December 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Troy, Kim, John, Dave, Michele
Board Absent: Connie, Jayson
Observers: Andy, Heather, Max, Morgan, Kale


Finances (Kim)-

 There is enough money to pay for Detour.

< $260k

475 registrations behind last years pace; may be walkups

Leave registration open past February?

13 groups so far

Half of Artist Alley has paid

<$6400 in Education Fund

$11k in LEG Fund

$47.00 from Amazon (since start of FY)

Paid annual matching amount to GPS

SOS (Heather)-

Kim and Damarra will be handling NYE party in Heather’s absence.

Will be putting in order for food.

Waiting on conformation from Hotel Department on room for party.

Scouted locations for the 2 picnics in 2016

Highland Park
Hidden Falls

Dave-Ensure it will not be a busy weekend in the area.

John- May not organize camping trip in 2016.

Outpost- 1/10 Sunday

Would like 3-4 people to help out.

Keys for the garage and office for coordinators.

I will email ATC staff about the alcohol policy for the NYE party.

Charity (Kale)-

Pancake breakfast on 1/30 at GPS. Dave will need someone to run it in his absence.

Michele started socks and scarves drive for Simpson House.

1/9- Okominoyaki (sic)

MCAD thanks ATC for the donation.

Media (Morgan)-

Sent policy on interacting with outside organizations to board for review.


Lauren- Oops.

Dave- Jayson said they will be voted on at the 1/9 Detour staff meeting.

ATC Vision (Lauren)

Heather- what is ATC’s long-term plan?

Seems like people are working on respective individual plans-is that healthy?

Re- write mission statement.

Dave-universal vision is requested of people who don’t necessarily agree on a universal vision.

John- Part of vision is always going to be a flux

Dave- Vision should be sufficiently vague to be elastic for new developments.

Rather then bullet points, have each person submit his/her vision (to Connie by 12/28) and have discussion latter on to have composite

John- Bullet points may lose meaning if discussed out of context.

Heather- What are we, and who do we want to be? How to promote to others.

Ad Swap (Heather)-

Publications would like to do ad swaps with other organizations, primarily other conventions.

What would be suitable organizations?

Can add 8 pages to program book with out going over budget.

Lauren- Ad swaps should be done with non-profit organizations.

Dave- That may not be legally required. Ask Charlie Rovine (on retainer) if ok.

Heather- Trade ad for product support?

Dave-Literacy Cons

Troy-Digital Destruction

Lauren- Any con where ATC has a room party.

Morgan- 2016 Convergence, Mars Con, Daishio, Fury Migration

John- In ad mention party room.

Michele- New con in Fargo

Heather- Better to focus on people who are more likely to attend Detour. It is in Media Coordinator’s role to decide which cons to focus efforts on.

Andy- Booming fan community in Omaha Nebraska, at comic con.

Data Storage Solutions-

$2200 up front -12 TB

$230 / hard drive (should drop over time).

$350 tax.

Lauren- Motion to let John spend (above amount) on data storage solutions after technical review with Kale and Kevin, seconded by Dave.

All approve except for John (abstained)

2-D Con (Troy)-

How to take advantage of their sponsor and partnership package.

Morgan –Want table presence. Want all offers.

Dave- Use leftovers from Light the Night as swag bag.


Microsoft- live stream twitch gaming. Hours under ATC banner would count toward LEG fund.


Motion to adjourn (Lauren), seconded (Dave, Troy).