January 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy
Board Absent: Andy
Observers: Jayson, Kale, Heather, JayColette, Maxwell Vandervelde


minutes adapted from Kevin Ehrler's notes

meeting started @ ~1830

form for Legal Reasons Not to Work at Convention [Jayson]

found information in public records about staff member incarcerated in jail, followed by probabtion
will not be legally able to work at events with minors at least through probation period
was a supposed discussion with dept. head previously when it was a misdemeanor, violent offender, non-sexual
- this information did not get bubble up through any channels.

propose staff to sign a document: “Is there any legal reason you cannot work at ATC?” [Lauren]

  • covers many things like restraining orders, etc.
  • include in our influx paperwork?
  • add second question to identify legal reason (to ensure it’s not being misconstrued)?
  • add how long ago? -- no
  • how to handle fact that MN doesn’t have Romeo and Juliet laws vs. keeping all judgement out of it
  • note that particular details do not need to be general knowledge, may come down to chairman & president vs. defined policy

propose staff to sign a document: "There is no legal reason to working at ATC, and I agree to inform ATC if any legal reason occurs. Disclaimer: Automatic suspension from ATC will occur if we discover you have been lying on this form." [Lauren]

make it simple, updating emergency contact info, and make it yearly
can we use Mail Merged information?
legal names must be used on Detour Staff List

add items to the bottom of Intake Form
due to timing, encourages dept heads to gather emergency-contact data independently [Heather]
just going to do the legal part for now, especially since we discovered such an instance
John will write it up before the next staff meeting, and upload to ATC Google Docs
- requires legal name, DOB, date of sign, questions
- will also make paper copies as well
- this must be signed before picking up badge to be a member of staff

Lauren/Jayson will be available at meeting to handle issues/questions

question: add the Optional Emergency Contact info on the form since we are making them do the signing as well?
- not yet, due to flak, time, etc.; keep things separate for now

Google Drive isn’t legal signatures, there are online ways to do it, but not in a speedy or simple manner

Anti-Harrassment Policy [John]

will ensure Andrew Lunceford has the Harassment policy sign-offs online so announcement can be made by meeting start time

Charities [Kale]

good to go for pancakes
many things, but things are in flux
coffee is gone because church started their own
will have more at the next meeting

>>>Lauren and Kale leave @ 18:57<<<

Detour [Jayson]

giving Hotel the go-ahead with the proposed meeting dates
- might end up with odd dates and times

contracts have been signed, last ones sent to board
- 9 Mile Grill not part of the contract; will be getting an amendment contract for it

construction might happen in a few years

power drops have been figured out for this year

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

murmurs of general positive feedback for NYE party
how to rope in the more asocial people? several left because didn’t feel they could interact
- nametags? ice-breaker games?

Heather will not attend NYE 2015; Damara will take the lead

  • need more staff
  • Outpost Anime (formerly known as WinterFest)
  • free event,Saturday 1/24 in GPS
  • video room in smaller room till 6, then Iron Cosplay; crafty things next door (looking for scrap crafty stuff laying around)
  • concession stand
  • ATC Info Table [Kevin]
  • AD Merchandise might bring stuff to sell
  • wants to be an annual event thing in December if it goes well, preferably around the time of the Holiday Geek Expo to get more traffic

Summer Events: 1 picnic, 1 tubing thing
trial for this year; if not well-received, will revert to previous arrangement

meeting in two weeks: will nail down planned events, and secure reservations

Cosplay Fest in September - annual event

tugg.com - Ghost in the Shell: Arise movie, no cost to us but we get a (very very small) commission
- in March - new to area
- similar to what happened with Wolf Children last year

Cosplay Event details

  • 1 day event, swap meet space, contest, workshops
  • small admission fee: $15 general, $10 with badge
  • question: Can we use the hotel points for hotel space for this event?
  • - not big enough yet

Clubs [JayColette]

will talk to Ted about getting space in front of the hotel, 1 day only, 2 hour blocks for clubs

will do Clubs & Organizations 101 panel, since it was well received last year

e-mailed budget for approval
â–º motion to approve Clubs budget
vote passes

Ted: was paying his own advertising.

will talk to Volunteers about Adopt-a-Badger station

question: Can pursue spot in Pride Parade if it's available?
- yes

proceeds of auctioned AD 2015 badges

tabled to next Detour meeting, as Kale is not present

donation from St. Paul/Nagasaki Sister City Committee

has Andy responded?
John will respond to e-mail to ensure someone talked to him // read out e-mail and sent it; CC’d board
ATC will absolutely advertise their events

Genki Notes

wanted to write little notes (Brian read e-mail in a “soothing” voice)

written/drawn messages are delivered to Japanese people living in areas still affected from the Tsunami

unsure if original requestor wants us to do it or if he wants to do it
- was invited to attend board meeting, but didn’t show up
- we should respond to see if he wants to do it because we could give him space at the con [Heather]
- will send e-mail asking for more details from him [Sari] (From Brian’s phone)

starting endowment with ATC funds

Kim is against the idea.

MAP response: would need to be a LARGE fund with current interest rates; idea is you never touch the principal

general discussion: this is not something we want to do

discussion of miniscule interest on our current accounts
Brian will look into on-line interest accounts

tabled further until Andy is here to discuss

quick hits

price list for equipment request [Kim]
handed out equipment list
not renting new sound board, per Kale's request

PacSet's De-Tour 2016 - will give Evan the go-ahead and send him the dates [John]

JASM Shinnekai on 01/18
short notice; can post something on the website tonight on ATC site [John]

JOFCon meeting, January 13th, Waterbury 106A - Con Runners meeting
Heather is going, will try to send out e-mail about it afterward
is Kale going too?

Board Boot Camp, January 27th, 5:30-9:00 PM, Waterbury 106 [Jayson]
inform Jayson if you're planning to attend

no response from Film Society of MSP re: feedback on Tale of Princess Kaguya [Troy]
will follow up with a phone call if he doesn’t hear back soon

announcements at next AD staff meeting [John]

legal form to sign
JASM Event
need second Site Committee member
need Marketing Media Relations Coordinator

financials [Kim]

drafted tax form (2013-2014), hope to approve tomorrow, and have Lauren sign
John will then post on ATC website

increased income by $207K since 2009
bank account just shy of $350K

trademarks [John]

should frame and hang form about Detour's trademark, which is good for 10 years
need to file a declaration of use between 5th and 6th year (2020) and between 9th and 10th year
- keep track with long-term calendar

need a trademark form/logo form and request system

updated and submitted trademark for ATC just under the 6-month deadline

â–º motion to adjourn @ 2020
vote passes with no objections