April 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Anton, Damarra, John, Mike, Jo, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Heather, Gifford, Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Ehrler, Ted Berquam, Nick (Minnesotans United)


open discussion [Nick]

1. e-mail members to solicit general support and presence at Lobby Day?
2. allow Minnesotans United to set up shop at the con?

concerns about appearing to support an overtly political cause [Gifford]
ideal setup would be a room party [John]
e-mail should have general verbiage to avoid mention of specific political sides [Anton]
would support having just flyers on freebie tables, or having already-registered attendees promote cause outside of defined hotel grounds [Kale]
wary of allowing something that we know beforehand would draw complaints [Mike]
if we establish policy against handing flyers in con space (not in room parties), that would affect other bodies promoting their stuff [Damarra]
can do any sort of promotion within room parties [Gifford]
no problems with sending properly-worded, succinct e-mail to internal staff [John]
would be problematic with an e-mail blast to general con attendees [Anton]
(2) would be a con matter, not a board matter [Lauren]

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

staff party after AD staff meeting next Sunday (starting ~4pm); starting video ~5pm
Skyzone weekend after Detour
Festival of Nations in May
more info cards for Detour room party
reservation made for June picnic; none made yet for August picnic, may return to usual site

movies at Parkway [Mike]

Parkway was a little bit disappointed at turnout for previous movie
Earl would like to have showings no earlier than 7 pm, so he could show a regular movie at 5 pm
frontload schedule with popular movies to establish fanbase [Kale]
hopeful for Starz licenses, but apprehensive about showing movies rated for a more mature audience
show double- or triple-feature with shorter movies?
Funimation aside, it's hard to get licenses for showings more than 5-6 weeks in advance
mention ATC website as gateway for movies at closing ceremonies [Gifford]

financials [Kim]

75% of pre-con spending has happened
most of dealers have paid
projected extra income: +$30k at this point
$260,576 presently in ATC account
Josh Spotts came in under budget by $3,100 on hotel room key cards
misunderstanding with Merch over Sponsor t-shirts has been addressed
Merch expects to sell $10k worth of hoodies

ATC board elections [Kale]

invite candidates to e-mail John (john.koniges@animedetour.org) with statement expressing their platforms, due May 1st
    submissions after the deadline will be added in order
board will forward comprehensive e-mail with all statements as attachments to general staff members (not just those with voting rights)
absentee ballots will be taken
deadline for getting names on the ballot is also May 1st
Andy will send out e-mail detailing voting procedures
deadline for absentee ballots to be sent to John: May 17th
if Damarra wins election for President, a special election will be held for her vacated General Board position

Carrie's statement [Anton]

targeted to world at large, not just anime fanbase
upload the most recent version [Andy]
fundraiser would be to recoup monies given to Carrie, to replenish community fund
include attachment about general description of fund [John]