October 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Damarra, Jo, Michael, Andy
Board Absent: John, Anton
Observers: Heather


open discussion: pie, cheesecake

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

spaghetti dinner after next Detour staff meeting
gingerbread/chili in December
NYE party - Josh will check with Hotel about whether room will need to be reserved

question: should Parkway theater movie night be under auspices of ATC board or SOS? [Mike]
keep it under the board

alternate picnic locations - may not be able to scout before winter arrives

site committee [Mike]

Anton expressed interest in retaining his committee position
other candidates: Damarra, Josh Spotts, Mike
re: potential rule of no more than two leadership roles within ATC/Detour, site committee member is more of a liaison than a leadership role [Mike]

â–º two site committee members
Josh and Damarra

financials [Kim]

taxes planned for November

â–º pass budget, minus cost of Sprint hotspot (it doesn't get used often)
vote passes with no objections

bank account currently just under $161K
registrations at 2,210

SOS budget [Heather]

request budget increase to finance seven room parties (up from three)
will allow five (Detour, CONvergence, Marscon, two TBD that would be approved by ATC board)

three nights for Detour room party cover setup on Thursday night
â–º reducing that to two nights
vote passes with no objections

eliminate Costco membership - roll in with ATC's Costco membership

â–º adjusted budget of $6,432
vote passes with no objections