July 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Rin, Kevin, Andy
Board Absent: Brian, Sari
Observers: Jayson, JayColette, Heather, Stephen Gifford, Erick Hofer, Jo Thomsen, Betty Rabin, Gail (Light the Night)


open discussion - Light the Night, 9/28

lanterns instead of balloons due to helium shortage
actual walk starts at dusk at Target Field, ending with the survivors
expected attendance of 2,500 - 3,000

ATC sponsorship of Kids Zone
- high-traffic area will provide visibility
- activity of teaching kids how to write kanji on 2"-diameter stickers, to be applied to lanterns/shirts [Gifford]
- volunteers to appear in cosplay [Gifford]
- ask in MN Cosplayers FB group [JayColette]
- John should get ATC artwork to Gail [Gifford]
- have WellsFargo employees make origami cranes [Betty], which can be mailed to Hiroshima after the event [Gifford]
- coordinate with Charities [Lauren]

no promotions involving food, as Target Field will sell its own concessions [Betty]
work with libraries to show a donated DVD [Betty]
- Ally Addison can be a contact to find out what else libraries can do
can also make paper fortune tellers [Betty]

contracts to sign

open discussion [Erick]

due to AD FY cutoff, would like budget advance to pre-register Detour room party staff (4 people) for Fusion
â–º John motions to approve budget advance, Lauren seconds
vote passes with no objections

open discussion [Andy]

procedure for changing day of the week for meeting: at least two-month notice, would start by notifying rest of board [Lauren]

Clubs [JayColette]

Como Park Oban
- submitted application
- need volunteers for 12:30 pm setup on Sunday, 8/17
- event starts at 3 pm
- would stay until 9 pm
- only two tickets are provided

John can help with Group List application

SOS [Heather]

AD Cosplay Picnic near Como on Sunday

Heather would like to get a ATC polo shirt
contact Logistics, then Division Heads [Jayson]

Valleyfair - July 27th

Spirited Away this Friday/Saturday at Lagoon Cinema - will post, but not formal event

no one was representing ATC at Pride [JayColette]
miscommunication with GPS [Lauren]
assign people to be responsible for specific events [John]

appoint a Media Relations Coordinator (with a team), to handle any overlap between offices, newsletter, marketing, etc. [Lauren]

Charities [Kale, via Dave]

blurbs are available to be dissemination
- what to do with them? [John]

anti-harassment policy [Rin]

question: how to announce it to the staff? [John]
- drafted a revision, currently under review by legal team, will announce that the board will vote at a specific meeting [Lauren]
- choose October meeting [John]

work with other cons and get training from professionals (via community education) [Jo]
â–º Rin motions for ATC to host training via Sexual Violence Center Comm. Ed. Request, Lauren seconds
vote passes with no objections

Furry Migration equipment rental request [Lauren]

Kellic will amend to include accessories for walkie-talkies, storage shelves, LCD displays and frames
â–º Lauren motions to approve amended request, John seconds
vote passes with no objections

"Get Pop-Cultured" event at Roseville Barnes & Noble

not really a good fit with any one day's theme [Lauren]
probably too late anyway; should draft polite letter of declination [John]
- Andy will draft, send to board for approval

hotel bidding process [Lauren]

question: who will lead process? 
there seems to be confusion among Ted Berquam, Kari Keene, and Josh Spotts on who's responsible

don't need to consider specific hotels, but do need to consider alternatives to the DoubleTree

will tour candidates as a group

Rin expresses interest to work with AD Hotel on bidding process, based on her peripheral interest as AD Security co-head
â–º motion to appoint Rin as the board liaison to work with AD Hotel on bidding process
vote passes with no objections (also no objections from Dave)

quick hits

John needs help with redesigning website; Lauren suggests Sari

acknowledging flowers sent for Tish's funeral

John needs help with traversing the legalese associated with trademark application; Kevin volunteers

agenda item for next meeting: feasibility of appointing Media Relations Coordinator

ATC room party raised $115.08 at CONvergence

items to announce at next Detour meeting (by John)

future board meetings
- August - attendance cap
- September - Coordinator reviews
- October - anti-harassment policy

appoint 2nd person to Site Committee

list of board projects

Rin's impending departure