July 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kim, Lauren, John, Connie, Kevin, Michelle, Troy, Dave
Board Absent: Brian, Sari
Observers: Trinity Robotics Reps, Matt M, Warren H, Dawn A


Robotics- Andrew and Margret

Trinitytritons4215gmail.com   Trinitytritonsrobotics.com

Robotics team with 20-30 members

Focus on creative outlets

FIRST- get a 6 week challenge to meet. This year was recycling challenge.

Compitions season of 21/2 months with up to 70 teams competing

Teamwork and corporation are big factors.

Took First in Duluth- qualified for World Championships –one of 600 teams from around the world. Also the MN state Championships

More than robots, teaches leadership

30k –registration and 4k for the robot

School is nonprofit organization.

Advertising for sponsors, outreach with sponsors.

Would like to help out by showing robots at our events

Looking for $ what the organization can give

In same league as the other team we sponsored.

What brought you to us-Jayson

We about you from another team up in Duluth-Andrew

John commented that we aliquot funds in May invited them back in May.

Lauren suggested they talk to Charities

Invite both robotics team to Light the Night and Detour to get their name out

John- We just gave out a lot of money. We can give them exposure up to May. Invite them back in May.

Jayson- If we make an acceptation, others will be asking also.

Lauren- Invite both team out to a Microsoft event

Matt- ATC reaches out to the community but sill a business watch the spending out of cycle.

Lauren- Anyone for giving?

Kale - $500 is not out of line

Melissa- This could draw in a younger crowd and help us grow.

Jayson- Give them a spot in main programming at the convention

Brian has the information for the other team.

Offer the same things to both teams

John-Anyone want to make a motion for 500? I don’t not want to give but they are out of cycle

All in favor to give 500? 0 Opposed all

Motion to do a funraising drive for both teams? (Lauren)

John it is possible to do, who would make the page? The big deal the layout and content for the page

Kale- I can help make the content.

Jayson- Pic editing and special texts

Tory- Post to social media

All in favor? 7 (50/50 split)


Lauren- off agenda item

Macy’s shop for a cause

Sell shop for a cause pass for $5, going to Japan scholarship

See Lauren for passes

Think we made 10 last year; it’s not a big money maker for us.

Lauren – DO I have permission to sell at the Cosplay Picnic?

Heather- As long as you are not obnoxious about it.


John- Storage Solutions

Large amount of video files, don’t have a large hard drive to store them

When recorded in 480p 12gig, 1080 2 terabytes

We can keep old video files and bring them back up for anniversary videos

John excuses himself form a vote on this matter as works in the field.

Server or a higher function system

Digitizing records.

Live in GPS under lock in key, portable to bring to Anime Detour for main programming to use.

Amazon glacier for example is $80 a month for storing 8 terabytes

Dave- Are we looking for a different source?

John- Worthwhile to look at all options. Looked in to Confluence. Could be expandable to do more than storage


Kim- I have not looked in to this for this cycle.

John- someone else needs to look into and contact companies

Lauren- Anyone have the tech knowledge to work on this?

John- Willing to help with the research but cant contact.

Lauren- Kale are your comfortable finding someone for this?

John and Kale will look into finding someone to tackle this task.

John spoke with Andrew and he has a mini server rack he is willing to share.

To have not only large storage but redundant storage.

Laruen – Send email out to AD staff list.

Can store photography on this also in case we loose smugmug.

Security needs to be constant so not just anyone can get access.

Forming an explority committee to look in to this.



Lack of communication

Lack of coordination with GPS

Last minute email saying that Jay was not able to make it.

No banner in the parade. Wore an AD shirt while passing out GPS information got the people excited.

Heather- Banners were where I said they were.

We have table size banner

Charities are looking in to making a table kit.

New donation box.

Can give GPS the banner we have

Jayson- Looking in to making more banners for AD in general.

Lauren- Give this task to Jeff as he is our decorations head.

Other banner is very long and only good for Convergence

Lauren- Make a check list for what is needed at events like this. Can go for SOS and Clubs also.  Lauren volunteering to create this document. Heather and Kale are ok with this.

Give banner to GPS now or wait? – Heather

Hang on to it until we get another one- Heather

John- High Res logo for banner.

Morgan has it for ATC, Heather has it for publications

Give both to Morgan and let know when the logo has been given out for use. –John

Heather- Makes since to have one primary source.

