on wear and tear on equipment?

Dave- Since the officer of AD has not been doing his job, how soon can you get prices ready for review?

Andrew- One week

Dave- How about one Month at our next meeting.

Michele- I know you are a work catholic. Why not get a team on this.

Andrew- Some equipment needs to be rented out together. Who is responsible for say a blown bulb? Is it that con’s responsibility to replace it?

Lauren- Since the projectors are newer I am assuming they are not near blowing?

Dave- Bulbs blow for many reasons. If you get a bad batch for a manufacturing defect it can burn in 100 hours.

Troy- We will let you come up with a good pricing scale.

It it’s your department.

Kim- 2 d con is taking 5 projectors.

Laruen – Are the projectors numbered?

Andrew-= It depends on who loans them out.

Connie will email logistics a copy of the 2d request.  Kim will let 2 d con know the request has been approved.

Console room Request

The lists are still not on the website.

John will get on this or give it to someone on IT.

Kim- I was looking at the request and was taking to Andrew and I think we can give them most of this stuff.

Rental request was handed to Andrew

New sound board is not on the rental sheet yet, Kim will up date

Andrew. Worried about cables

 2 new speaks

6 Slightly used monitors

2 subs woofers

Give 4 to Console room (monitor) Console get wired micas

Light tress goes to who requested it first. -2 Dave

Photo has strobe lighting

What is the purpose of the light tree and the dimmer for 2 d con? Andrew

I can find out I will email you soon.-Troy

Andrew they hang photography gear off of it (console room).

Over all we should be fine equipment wise. -Andrew

Can you let console room know what we are sending them? Lauren

Vote on what Andrew recommends or wait till we have it officially document- Lauren

Vote 2nd- Dave

All in favor




Kim—all money is coming in

We did sell out.

Ok with people spending now

408k in baking account.

Not worried about spending

13k Leg fund

$6,600 and$ 49 in Ed. 49 form the Pancake breakfast fund raiser

Lauren signed the taxes. E-filed will let Max know when they have been accepted to be posted

Got cards for the march 6th Steps of hope Autism for Southdale center. Morgan will figure out what to do.

All is good now. Just buying things.


Heather SOS

Meeting was had. Looked at calendar and picked dates for the picnics

Kotatsu tomorrow 9th

Marathon of GITS in March

Lauren- Lagoon has release of "Only Yesterday" for one week.

H- We can do that I will get back to you.


Morgan (Media

6k Likes on FB

Response time is less than 4 min to reply back and that shows on our FB page

Out dated stuff on site

Are we still having an AMV contest says 2015

Dave- Yes.

Laruen- Registration rates are still the same

Andrew- This is why we have a department meeting coming up soon.

Lauren- We tasked Jayson at the last meeting you were at.

Is IT going to be at the next Detour meeting? Lauren


Make an announcement have heads update


Can I get a list of what I am supposed to be doing? The last head has not shared what is updated or not. I do not know my way around websites.

Michele- Even I did not know what I was supposed to be doing. I had to speak to Andrew.

Andrew – People do not always tell us what needs to be updated, we guess. People move on to rolls and we do not know.

Getting odd questions on Detour. Totally normal it is going to happen.

Pre registration page list sold out but still is open

John will fix this issue

We never did not announce that we have raised the cap.

Morgan will make a note saying that we did sell out and we have grown.

People need to email me back.


Pancakes did not bring in as much as we hoped. Using leftover materials for okitakit this weekend.

Dave- My suggested budget was ignored.

Lauren- Said she has list of suggested ingredients and bought the recommended amount.

We can do the pancake breakfast Saturday morning, we are aware that John cannot do it.

Morgan is now in charge of room parties.

Lauren is willing to work the room party and do the pancakes for the staff at Detour.

John- the goal is to get safety and registration and ops people to do this

13th Okitakit

Steps of hope- Cosplay and comic book artist. Anton is working on this matter.  Power Ranger Chris is confirmed.

Team meeting is moved to next week

Working on updating the form for charity intake. Dave did a good first pass. I did the second pass today

Updates on the 10 charity pieces- If approved I will send this to IT. Read his notice on the charity badges. Starts on Feb 14th.

Will get this on the web tonight.

Working on getting the Leg fund. 2k to 2.5 k

Bid starts at door pricing

Looking for volunteers for the 13th-L

Do we have petty cash we can make change with-Lauren

Heather has volunteered to lend SOS cash box.


Detour (Jayson)

Jayson absent.






Anoka Halloween parade

As long as we can get someone to organize and volunteer I don’t see a problem with it. Lauren

No objections to this. Connie will email Megan (AD) about getting this on the addenda.

Do you want this under SOS?-Lauren

I don’t know this is a grey area. Dose all non ATC related events fall under media.

Troy – I am not saying that it will happen with this event, would the volunteer runner make it reflect badly on ATC/AD.

Lauren- As long as we have coordinators for this I don’t see a problem. Then not everything will be dumped on Morgan (media).

We don’t want to say other parts of the organization can’t volunteer. _Heather

Troy- Is there some kind of document we can create to help do this.

Lauren- It is on the site attached to another document.

Heather- I don’t like all the fuzzy areas. We need something hard.

Morgan- I can step in if the volunteer and the Coordinator fall down.

Lauren- IT is on the website has not been updated in 7 years.

Morgan. It needs major updating.

Coordinators meet to decide how this will go forward

Heather- we already have.