November 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Mike, Brian, Rin (7 pm)
Board Absent:
Observers: Gifford, Jayson, Kale, JayColette, Kevin Ehrler, Ally Addison, Viola Ganann


open discussion: Jayson's diabetic retinopathy

may cost $2,000 out-of-pocket
currently discussing with other charitable organizations for funds
ATC is last resort; can't withdraw from Community fund, due to status as staff member
stated amount is not out of line with previous loans [Lauren]
can repay any loan in 2014 calendar year

â–º tentatively authorize $2,000 loan, with repayment plan to be determined
vote passes with no objections (Rin absent)

open discussion: Michelle's FB post about recycling containers [Andy]

more of a con matter [Michael]

SOS [Damarra]
potential involvement in three upcoming charity events (Second Harvest in Jan, Diabetics Walk in Feb, Polar Bear Plunge and 5k in March)
Chili contest/Gingerbread House-making: Sunday December 15th, 5pm
Heather is awaiting Coordinator reviews; Andy will send out received reviews apace
Holidazzle parade: Saturday November 30th or Saturday December 14th (evening of Detour meeting)

Clubs [JayColette]

contacted Registration for contact info of groups that registered for Anime Detour; plan to make directory
how-to for forming groups

Charities [Kale]

no updates

Detour [Gifford]

asking for $196K, over $192K determined at concise and stress-free budget meeting; extra padding for capital expenses, legal consultation
Merchandise costs have been kept in line this year

â–º grant $196K budget for AD 2014
vote passes with no objections

quick updates

newsletter [Lauren]: one person has expressed interest, but no bids yet

Anime on Big Screen [Mike]: Evangelion 2.22 on Sunday, 11/24 (moving to weekend to try for more viewers)

anime awards [Mike, John]: some progress have been made (one or two industry-based awards), but no details yet on logistics

Pride parade [JayColette]: applications in January

Lantern Lighting festival [JayColette]: applications in January

gaming event [John]

early November 2014
looking at different rooms (5,000 sq. ft. room, 3-4 rooms of 1,200 sq. ft each)

various area hotels (Thunderbird, Sofitel, etc.)
question: any venues that are not hotels? [Rin]

desired capacity of 200 people on computers, plus an additional 200 people

anti-harassment policy [Rin]

training would be conducted for Division Heads/Coordinators, which would then filter down to individual staff members
legalese, grammatical edits
any conflict-of-interest scenarios can be handled at the con level

â–º approve policy after Rin incorporates edits that have been discussed
vote passes with no objections

Holiday Geek Expo [John]

2-day bazaar/trade show at DoubleTree, first full weekend of December (7th-8th)
questions: is informational table free? can anyone man the table?

scholarship for Japanese exchange program [Lauren]

possible point people: Micah Snead, Cynthia Malinowski

John will make ATC announcements at next Detour staff meeting