February 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Mike, Rin, Brian (late), Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, Heather, JayColette, Jayson, Viola Ganann, Kevin Ehrler, Megan Petersen


Detour [Jayson]

auction badges for community fund contributions when registration is full? [Lauren]

  • announce beforehand
  • unless it’s through eBay, are there legal ramifications?
  • Charity Auction badges for the following year don’t sell for much
  • in pairs or singly? [Lauren]
  • - if pairs, winner may flip extra one on Craigslist [Rin]
  • how many? [Lauren]
  • - 2 for LEG fund, 2 for Red Cross, 2 for charity TBD - specify exactly where money is going [John]
  • - check with Red Cross to make sure it’s okay
  • - don’t want to start with less than 10, in order to establish decent availability [Heather]
  • mention with regard to Registration on a regular basis [Heather]
  • start under $50 to encourage bidding
  • would be under auspices of Charity [Kale]

â–º 10 memberships to auction for Detour 2015
vote passes with no objections among those present

SOS [Heather]

Room Parties transitioning to Charities
2 base activities per month: Kotatsu + 1 other, rotating between paid, free, and charity events

Clubs [JayColette]

outreach e-mail needs edits, verification of some addresses
how far geographically should efforts extend?
- 600 miles [Lauren]
clarify on ATC membership, age restrictions (for clubs that have them) [Mike]

Charities [Kale]

no change in how Room Parties operates, for now

Kim Pridemore has withdrawn $7,000 over last 9 months, leaving $2,800 in LEG fund, less than her present request of $3,000

  • would need more information before considering present request
  • (Brian arrives)
  • would rather not empty fund for repeat applicants [Rin]
  • â–º approve Kim’s latest request
  • vote is denied, with all opposed
  • easier to get money from ATC than from other charities [Jayson]
  • start drive for Kim? [Heather]
  • - if drive is established, make it a generalized drive to replenish fund (vs. a specific drive with a set target) [John]
  • - provide options for Kim if there is no drive [Heather]
  • impose limit on how many times applicants can ask for money? [Jayson]
  • limits set in bylaws can handcuff future actions [Kale]

plugin to direct people to Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) [John]

visual aids/posters on behalf of Coordinators for Room Parties [Lauren]

financials [Kim]

due to more detailed itemization of storage locker, insurance premium increased to $1,769
over $348K in bank account
bids for Tech higher than expected [Kale]
Lauren now has access to account, in addition to Kim and Gifford

anti-harassment policy [Rin]

should be live by Wednesday
uses checks instead of questions to ensure that it’s been read
will need to be read at Registration at con if not done by then, in order to receive staff badge
department heads will have read-only access

pamphlets [Damarra]

proofs available
will get content edits done via e-mail; soliciting present feedback on layout
vertical cover is chosen for layout
whose budget?
how many to purchase?
- buy a whole lot, hold most in reserve [John]

quick hits

Community Outreach [Damarra]
hopefully will have updates next meeting

Anime on the Big Screen [Mike]
need to get new Funimation contact via Anton
limited contact with Sentai

gaming party [Mike]
no updates

How to Start an Anime Club [Brian]
have not found netbook; in process of rewriting document

newsletter [Lauren]
give as contact info Webteam’s info

polo shirts
transfer from John to Lauren

Lantern Lighting Festival, Gay Pride Festival [JayColette]
no updates

John’s projects

Detour app - include ATC info, donation links
IP policy - in works
social media policy to define how staff should conduct themselves online - in works
    won’t require signing off, but should be acknowledged by higher-level staff
established mirrors for all animedetour.[yyy] domains and e-mails

ask legal consultant about whether/how new bylaws should be filed [Lauren]
revised copy of bylaws with latest edits [Andy]