October 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Mike, Rin, Andy
Board Absent: Brian
Observers: Kale, Jayson, Heather, Gifford, Dave Vetrovec, Kevin Ehrler, JayColette Herald-Gordon, Viola Ganann


open session

assistance with Fusion website [John]
would go along with intent to make the ATC/AD website code widely available
no objections from rest of board

Comics and Cosplay website that mentioned Detour [Lauren]
will write blurb about Detour

SOS [Heather]

question: move Room Parties out from under SOS's auspices?
not really big enough for its own Director [Mike]
may move to Ambassador (Charities) once that gets established [Lauren]

request budget of $7,664 for FY 2013-2014
includes two of Heather's proposed one-day events: summer dance, cosplay fest (which would include workshops)
add $5 for increased Costco membership
does not include cost of ATC room party at Detour, as it is a line item for Hotel
NYE party room is free, but keep as line item cost as a buffer

â–º approve SOS budget of $7,669 for FY 2013-2014
vote passes with no objections

Pride Parade participation would be under SOS auspices; Jay will be point person
ATC team won Scavenger Hunt

Charities [Kale]

three staff members (Anton Petersen, Michelle Clark, Dave Vetrovec) have joined, with three more possible candidates
will get the word out at upcoming cons via Anton
Normandale Japanese Garden invites ATC for tour on 10/26, noon or after

Kim Pridemore is asking for financial support for another month (beyond initial $3,000) due to recent setbacks with medication
â–º donation ceiling of $4,000
vote passes with no objections

want to stress importance of filling out application [Lauren]
proof of medical issue as a CYA measure? [Andy]
make form easier to find [Mike], like crosslinking from donation page [Lauren]

Detour [Gifford]

still haven't received inventories from Photography and Consuite
would like to see computers bought specifically for use at Detour
budgets are due by Sunday's staff meeting [Kim]
November meeting has been scheduled for Sunday 11/16
only 3 of 12 shoulder mics are presently accounted for in storage locker from loans to other cons

financials [Kim]

tax appointment set for November
expected expenses for FY 2013-2014, minus charitable donations
change wording from "donation" to "loan" for Patrick's line item
add $400 for expected ad purchases at four cons

â–º approve budget of $37,925, not accounting for charitable donations that may be received
vote passes with no objections

current account balance is $178,318
current Detour registration capacity is just under 40%

â–º publish financial summary pie charts and blurb
vote passes with no objections

gaming weekend [John]

have consulted with people who have held similar events for free in the past (two of whom came to meeting)
space considerations are important, with regard to fire codes and power requirements (e.g., New Hope Cinema Grill would not hold much past 250 people)
would schedule on weekday to keep attendance down

entrance fee is not necessarily a deterrent for attendees, if event is held on weekend
80-90% of survey attendees at past free events would not mind paying entrance fee
sometimes, people would show up just to watch gaming tournaments and not game themselves

currently in process of evaluating possible venues
Fantasy Flights is moving into new event center; ask for bids there?

quick updates on old business

anti-harassment policy [Rin]: vote over e-mail

pamphlet [Damarra]: close to completion

ATC polo shirt [John]: no progress

industry award [John, Mike]: no progress

Clubs Coordinator

Jay elaborates on plans, qualifications, and availability

â–º appointing Coordinator
all present vote in favor of Jay

bylaws [Lauren]

will wait to have bylaws voted on, as October meeting is predicted to be sparsely attended
have bylaws be voted on only at Detour post-mortem, to take advantage of high attendance? [John]
want to retain flexibility of enacting changes in the middle of con cycle [Kale, Gifford]
will abandon instituting hours-based voting rights, but will reword voting requirement bylaws

Lantern Lighting Festival [Jay]

trouble getting in touch with people
try going thru Anton [Lauren]

Coordinator reviews

more time (one week?) to submit feedback

newsletter [Lauren]

will supplant Detour newsletter
will solicit bids for Coordinator, to be announced at next staff meeting
target rollout date is in two months
Secretary can send out newsletter via Registration database
an additional way to reach membership