September 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Mike, Brian, Andy
Board Absent: Rin
Observers: Heather, Jayson, Kale Ganann, Megan Petersen, Kevin Ehrler, Dave Vetrovec, JayColette Herald-Gordon, Ally Addison


open discussion [Sari, via Brian]

would like to know about ATC Board projects without combing through website
individual pages for each project?
easy to set up, more laborious to keep updated; need to know content, as that will determine schedule for updating [John]
people responsible for projects should be responsible for updating them [Lauren]

open discussion re: e-mail from Fusion re: alleged nonresponse from Detour Logistics [Lauren]

missteps with receiving equipment back from Sogen and WausabiCon, but nothing was broken
issue is that access to storage locker is coordinated by Logistics [Kale]

open discussion [Ally]

Hennepin County Libraries would be willing to host gatherings for people above the cutoff age (19) for teen clubs, but they don't have own staff to oversee
intended for people who have aged out of teenage years
would be suitable for Clubs Coordinator (a position for which JayColette intends to submit her candidacy)

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

no complaints about Geek.kon room party [Erick, via Kim]
would like to be mentioned in ATC newsletter, if/when that gets going
Ambassador table is possibility at Geek.kon [Brian]

Detour [Jayson]

goal of finishing inventory for all departments by the next staff meeting

financials [Kim]

over $150K in bank account
over $15K in community fund ($5K for Richard)
fund drive for Carrie is ~$350 short; will remove from website [John]

inventory to date has over $18K, with many costly departments yet to be accounted
current insurance premium is over $1125/year for $3000 coverage
premium would be almost $1500/year for $35,000 coverage
â–º increase premium to $35,000 insuramce coverage, effective immediately
vote passes with no objections

current registration over 770

â–º confirmation of vote for Jayson as chair for Detour 2015

for: Lauren, Kim, John, Mike, Brian, Rin (via e-mail)
against: Damarra

old business

harassment policy
Rin has drafted version and sent it to Lauren

Anime Clubs screening permissions [Brian]
has contacted various video hosting websites

gaming party [John]
good meeting with This is Geek
need to get more info about hosting; talk with Josh Spotts, Charles Piehl

info sheet and pamphlet [Damarra]
would like to work with Charity/Community Fund Coordinator

ATC polo shirts [John]
cost ~$20/shirt with embroidery; would sell for at least $40
$40 may be too high a price point [Mike]
no minimum order, but first shirt costs $50 for digitizing embroidered pattern
ask GPS where their shirts were ordered
take poll among staff to gauge order for those who are interested

Charity/Community Fund Coordinator [Lauren]

can appoint two people in this position, since both candidates (Anton, Kale) stated that they're busy? [Mike]
should be one person to take final responsibility [John]
Lauren and Brian recuse themselves from the vote
Anton is notoriously hard to reach [Heather]
Anton has a large Rolodex of contacts [Mike] but it doesn't help if he's hard to reach [Damarra]
if appointed, Kale would not have problems with asking Anton for help, and the reverse would be true [Kale]
Kale will not be totally incommunicado; will have someone on point when he's busy with other commitments

â–º appoint Kale as Charity/Community Fund Coordinator
vote passes by 3-1 count, with 1 absence and 2 abstains

Club Coordinator

ask for more candidates at the next staff meeting [Mike]
if there aren't multiple candidates, table until next election cycle [John]
hold open for one more month

Geek card
use it on posters for room parties [Lauren]; otherwise, house in acrylic case and keep it in office [Mike]

bylaws [Lauren]

IIIB1 - replace "Board of Directors" with "membership", "once a quarter" with "biannually" in last sentence

IIIC - want to include a piece about Board members sending feedback to Secretary, in the course of reviewing
Secretary will receive feedback in two weeks, and compile/disseminate for next Board meeting

IIID - clarify elected officers, include coordinators in mention of whose performance is reviewed

IIIA - remove Secretary from last sentence, change wording

IIA1b - base voting rights on 20 hours worked (over/under) instead of meeting attendance
staff would be signed off by dept. heads, who would be signed off by division heads, who would be signed off by con chair, who would be signed off by ATC President, who would be signed off by ATC Board
may need ATC Membership Coordinator to keep track
concern about whether some staff would reach 20 hours over a whole con cycle
concern about subjectivity
concern about value of time spent outside of meetings vs. in meetings, with regard to learning about ATC
combine Detour meetings with meetings for other ATC branches?
â–º gauge support for an hour-based system
vote passes with 4 for, 1 against, 1 abstain

IIA1a - reduce dues to $15, include 30% discount to ATC Events outside of Detour
concern about complexity with registering members for Detour if discount was extended to Detour
want to get from associating ATC membership with Detour badge
should have info packet for anyone who buys membership
remove "supporting membership"

IIA2 - clarify language about non-voting members