March 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Jayson Stob, Heather Bufkin, Kale Ganann, JayColette Herald-Gordon, James Jacobsen, Dave Vetrovec, Jerry Keohen, Maxwell Vandervelde, Damarra Atkins, Kat Pepmiller, Steve Moore, Jennifer Smith


pancake breakfast [Dave]

looking for griddles
can post on AD website/ATC website/AD Facebook [Lauren]

official condolences on Leonard Nimoy's passing [James]

would be part of secretarial duties, but where to start? [Lauren]
will look for proper channels [Troy]
would rather expend efforts on local acts; e.g., contributing to local astronomy club [John]

ATC insurance policy [Kat]

State Farm would take ATC's policy, except for existing claims
if not for claims, policy can be underwritten for $600 (currently $1800)/year
claims remain on record for two more years
there are currently two claims in two years; three claims in three years is threshold for cancellation of coverage

increase deductible to get savings; consider $2,500-$5,000
current insured amount is $60K; important to keep updated, in light of additional equipment
most claims related to storage locker would be smoke and water damage
think about threshold below which we're willing to take loss

one claim was medical [Kim]
other claim was damage, as determined by Hotel head and Chair at the time; would've preferred to pay out of pocket [Kim]
would rather not pay any more damage claims [Kim]

question: whose decision is it whether to submit claims? [Troy]
since insurance is in ATC's name, should be a board decision [Jayson]
â–º motion to make all insurance claims a board matter [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with no objections

question: should we change deductible on current policy? [Sari]
since lockers are insured for different amounts, may depend on claims person's interpretation
â–º motion to authorize Kim to revise insurance deductibles as appropriate [Lauren, John]
vote passes with no objections

message on behalf of Ryan Kopf [Steve, Jennifer]

photo on website was determined not to be from Detour
Jennifer offers her service on insurance matters

medical liability [Jayson]

medical staff that happen to be on staff are protected by Good Samaritan Law, but people will still sue
if medical professional is contracted, all legal liability falls onto government agency

possible charitable giving opportunity [JayColette]

Charities [Kale]

pancake breakfast on Saturday, suggested donation of $5
ATC is matching up to $5,000 for fund to send student to Japan

table at Autism Walk on 3/1; phenomenal opportunity for possible collaborations
will work with AuSM to show anime at spectrum-friendly setting [Brian]
would rather not work with Autism Speaks, which is a larger, national organization [Sari]

can make Charities posters for Detour room party if Kale gives text by next week [Sari]
was planning on making own flyers, can have small section directing people to ATC website [John]

Clubs [JayColette]

not doing Adopt-a-Badger station with Volunteers at Detour

contacted St. Thomas, U of MN, North Hennepin, Patrick Henry about running anime clubs w/open membership
can also consider Jefferson, MCAT, MCTC as backups

need flyers for Tsuinshi at ATC room party at Detour

financials [Kim]

still waiting for one eBay winner to pay [Kale]
will mail out checks to beneficiaries of eBay auctions

lots of spending

waiting for some dealers to pay up

$500 donation from Kevin's workplace
can expect another $250 from UTC [Jayson]

Andrew Lunceford can connect ATC with a lawyer for nonprofits

SOS [Heather]

a good turnout at last Kotatsu at Pizza Luce Hopkins

hit quota for Ghost in the Shell movie, some tickets still available (deadline is noon Wednesday)
can represent ATC at event and take tickets
ATC will get a small percentage of sales

post-con social for Detour attendees: 4/18, 12-4 pm, Waterbury 107 [Lauren]

planned for May: improv comedy event [Lauren]

after Detour, will start serious planning for Cosplay Fest

postcards/rack cards planned for ATC room party at Detour

Detour [Jayson]

signed with 2xTree thru 2017, not 2018

want to take bidding away from Hotel and place it with Board and Chair
we should be more conscientious about following up with other bidding candidates
want to revisit bidding process

adding "presented by Anime Twin Cities" to bottom of AD logo, to strengthen association

Nan Desu Kan reached out; can be a good opportunity for a room party exchange

joint contract between ATC and 2xTree for 2017 blood drive
want to make sure attendees who donate are well-fed [Brian, Sari]; will have free food provided

new GM at 2xTree: $1,000 fine for moving bed without advance arrangements ($250 fee) - caused six room parties to drop out
will announce at opening ceremonies
have signage at check-in [Lauren]
would rather have reminders at-con instead of on social media

contacted Hennepin County for EMT

leadership meeting via MAP and GPS for fall; $2,000 for all department heads

ATC will make announcements at opening ceremonies
- mention Princess Kaguya movie screening
- themes

Manga Club at Anime Detour has no liaison - Ally Addison has dropped off grid
possible substitutes approached at MarsCon

Anti-Harassment policy, as currently worded, prevents masseurs from working?
there will be a 3rd-party contract specifically for them

GPS volunteer appreciation party [Danielle McKay, via e-mail]

looking for donated articles
donate ATC polo shirts [John]

â–º motion to authorize John to donate $70 of goods [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections, with John abstaining

at least JayColette will be there to represent ATC

â–º confirmed vote for open source apps
vote passes with no objections

advertising in Overstreet's Guide to Cosplay

is book going to be good? don't want to advertise in something that paints community in bad light [Jayson]
will reply "we're interested, but we'd like to know more about the publication before we proceed" [Andy]

reordering material

out of ATC pamphlets, rack cards
also out of promo material for This is Geek's Digital Destruction

approach printer for Detour's program books [Sari]

â–º motion to budget $300 for more pamphlets and rack cards [Lauren, Kim]
vote passes with no objections

at Detour

game at ATC room party - people working there will need to fold origami crane, in additional to handing out game pieces

ATC panel on Saturday 1:30 PM

Princess Kaguya movie - scheduled for early Sunday AM at Detour [Troy]

possible collaboration with Microsoft [Troy]
- exhibitor badges at Detour; contact Val in Registration [Lauren]

JOFcon [Heather]

do poster session?
send notes to Kale, for Charities collaboration [Lauren]

Pride Parade [JayColette]

GPS will take on the application and fees; open to combine efforts at table
work to make things easier with furry cosplayers
get word out, get volunteers
can use table banner? [Kim]

quick hits

- Naruto movie - organizer forgot to check back [Sari]
- When Marnie Was There - promo materials may be mailed as release date nears [Troy]

ATC Staff camping trip scheduled for 8/13-8/16 [John]
- wait for participants to pay to recoup out-of-pocket advance payment [Heather]

raised $120 for LEG fund at MarsCon

Sari's replacement
â–º motion to appoint Troy to fill the remainder of Sari's term [Lauren, Andy]
vote passes with one objection [John]

platforms due midnight, 3/31; can be posted on ATC website 4/1 [John]
list of eligible voters by last Detour staff meeting

e-mailed changes to equipment request form [Lauren]
motion to approve changes [Brian, John] - vote passes with no objections

ATC business cards? [John]
more effort to give incoming board official e-mail addresses

â–º motion to adjourn [John, Lauren]
vote passes with no objections