April 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Michael, Rin, Brian, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, JayColette, Heather, Sari Hagen, Kevin Ehrler


will look into liability insurance [Kim]

SOS [Heather]

2nd Harvest - participatory status is uncertain, due to space filling up faster than expected
picnics have been posted on Facebook

where are sign-up sheets from ATC Room Party at Detour?

  • currently with Logistics?
  • in storage locker?
  • with rest of room party stuff?


  • committee currently consists of Lauren, with Richard Townsend DJing
  • Dave Vetrovec will find a Japanese holiday on which to base it
  • look for a venue more suitable than the Waterbury [Lauren], like the Ramada MoA ballroom [Brian]

has submitted attendance log to Andy for ATC voting requirements

bake sale at AIDS Walk, cash only [Lauren]

Detour [Jayson]

add meeting dates in August and November for department heads, division heads

  • apart from regular meetings
  • talk about leadership to develop younger staff

question: has Waterbury meeting dates been submitted to GPS? [Heather]

Clubs [JayColette]

acquired lots of contact info at Detour
feedback from groups wanting to join Directory
would like form ultimately turned into website [Brian]
for next FY, would like money set aside to help Clubs acquire anime [Brian]
no formal meetings thus far, although there was a 10-15 minute discussion with Ted in the hot tub at Detour

budgets for all Coordinators should be determined around the same time, at transition of FY

Charities [Kale]

attendance: himself and Charlotte
gotten testimonial quotes from Anton and Greg Ayres for letter
no further info from Micah about scholarship fund

fundraiser ideas

  • bike ride for diabetes over Memorial Day weekend
  • do a 5k walk somewhere in Twin Cities
  • a 5k event at Detour was suggested by a staffer [Andy]
  • get a company to sponsor walked distance at Detour, supply with pedometers [Rin]

matching deadline for community funds is end of FY
question: room party checklist for next year? does projector need to be replaced? [John]

finances [Kim]

Detour summary:

  • added $120 to LEG fund
  • sold 15 polo shirts (sell more at postmortem [Michael])
  • Charity Auction brought over $17K
  • 172 registrations for AD 2015 (Clarissa can send e-mail reminder that staff can still register at postmortem [Sari])
  • Merchandising brought in over $10K

Quad Cities Anime paid for training and for radios
>$302K in account, >$8.7K in community fund
Tech, Registration, Video, Merchandising have submitted inventories; Publications, IT have no substantial inventory
Anita's injuries are being handled through general liability

quick hits

How to Start an Anime Club form is available for editing
edited generic ATC anti-harassment policy for elaboration / extraction

financial statements are done from 2005-2013
ATC Board election updates

Pride Parade participation is not happening this year; will look toward next year
no update on Lantern Lighting Festival

will provide material for newsletter
polo shirts exist

no update on gaming event
movie series is on hiatus


potential issue with community outreach project

ATC no-alcohol policy

  • how to reconcile with Detour's dead dog party?
  • should we make policy formally apply to room parties?
  • if Detour becomes a dry con, alcohol will move from room parties to private hotel rooms, spreading the problem [Jayson]
  • is room party considered private space or ATC space?

â–º written policy should be a committee effort involving Jayson, Heather, JayColette, Rin [Lauren]
vote passes with no objections



  • ATC is now officially trademarked as a charity; will try to trademark Anime Detour as an event
  • will create a letter authorizing third-parties to use images for five years, after which they'll need to reapply
  • need to know which FB pages are officially sanctioned, as all communication should be funneled through official channels, rather than through disparate department pages
  • should put the TM on website logo

â–º grant Anime Detour Chair (or whoever s/he delegates) authority to determine who gets permission to use Detour logo
vote passes with no objections

should define better how Detour images are accessed and used, will consult with Jayson [Sari]
will communicate procedure to Detour staff at meeting after postmortem [Jayson]

who's squatting on the flickr/animedetour?

web matters

  • ATC website is outgrowing its current design; will set up feature request
  • question: will ATC require its own webteam? [Lauren]
  • rather, Webteam will probably eventually be pulled out of AD and into ATC
  • question: how to resolved the loss in staff status for at least four people?
  • question: can an ATC Webteam be considered a pseudo-department, since they're consulted often at meetings? [Jayson]

Detour podcast went well, with an excellent interview of Dai Sato; eventual release TBD