January 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: John Koniges ï‚· Dave Vetrovec ï‚· Kim Hofer ï‚· Lauren Ganann ï‚· Michelle Weber ï‚· Kevin Ehrler
Board Absent: Connie Mohs
Observers: Heather ï‚· Max ï‚· Kale ï‚· Justin ï‚· Kim ï‚· Sari ï‚· Brendon


No Open topics

ï‚· Finance 

ï‚· Fiscal Expenses for FY15 are now covered. 

ï‚· Still waiting on income and are behind on Registration when 

accounting for the Cap increase this year

ï‚· Donation Check from Benevity Community Impact Fund 

($975, employee matching from a Microsoft employee)

ï‚· Last month we had enough income to cover Detour and 

this year enough to cover fiscal expenses

ï‚· Running a little behind on registration

ï‚· 990 is completed and will be finalized on Wednesday 

for filing 

o Will be available to post on the website shortly 


ï‚· Coordinator Updates

ï‚· Heather 

o Went well, despite lower turnout than last year.

o Space still working well, will try to secure dates 

o Upwards of 60 people $51 in sales

ï‚· Kotatsu tomorrow in Hopkins

o Arranging Quarterly meetings on Tuesdays going 

o Attendance Possibly won’t count towards voting 

ï‚· Jayson confirmed 26th as walkthrough of Hayat at 


earlier for next year


rights, will verify and check before updating.

- Media: Not Present

- Charity: Will find out tomorrow-about Socks and 

- Clubs: Chair still vacant

ï‚· Bylaws: 

- Bylaws Passed: Both provisions passed. Max will 

ï‚· Vision Statement:

ï‚·    - Postponed due to lack of Secretary

ï‚· This is Geek 2-D Con Rental - Kim has request: 

ï‚·    - Unanimous Approval

ï‚· Email about someone charged in crime attending:

ï‚·    - Email a response to emailer that we are investigating and 

will do what we need to do. Jayson will email them

ï‚· APCA at UoM, got an email. Email them to let them know 

Anime Detour dates so we don’t conflict. Get John/Morgan 

in contact with them to see how we can cross promote. 

ï‚· Updating Board members, Max will fix it.

ï‚· : Festival of Nations: Lauren will follow up with Connie on 

the status of her discussion.

ï‚· Dave discussion on what we need to do for related income 

for For Profit grounds and a 990T form

ï‚· John will poke Jayson about costs on Equipment rental