John- Trademark is still under publications

Are the marks property of ATC? Heather

John – yes but many corporations give out the logo for use

Heather and Morgan will work out the logos and who can give permission for use for the logos.

Jayson- To use the logo(s) they have to go though publications for the rights.

There needs to be a SOP on both websites with guidelines for the use of the logos.

Heather will pass the information on to Morgan.

Pride- Michelle- there should be a meeting for everyone involved to make sure everyone understands their role.

Troy- Main Point of Contact and a back up

Jayson- Know the expectations for the next time around

Lack of communication, subject able to what should have happened.


Policy Review

Laruen and Dave gave input via email.

Troy looked it over.

Table until the new one is typed up.



Started a binder for the office, copies of letters

Got a book on Normadale Japanese Gardens

Financially looking good. Got Microsoft check $2750

We are at 4861.71, 131.29 short of our goal

61 legacy fund

121 educations

Convergtance ATC Room party earned $80 to scholarship

190k in bank

Still need to do Marian’s

5584.50- education

417.97- charitable matching

Dave- When people applied for the leg fund, do we have permission to use their name for outside sources?

Write a procedure for what we store

Dave is willing to make up procedure forms.


Detour –Jayson

Be more vocal on what is going on.

Looking at a way to making meeting shorter.

Realized over the past year that he is missing notes- taking a note while someone else is talking

Give staff list the meeting notes

Looking for a secretary position

Have the Dates form GPS- Both are good, got the agenda – going to meet with coordinator

Convergence- meet week after.

Have same meeting cycle as AD, having an issue of leaders not being trained.

$7 for each person tacked on to get trained- the others would pay this

Lauren- Are you trying to repair the relationship?

Jayson- This is not an attempt to repair the relationship. Wants a partnership with the smaller cons. Can offer 10 more spots to the leader training.

Who do we reach out to?

Michelle- Do we have a rep or 2 from each convention?

Lauren- We have limited spots available

$7 is fair for others who want to try this out

ATC pays for the fist 30

Looking at November 15th.

Troy- Who do they contact to do this?



Sent out an email with upcoming events

Cosplay picnic looking at 50 people

Do have enough response for Cosplay fest- waiting on more responses. Not going forward without the help. The staffing is the issue at the moment.

Reach out to cosplay department to ask for help.

Camping up to 23 people-John

Informal poll- wants 2 picnic formats again

Moving away from Crosby- lack of seating and flooding

People helping out with the Cosplay fest encouraged to go to SOS meeting

Won’t advertize till August

Promote My Neighbor Totoro

We have 40 studio Ghibli posters to give out



Ausum Event went well. 70 people

Trolleys booked up quick.

Trolleys and Treats we helped sponsor. We are invited to the Fidelity event as they were impressed with the balloon animals.

Walk at Southdale- theme of Super heroes next year

Talked to many people about who we are and what we do.

Rescheduled Dinner no new date picked

Oct 11 pancake breakfast before meeting

New task with robotics club

Revamping some policies


Staff Intake form-

All in office currently

How to make available to those that need it? Database for ops and security.

Willing to help develop this if web team does not have work load space.

John- We can do this as it is important.

Central Database for this. We will figure out what steps are needed to tackle this.

Unsure if we have a device for this. Don’t want it to just be a username and password system. Should have an authenticator for this also.

Should be easy to add new infor and update info

Get forms in
Use forms to add people
Update indo
Operations and Security to have access to info at con for emergency

Key fobs and Google docs

Low tech option to be kept in a binder – don’t want to originals used

There is most of the year to come up with a system.

John has a solution in mind.

Heather to email John on this project.

PDF printable form for people that only go to a few meetings. Fill out when getting badge.

Be organized by con to know who has filled out and not.


Anime Fusion Request

New rental sheet is out

Small speakers are blown

Kim irritated over the way the form was filled out.

Not filled out right we don’t approve

Fusion is in Oct, send it back and fill it out proper

Let know what information is not clearly stated.

Email them saying there is an item request form.

No longer accepting paper forms

Secretary will send Fusion an email explain to fix errors

Need to reach out to Fury Migration about their request- Con moved up to August


Other topic

GPS meeting tomorrow night (July 14th)

Double checking on Adult Anime club and who is handling this. People found the email to be confusing.

Secretary to email Jay from Clubs to take this matter.

Holding Dave’s forms to the next meeting

Ambassador can wait- Jayson

Motion to adjurn

All were in favor