May 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Rin, Andy, Damarra (outgoing), Mike (outgoing)
Board Absent:
Observers: Sari (incoming board member), Kevin (incoming board member), Gifford, Jayson, Heather, Kale, JayColette, Jo Thomsen, Megan Petersen, Troy MacDonald, Annette Gagliardi, Betty Rabin, Andrea Herman, Dave Vetrovec


proposals for charitable donations

Early Childhood Family Education [Annette]
money last year used for STEM
proposal: Bare Books project (synopsis was e-mailed earlier)
$1,500 to cover two semesters and 280+ students
ATC logo on back
would cover diversity of students
would go ahead with project with or without ATC money

Friends of the St. Paul Library [Andrea, of the Manga Reading Lounge]
libraries are adopting more of a hands-on approach in its programming for teens in anime clubs, to get more interest in technology
proposal: money for manga, DVDs, Wacom drawing tablets, software (detailed in handout)

Organization for Transformative Works [Jo]

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [Betty]
proposal: partnership for children's area of Light the Night fundraiser at Target Field (9/24/14)
bring some material that's available at libraries to raise awareness
lanterns (instead of balloons) relating Japanese theme
$1,000 for a booth and representation
$5,000 stretch goal - credit on T-shirts
would get LEG fund noticed; combine with GPS to give the $5,000? [Gifford]
would get Gifford in a costume [Gifford]

Nature Conservancy [Sari]
LEAF/GLOBE program - bring inner-city HS/college kids into the field to do conservation work
costs are as of yet undefined; would appreciate any amount

International School of Minnesota (Eden Prairie) Robotics team [Brian]
hands-on STEM education
exhausted financial reserves, after a budget of $30K
proposal: Silver level sponsorship - $1,000 (small logo on shirt, invite to banquet)
proposal: $2,000 (medium logo on shirt, logo on banner, logo on robot)
must be non-profit [Kim]
question: can robot be brought to Detour for a panel, if donation is at a sufficient level? [Lauren]

Arts Midwest [John]
culture-advancement organization traditionally funded by gov't grants (detailed in handouts)
Japanese-related guests may be invited in the future, though none presently
$500 - $1000 would be appreciated

U of MN Robotics team [Mike]
money for Fallout Shelter-type pod, based on Gundam
are they ​requesting money beyond initial level?

Charities [Kale]

still waiting for quotes for charity drive push
will push to website, ANN, FUNimation, and anyone else that's willing
will change page, then make announcements
noted article in JASM newsletter
people can still join AIDS Walk

SOS [Heather]

charities will now go through Charities

Gaming Club offshoot in response to requests? (want to run by Board b/c it's not specifically anime-related)

  • join with GPS Anime Club? [Mike]
  • already a lot of people in GPS Anime Club, also they only meet on weekends [Heather]
  • no objection [Lauren]

need one volunteer to help with hosting Cosplay Picnic in July

revised alcohol policy:

Alcohol is prohibited at ATC events unless expressly permitted by the Board-appointed Coordinator overseeing the event. In such cases alcohol may be allowed within the confines of any policies set by the Coordinator for the event, but ATC itself will not purchase, supply, or distribute any alcoholic beverages. Under no circumstances may attendees under the legal age consume alcohol at an ATC event. Those of legal age [Rin] who choose to consume assume sole responsibility for their actions.

â–º Lauren's motion to approve policy with Rin's edit, seconded by John
vote passes with one objection (Mike)
will post on ATC website [John]

Clubs [JayColette]

can use own GoogleDocs for Clubs Directory before new ATC site is ready?
will set up GoogleDocs [John]

wanted to talk with St. Paul libraries about their clubs

recap: vote right before postmortem to offer Anton Petersen financial loan with retainer, to be paid one year from that date [Lauren]
abstained from vote due to discomfort with impromptu voting without sufficient information formally exchanged [Brian]

financials [Kim]

thank-you letter from American Red Cross; will be posted on website
received $20 check (payroll deduction) from AT&T; will put in LEG fund

$198,194 in bank account
all of Detour expenses have been paid, including $67K hotel bill
set aside money for YFU scholarship, GPS allotment, anticipated expenses for SOS
set aside money from AD 2015 registration and shirts
would be comforable with donating $30K from remaining $151,521.86

question: who will write a statement for website about charities receiving monies? [Lauren]
Charities Coordinator will do it

determining distributions to charities (not including the Charity Auction proceeds to the American Red Cross)

$500 - Bloomington Sister City Organization
$500 - St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Organization

$1,500 - Early Childhood Family Education

$1,000 - Japan America Society of Minnesota

$5,000 - Library Foundation of Hennepin County
$4,000 - Friends of the St. Paul Library

should the two donations be equal? [Kim]
slightly more to Hennepin County, to reflect larger body served

$1,000 - Gordon R. Dickson Scholarship Fund
covers student tuition for creative writers; ATC and MarsCon are its only present sponsors [Kale]

$600 - MN Center for Book Arts
education with school kids re: crafting, bookbinding
increasing to $600 (from $500) would qualify ATC for its Founder's Circle

$500 - Como Friends / Japanese Garden
$500 - Normandale Japanese Garden
arrange for a tour via SOS? [Lauren]

$1,500 - Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
$1,500 - Organization for Transformative Works

increase OTW to same level as CBLDF (from $1,000) because they do the same work

$1,000 - Nature Conservancy
prefer LEAF, to keep it in-state, and for more hands-on activity [Brian]

$2,000 - International School of MN Robotics team
if they can't make this year's competition, money will be used for next year
will check that funding levels are the same

$500 - Arts Midwest

$0 - U of MN Robotics team
iffy educational value
iffy non-profit status

$5,000 - Leukemia & Lyphoma Society: Light the Night
will bring proposal of co-sponsoring to GPS meeting on 5/20
getting a mention on this scale will be huge for outreach efforts [Sari]
worth going all-in for the full $5,000 if GPS is not interested in co-sponsoring [Mike, Kale]
would rather split credit with GPS if they are amenable; would want at least $1,000 [Brian]
if GPS does chip in money, that amount can be divided evenly and added to these charities:

  • Como Friends / Japanese Gardens
  • Friends of the St. Paul Library
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Arts Midwest
  • Gordon R. Dickson Scholarship Fund

â–º Lauren's motion to approve distributions totaling $26,600, seconded by Brian
vote passes with no objections

equipment request: BritCon would like to borrow projector, which has been deemed by Detour Tech too old to charge rental fee

question: who is picking up and receiving projector? [Lauren]
not willing to vote unless that is known [John]

â–º Brian's motion to vote conditional on this information being submitted on form, with fee of $100 if it is not returned, seconded by Lauren
vote passes with no objections

equipment request: Andrew Lunceford's request for light tree

â–ºmotion to vote (seconded by John) conditional on:

  • form is properly filled out
  • Logistics staffer being available to retrieve tree from back of tech locker
  • replacement fee if lost or broken

vote passes with no objections