February 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy
Board Absent: Andy
Observers: Heather Bufkin, Kale Ganann, Matt McMillan, Ryan Kopf, Dave Vetrovec


minutes adapted from notes taken by Matt McMillan

Ryan Kopf


  • started going to conventions in 2006
  • had a successful convention in 2010
  • has no arrest record
  • runs AniMinneapolis

wants good relations between his cons and ATC

found out AniMinneapolis was denied a room party based upon the board’s decision.
wants to check that he can have a future opportunity to get a room party

ATC Board's rationale, based on previous emails, board minutes, and Lauren's talks with past and current Detour heads (Gifford and Jayson)

  • Gifford stated last year he didn’t want AniMinneapolis to get ad space or room parties
  • Detour photos were used on AniMinneapolis and Metacon websites, showing banners, security vests, etc.
  • issue of confusing people with Detour pictures representing a non-Detour convention; we are still getting comments that people think AD and AniMinneapolis are associated
  • Gifford asked to have them taken down, and was informed that they would be taken down
  • there is a photo from another convention on the website, also with no rights to use the photo; that picture is still on the Anni Mini website

asked to refer to Jayson concerning this issue
Room Parties had acted on their own in a recent correspondence
Jayson is planning to currently continue the current policy, but is open to dialogue

Ryan used photos he took himself on his convention website
did not intend to masquerade or confuse people about another convention
replied to Gifford’s email and hasn’t seen any other correspondence

there is still an AD picture on the website; while it is low-res, an AD backpack is still visible [John]
there are also complaints about aggressive marketing; e.g., going up and down in lines and giving flyers [John]
they did a lot of flyers and now has an advertising budget [Ryan]
there were also complaints at the last Anime Fusion about being accosted with flyers [Matt]

received an email stating that Holly (AD Room Parties) sent an email and represented the board [Ryan]
checked with Jayson that Ryan was not personally banned [Lauren]
Jayson was unaware of the previous policy at the time but now is upholding it
Jayson will instruct Holly about sending out emails like that

ATC and AD are separate entities, to prevent micromanaging [Kale]
- ATC does long term planning
- AD Chariman and staff have control over their event

Ryan's closing remarks

  • wants to do long-term planning, collaborate to give back to the community
  • doesn’t have the staff and manpower to do charitable work
  • thanked people for their time

should be a caution about people representing the board when they are not [Matt, Sari, John]

should communicate with the staff [Sari]
- board needs to communication with the department heads that “the board said such and such”
- staff told that it was a board level decision
should not hamstring people; if the board made a decision, it should be okay to convey it [Dave]
does this discussion apply to this situation? [Troy]

if it was a board policy, we should be able to look at the meeting notes and see that there was a vote with results [Lauren]
meeting notes may be redacted with information based on rumors

question: who keeps Rewards Zone points on Best Buy purchases? [Matt]
– there is no ATC account for Rewards Zone points; individuals can keep them for themselves [Lauren, Kim]

asset tag request [Lauren]

request was wanting to do this for consistency
should investigate because his company has to asset tag [John]
Matt will touch base outside the meeting to discuss. It is exploratory research?

Detour program book [Sari]

is going to reserve ½ a page for the ATC Board
needs material by February 16th

question: can Charities write something up before the deadline? [Lauren]
question: would it be good to have a short blurb about what ATC is and what they do?

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

Outpost Anime recap

(This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS - Andy)
went through 75 name labels in 45 minutes; used at least 125 in all
made back ½ of expenses in donations and concession sales

space was too small; will need to look for more/bigger space
thought about advertising in program book, but doesn’t want it now as it would grow too fast, especially concerning Cosplay Fest

many people were able to come because it was free
hotel may be in the future, but wouldn’t want to go more than $5-$10
plan for enabling any ATC member to get $5 discount?

many people provided positive feedback
Iron Cosplay went well
United Geeks of Gaming helped with tabletop gaming

needs to sell another 60 tickets via Tugg to reach minimum of 65 to show Ghost in the Shell: Arise
tickets are only $10.00; is at a major theater

chili cookoff is coming up

has reserved Como Park in July for cosplay picnic

has idea for a post-convention thing for convention attendees
to be discussed at the next SOS meeting or another time
needs space reservation
will contact Heather outside of meeting [Lauren]

Charities [Kale]

2nd eBay initiative for badges

each auction went for over $250
waiting for payment on two badges

received a badge back, as one winner purchased two by accident
he doesn’t care if we give it away or raffle it

should give it away [Kale]
Board should decide; it should be offered in a lottery [Heather]

since we matched funds does it get counted? [Lauren]
we can be exclusive, but want to avoid “messiness”

pancake breakfast on March 14th

has reached out to grocery stores
Dave will be onsite at 5:30 AM; will open as soon as possible
looking for griddles
was going to try to get CostCo card but ATC already has one.

Clubs [JayColette]

JayColette is sick; no updates on Clubs or Pride Parade

question: do we need a vote to involve other organizations in Pride Parade? [Lauren, Brian]
- let JayColette know that everyone is good with collaboration

Detour [Jayson]

Hotel has overbooked by 50 rooms again

people do not know that ATC and AD are connected
wants to do an ATC logo on books to reinforce connections

working on permissions for videos

was approached by people for ad-swaps
should have policy (documentation and procedure) in place for ad swaps in future
likes idea; AD gets a significant amount of groups requesting this [Sari]
can be addressed with Media Coordinator once the position is filled

equipment requests

This is Geek [Joe]

presented approval documentation [Kim]
walkie-talkie fee will be implemented in the future [Kim]

â–º motion to approve equipment request [Brian]
vote passes with no objections

GPS Equipment Request

want to borrow microphones and speakers for trivia challenge
Kale has read the request and transporting said equipment.

question: have they submitted the form? [Brian]
yes, came in on January 20th [Kim]

â–º motion to to approve equipment request [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with no objections


leaving Minnesota [Sari]

has been accepted to grad school
would leave at end of May, will be in Madison June-December; may end up moving there permanently
would not be able to make meetings

being on the board is a legal obligation; would have reservations about being able to fulfill board position [John]
Andy has noted that he is not running for Secretary position due to similar reservations

question: are you moving to depart? [Lauren]
- no recommendation at this point
her school and job would come first
- agreed that she should focus on school [Lauren]
if you are in the radius by the by-laws nobody can force you out [John]

question: can we appoint someone? [Brian]
- we can, but we want to let the membership vote; there will be an announcement for people to apply [Lauren]
question: how about just voting as a position? [John]
- announcement should still be made [Brian]
question: can we make announcement? [Lauren]
- yes [Sari]
question: how long to give? it could fall on Detour [Heather]
- have people submitted by March 2nd; only gives 10 days, but people will still have time to react [Brian]

Naratu movie [Sari]

they are in partnership with BizMedia on Feb 20th; wants to have convention help promote the film
get promotional material and distribute at next Detour staff meeting
Matt volunteered to help distribute as well

offer hotel room with memberships in silent auction [Christina Facchin]

â–º motion to give her what she wanted last year [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

ATC Staff camping trip

John will coordinate with Heather

question: does this need to be funded?
- John just has to pay $150.00 for the site.

geeky single website

question: does anybody want to do this? [Lauren]
- general consensus is no

thank-you card to Nagasaki [Andrew]

wants to do an oversized card [John]

â–º motion to approve card [Lauren, Sari]
vote passes with one abstention (Lauren) and no objections

notes truncated