May 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Troy, Kevin, Andy, Dave, Michele, Connie
Board Absent: None
Observers: Jayson, Kale, Heather, JayColette, Morgan, presenters from charitable organizations, Matt McMilian


Charities- Jonah Autism society of MN

Autism –funding services for people on the spectrum, Premiere Partners Sponsors, looking for sponsors for workshops and other events, and ways to work with ATC.

Colleen McLachlan- Arts Midwest

Musical assembles form around the world, weeklong residency with a performance, partner with Minneapolis and Saint Paul Schools, 8 state area

Asking for $1,000 – artist fees, transportation, other logistics

This is Geek- Kyle, Joe, and Shawna

Convention report -2D con



$15 pre reg, $20, $30 at door. May give discount for anime detour badge

Asking for $7,500- cover hotel cost

Offering ATC the front / Back cover of the programing book as a sponsor

Jayson- asking about what is the future?

Shawna- Hoping by the 4th year will not been needing help, looking to stay at the Ramada,

Jayson- Goal for Attendees?

Shawna- 1500, holding events to get their name out there

Matt- Inter- convention, sharing idea, contacts, promote this is geek and the interest in gaming culture

Shawna- Wants to bring everyone together, Showcase indie vendors

Lauren- What weekend is your event, dose it fall on AniMinni

Shawna- No! We researched the Midwest convention

Matt- Program at children’s hospital

Brian- Will less then 7500 hurt you?

Shawna- No, we have invested a lot into this ourselves

Marian G

Anderson United- Works as ESL teacher 4th and 8th graders

Increase the reading skills of the student. Get high intest texts, the like anime. Encourages them to read amine with subtitles on.  Hope to get them reading manga, looking for the first 10 of the series.

Copy for office and school library. Good to have in office so incase the book is lost the kid wont be charged a fine and can graduate.

Asking $1, 500 –Manga and Graphic Novels to keep the interest of the students.  Looking at vendors. Passed a list of the manga and the Graphic Novels she is looking for.

JayCollet – Wondering if she has reached out to other?

Marian- Reached out the one who dose the reading library

Jaycollet- I suggest fast food anime as a vendor

Lauren- Who do we make the check out to?

Marian- Ship Care of Marrin

Andy- This is just for your school?

Marian- Yes, I have not reached out to other middle schools.

Stepen Gifford

Light the Night

Kids Center $5k donation, would we do this again. Instead of his mom running it, ATC would take over and run it.

Kayle- Any extras would come form Charities.

Jo Thomsen- Organization for Transformative Works- sent an email

For fans by Fans- fan fic, AMV,

Open doors projects

Rescue project

Asking for $1,000 because of growth

Marcus Bobs – International school – robotics team

Robot compotation give the tools and support for kids to compete against other schools

Kids design and make the robots, guide books, t-shirts all done by the kids

Asking for $2, 000

Andy- What happens to the robots?

Marcus- We keep it around for marketing and parts

Anton Peterson-

Support of the Gordon Dixon written fund

6-week writing workshop

Japanese American Citizen League (JACL)

Civil rights

Teacher’s workshop


Youth leadership program


JayCollet-  (Summer)Games Done Quick

Speed Running of video games

Charity based events

Raised money for various causes

This year is Dr. W/O Borders

Raffles depending on when and the time of the donation

Based in MN- want to make them feel welcomed


Open to the donation amount

Heather  Bufkin– Operation Hammond

1st aid at convention



trained and have basic defibulator

Fist responders to any injury at a con

Funds go to insurance, New AED, to be a training partner with Red Cross

Asking for $1,800

Dave- Do the EMT working the con get paid?

Heather – No, they just ask for help to get to the con

Anton- Worked with them in the past, they may ask for gas money or the cost to cover a room.


Kim (financials)

- total of $242,700 in account

- would like to keep base of $150K to cover Detour and ATC costs

- recommend $32K-$33K in donations, after accounting for ongoing and expected expenses

- may want to discontinue some items (e.g., Bloomington Sister City Organization, MN Center for Book Arts, Nature Conservancy) [Kale]

- little communication from St. Paul Library on how money was spent

- reduce donation to St. Paul Library to $2,000, due to much smaller size than Hennepin County Library and last year's donation went toward capital equipment and their anime club was cancelled

- approach WeRobot about participating in Detour ("Rise of the Mecha")

- would like to support Arts Midwest on general principle of supporting the arts, even if there is no Japanese connection

- brings up ethical concerns of donating to people related to (former) high-ranking ATC executives [Dave]

* will purchase materials directly and donate to Marian's school

- count eBay auction amount toward total amount, for all applicable organizations? [Heather, Anton]

- Junior Diabetes Research Fund - starter donation in the hopes of building a relationship [Kale]

- motion to vote for budget of $32.5K for charitable giving [Lauren, Brian] - full list available from other sources

* passes with no objections

WeRobot dinner [Brian]

- students gave presentations on how season went

- liked that the students took ownership of event

- received certificate; place in binder with other certificates [Lauren]


Wizard World Comic Con [Morgan]

- would recommend continuing relationship

- would suggest getting a booth alongside other non-profit organizations

- saw many local vendors and sponsors [JayColette]

- separate guidelines for partnering with non-profit/for-profit cons [JayColette]

- probably would not offer volunteers

- reach out to serious cosplayers there, bring them to Detour as guests to give demos?

- gained over 50 followers on Twitter due to giveaway; make giveaways more regular for sustained growth?

- Wizard World has reputation of scheduling in conflict of local cons to destroy them [Anton]

- Wizard World gets local vendors when they can't sell space otherwise [Anton]

- should set boundary for what we're willing to do for for-profit cons, then analyze each situation accordingly [Jayson]

- Detour coordinator should partner with Media Relations coordinator to discuss such boundaries [Lauren]

- not all for-profit cons are monoliths; some cons are for-profit by necessity according to their state laws [Heather]

- may face backlash for any association with for-profit cons [Heather]

- Wizard World offered to buy Spring Con, which is owned by the Source, which has always supported Detour; ATC associating with WW may lead to sore feelings [Dave]


Red Cross Heroes Program booklet ad

- Sari will get template to Charities; updates on charities and events

- eight spots for breakfast


Emotional Intelligence course

- vote passes 7-0


increasing budget for CONvergence room party

- vote passes 7-0


bylaws tabled until June


incident report proposal

- rough draft sent out

- supporting documents will be kept in locked file cabinet

- per Anti-Harassment policy, don't force person making complaint to offer personal information if s/he wants to maintain anonymity

- fill it out online? [Kale]

* then it wouldn't be an incident report

- intended for internal record-keeping for staff only

- sanitized automatic number [Matt]


entry paperwork [Heather]

- would like to get approved by June board meeting, so it'd be ready for start of con cycle in July

- one-off 

- paper forms would be 

- use full logos [John]

- remove mention of EMT training due to possible liability

- can't legally force people to provide emergency contact info, but can also say we wouldn't have to keep them on staff


Jayson [Detour]

- can wait until next meeting


Kale [Charities]

- can wait until next meeting

- move meeting to 2nd Tuesday of month to avoid Taiko drummers?


Heather [SOS]

- disseminated information about upcoming events

- Cosplay Fest planned for September; can be another source of revenue for ATC?


received request to borrow art show racks for CONvergence [Lauren, Andy]

- vote passes no objections


Media Relations [Morgan]

- soliciting people for staff

- would like more defined responsibilities

- avoid overlap with Clubs? [JayColette]


Clubs [JayColette]

- Lantern Lighting Festival

- partnering with GPS for Pride

motion to adjourn, vote passes with no objections