November 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Rin, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Jayson, Kale, Heather, JayColette, Damarra Atkins, Erick Hofer, James Jacobsen, Dave Vetrovec


Rin’s replacement

Damarra is excluded due to her announcing her candidacy after the deadline
Dave is capable, but perhaps spreading himself too thin [Brian]
Troy would be new blood; would be interested in seeing what he can do, and whether he can improve long-term [Kim, Sari]
Troy has been really proactive regarding being involved in ATC community [Andy]
no candidates have offered something that couldn’t be covered under Charities [Lauren]

question: would there be a conflict of interest with Dave’s position as GPS treasurer? [John]
- would recuse self accordingly [Dave]

â–º motion to nominate Troy to fill Rin’s remaining term [Andy, Rin]
vote passes with 5 for, 2 against (Brian, John)

present room (106A) has been confirmed as board meeting site for future reservations [Heather]

budget - ATC

question: should website/IT budget be under ATC or Detour? [Sari]
question: is there an alternative to Wells Fargo for merchant fees? [Kim]
ATC polo shirts should be moved to Waterbury for improved accessibility [Lauren]

â–º motion to approve ATC budget [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

budget - Room Parties/Charities [Kale]

question: where’s the cost for the projector? [John]
- in the Detour Tech budget

costs for Anime Fusion includes those associated with next year’s Fusion [Kim]
can remove Costco membership [Kim]
popcorn machine is same model (8 oz) that we’ve been renting for $50 per convention [Erick]

no definite ideas on branded swag yet
question: use ATC logo or Detour logo? [John]
- branding with both logos may be beneficial, as it would reduce confusion with other area cons

$250 seems low for printing [Lauren]
increase line item to $500, borrow more from ATC if necessary [Brian]

â–º motion to approve Room Parties/Charities budget [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

budget - SOS [Heather]

other expenses suggested: car kit, shelving unit, chest freezer
remove Damarra’s outreach program due to inactivity

â–º motion to approve SOS budget [Lauren, John]
vote passes with no objections

â–º motion to add $250 for printing [Lauren, Rin]
vote passes with no objections

budget - Clubs [JayColette]

nothing to propose at the moment
aforementioned Monday conflict for board meetings may not exist
recommend Connie Mohs (candidate for Rin’s vacancy) for staff [Lauren]

budget - Detour [Jayson]

asking for $200K, up from $197K last year ($190.2K actually spent)
a lot of one-time purchases, as part of plan to drop costs by 20-30% over 3 years
no overage budget

question: can we afford it if no one shows up? [Brian]
- we’ll sell out [Kim]

sales proceeds from Artists, Dealers, Merch will probably go toward charities [Kim]
marketing contingencies are in place, in light of current sensitivity over Ebola cases
budget increase matches inflation rate [Dave]

â–º motion to approve Detour budget [Rin, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

overflow hotels

2 contracts were signed
Crowne Plaza has no required conditions
Sheraton has conditions for room-nights and catering, which would result in $39K in penalties if not met
will check if he can count the sponsor breakfast as Sheraton catering [Jayson]

â–º motion to give Detour chair authority to sign contracts [Lauren, Andy]
vote passes with jazz hands and no objections

Andy will write something to this effect for Lauren to sign [Lauren]
historically, Detour Hotel heads have signed contracts without Detour chair involvement

coordinator goals

question: use business cards rather than flyers? [Lauren]
handouts would work better in smaller size (e.g., bookmarks) [Sari]
print QR code on handouts [Andy]

didn’t prioritize goals because of uncertainties in future

invite GPS as partners for Light the Night, to reciprocate their gesture for Pride

will have better ideas once she gets in touch with more people

(check recording for full details)

Sari will give announcement at the next Detour staff meeting
gauge interest in new coordinator position for Marketing; who has ideas?
will eventually cover Room Parties, social media


should send at least Kale, as an ambassador for LEG fund [Lauren]
direct Michael Lee to equipment request form [Kale]
willing to do room party [Erick]
or ambassador table, if there are no other parties [Kale]
send logo after some commitment has been established
will discuss with Anime Fusion to see if there is interest in involvement [JayColette]

quick hits

RSVP events - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Book Arts

EDITfest went well; don’t know whether ticket recipients actually went [Sari]

sympathy card for Townsends

Light the Night sent two extra shirts for framing, front and back [Kale]

feedback on anti-harassment policy

trend among conventions for CYA approach [Jayson]
question: what is course of action if someone refuses to sign? [Kim]
emphasis should be that reader is aware of and understand the policy, not that they have to enforce it or otherwise be responsible for it [John, Sari]
use version 2 of paragraph in question, will post on website, and email to staff members
if staff signature is required, should obtain by December meeting [Heather]
will enable digital signatures via Google Form for out-of-town staff like last year [Rin]


canceling Winterfest due to insufficient time
waiting to hear from Ted re: NYE party room, have own room booked as backup

Andy will notify Troy as board’s choice to fill Rin’s vacancy, contingent on ratification at next Detour meeting
Andy will notify Connie of other opportunities to help ATC

â–º motion to adjourn [Lauren, Rin]
vote passes with appreciation of Rin's service and no objections