October 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Troy, Kevin, John, Michelle, Connie, Dave
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, Heather, Jayson, Morgan, Eric, Amine Con Rep


Troy will do board announcemts at the next Detour meeting




 Animini Con Rep Read a letter on behalf of Ryan.

Con falls on same weekend as wizard world

They signed a contract early with the hotel

Addressed the incident at Meta Con


Heather- Sold ad space to Eagle Anime






Swap Meet –Making Flyers to advertise at fusion, may need help running concession stand


Kotatsu and movie along with other events

Has an idea for a rummage sale, has not given it a lot of though



SOS Budget – Heather

Hand out of her budget

Kim-Going back to 2 picnics? Camping?

Heather- That’s the idea. We do what we can for the staff. Everyone had a good time at Johns camping event.

New Years the same

Outpost won’t cost as much as last year. Left over supplies

Cosplay- People did not know workshop items were covered/

Will it be bigger next year? –Kale

Everyone had a good time. Even the staff who just chatted.

Took in half of what we spent.

Shelving unit for Merchandise

Square reader to take cards at events

1st year we made an attempt to recoup funds $320 this year.

Lauren- Still going to do it (dance) need more help? Will be in summer, most likely Jan or Feb.

Dave – What happened to shelving unit?

Everything is now in the garage.


Vote now or after all budgets?

Lauren- 1k increase from last year. Objections?

Vote- all in favor, budget go though


Morgan (Coordinator update)

Progressing forward

Keep trending up

ATC is growing

Jayson- Did you get my email?

Morgan- Saw that and wants to discuss this with you.

Lauren- Is the Halloween ball on Halloween?

Jayson- Yes.

Morgan- Will be happy to email and say we have an event and have to decline.

Kare 11 will be there

KS95 Hosting

With these companies being there Morgan is willing to post about this on Facebook.


Get the email on Attack on Titian movie? Troy

Yes and will post about it. Morgan


Media Budget (Morgan)

Forgot to add budget for commercial but have no idea how much is cots. For closed circuit to run during Detour.

Lauren- WE were going to borrow a camera and hope someone has editing skills

Michelle, Eric and Troy know how to edit.


Mixed on the ball because it is 21+

Jayson suggests reaching out to the hotel and finding out more information on this event.

Dave suggests promoting for good relations and exposure.


DaisoCon- Why are we going to Wisconsin? Dave

Eric- To promote what we do. Get out name out further.

If we are looking at bigger venues we need to get our name out .John

Getting our name out there is not as important as promoting the LEG FUND. -Dave

Room Parties needs new sings.-Eric

What is the $600 for printing? _Dave

The signs are not under decorations, they are under printing.-Eric

We usually go to Kinko’s to print flyers, E Signs make our signs. Going for more permanent signs this year. Eric

Good ways to build a base. Need a way to ship the posters and prizes. -Morgan

Giveaways drives the feeds. Went up when giving the Wizard World passes by 30 people on each network.  Morgan



All in favor

Budget passes


Charities (kale)

Out at Ausum pumpkin trolleys event this past weekend. Made Expanding at steps of hope- 2 table, cosplays as it is Super Hero theme

Socks and Scarves

Pancakes – Raised funds for Japanese fund

Light the night –bike reflectors

Looking at major companies to help sponsor the Community Fund

Stated Goals

Keep Dialogs with GPS and other cons so they can help at events and get the name out

Robotics team page

Mission Statement for the Charity Department

Toys for Tots- Troy Email. Donate time at a food Shelf during holiday season. Troy will look in to this and update Kale.

Red Cross card program for the troops.



All in favor

Budget passes


Clubs – No Budget submitted, No Coordinator

Talked to Ted about Anime showings

The $209 was that all on food? Dave

No that was for videos and the cabinet

Add $225 for a second club? Yes



All in favor

Budget passed


Detour (Jayson)


Moving forward with division heads, working on projects though out the year.

Looking at polices, like bylaws example disinaplary

Will bring to the board to vote on, ATC can use this as well

Matt M. has requested the replacement of 2 remotes

This is the first time it’s been brought up to us, past date.

$140 total cost.

Send a check to get him out of hair? Dave

Spreading the word on past date replacements

Matt was the head at the time, was aware of all dates and the process. Knew Ryan was submitting for damaged items.

Pay and make go away or stay firm? –Dave

Was giving one controller so only out 1. On AD side look at policy for replacements. Do not bring collector editions.-Troy

Sing off and catalog for rare, collector items-Jayson

The Matt issue is an Anime Detour issue. Not a board issue.

He is past date and knows he is past the date. –Troy



Reaching out to them.

Getting a hold of specific people is hard.

394 Double Tree to small

Hyatt did not get back

River Center has outside contracts. Bigger project than expected. Kari now has the time to work on this.

Double Tree tour date in email. Late October , Early November

All agree on Nov date.


Look at website with eye to editorial. Was looking at the cap explanation. Safety still called Security. Take a look at the information on the site that relates to the Chairman.-Lauren


No Budget at the moment.

24th is the budget date


Finance (Kim)

Not much going on now

Still 5 outstanding budgets (Anime Detour)

Emailed out reminders they were due yesterday

Loan payment made. Can move forward.  The first payment has been made.

Miss one do we let them know they are back on hold? _Eric

Did we explain that if miss a payment automatically not on staff? _Dave

Sent the email explain payment schedule and the consequences.-Lauren

If miss a month the next month has to be 2 payments. –Lauren

Deadline wad the 1st, made payment on the 5th.

Taxes are getting started.



GPS Proposal


Facility agreement

Were not lied to. GPS will not exist without funding form others. To be self sufficient we need to charge more for the rooms.

GPS is a Charity

Unrealistic expectations

Money goes to Rent, matincance and storage (lockers)

Clubs that have outgrown living room come here

Space Camp

Project Light House- we cannot do this without your help

We are a charitable org asking for your help

Continued $8 k matching, we are trying to do our best.

People perceptions were skewed.

We get 8k, we match 8k

Originally wanted 20K

We have the infrastructure to do Project Light

Like to have a 2nd on the site committee- communicate what we do.

See hand out for more details


What are the # we need to meet to keep office? Jayson

We can’t decide at this time.

1k decrees, did you think of doing 500? _Jayson

Talked with Kim and decide on this in good faith.

Cost of Rent has gone up-Dave

Total operating budget

2014 were in the black

This year going to be down 8k,

Garage sale did better, Migration did better

Have supporting membership cards at Source


Going to be stable on current donation?-Jayson

We will be fine till the end of 2016-Dave


We don’t keep things private.

Lauren- The board that worked on the original agreement, 20k, was comfortable with 20k. Were running under assuming that they were going to get grants from Target and such.

Last board was vocal about stepping down in the amount given. Wants GPS to be more autonomous

This should not infuluce the decision.

What # are you comfortable with, Kim has stated her comfortable amount.

Last time we did not have an advocate for GPS. Were not sure where our funds were going. Dave being hear and being passionate helps. Not sure we want to scale down. –Jayson


Think we should give more than this? Lauren

What do we gain with step down?

We gain nothing, keep what we were doing. Felt mislead at the time. Financially we do not need to step down. Thought it would help push getting extra donations or sponsors. Don’t want them to rely on us.-Kim

The fact that we are having a hard time booking here means they are doing a good job. How much value do we get out and how much is them assuming we will give a big chunk of money


We are currently at 8k; you show us you are making an effort to find partners