September 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale (open discussion only), Kim, Damarra, Andy, Michael, John
Board Absent: Jo, Anton
Observers: Gifford, Heather, Kevin Ehrler, Megan Petersen, Lauren and Viola Ganann (open discussion only)


open discussion: Site Committee

Charles Piehl expressed interest in getting Site Committee back together, ASAP [Gifford]
solicit candidates at Sept/Oct staff meetings, as only Damarra has expressed interest so far [Michael]
Site Committee may have expanded responsibility beyond handling room assignments at Waterbury
contact write-in candidates (and Ally) from previous ATC Board election to gauge their interest in getting more involved [Lauren]

open discussion: additional equipment request for Fusion [Heather]

hot water heaters (Consuite), 2 shelving units (Ops)

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

drive-in movie this Friday
meeting next Friday
RenFest on 23rd
corn maze on 30th
outdoor games day (10/14)

spaghetti dinner community fund fundraiser after November staff meeting
buy spaghetti sauce from Morelli's Market? [John]
contact business and inform of ATC's nonprofit status [Gifford]

most SOS events are open to public, can be touted on Detour's website
introduce pricing based on possession of Detour badge?
chili cookoff and gingerbread house making event in December
Rollerdome [John]

why has turnout for SOS events decreased from last year?

  • gas costs
  • scheduling conflicts
  • not enough/too much notice
  • weather
  • lack of novelty

Gaylaxicon [Anton]

equipment request

  • almost all of the Tech locker
  • would be first instance of lending tech stuff without a Tech staffer
  • Division Heads and Logistics Head have keys to locker
  • would like to have a Tech staffer to oversee the pickup, at a mutually convenient meeting time [John]

â–º approve request, conditional on Detour's Tech staffer meeting their Tech staffer at the pickup
vote passes with five yays (Anton, Kim, Michael, John, Damarra), no nays

â–º ATC room party at Gaylaxicon ($135/night, plus registration)
vote is denied with four nays (Kim, Michael, John, Damarra), one yay (Anton)

if ATC equipment is broken while on loan, it may screw over the organizations that are slated to borrow it afterward (but before Detour) [Heather]
may want to discuss contingency plans [John]

haven't been able to follow up on family in need [Gifford]
any financial resolution would roll over onto the next fiscal year [Kim]

Marian's e-mail about ATC website [Kim]

separate section for community outreach [Heather]
timeline of all the parties that have been helped by community outreach [John]
add history of charitable giving [Heather]
money allotted to Greg has been spent; $5,000 remain in Richard Townsend's allotment [Kim]

financials [Kim]

1,040 registrations, as of 3pm
will end fiscal year with an income, instead of loss
reminder at staff meeting [Gifford]
$107K in checking account ($12.2K in community fund)


additional revenue streams?

Detour's earning ability is just about saturated without jacking up prices or capacity [Gifford]
consolidate efforts with other cons in area? [Michael]
may need to re-work bylaws regarding voting rights, if different organizations are involved [John]
separate pools of meetings for separate organizations [Damarra]
Anime Fusion may be slated to merge with another con [Heather]
doesn't seem to be a way to do any sort of consolidation/merger incrementally [Andy]
ATC's emergency fund is starting to get tapped [Kim]
cost/benefit analysis of expanding? [John]
would rather join efforts with existing con than starting up a new con [Heather]
gaming con for LAN/tabletop [John]
one-day events can be arranged under SOS umbrella

bootlegged merchandise at State Fair [Heather]

can ATC inform similarly-scaled event organizers of presence of bootleggers?
consult industry contacts to advise course of action before writing letter to State Fair, etc. [Gifford]
discuss further at next meeting

community fund [Damarra]

positive response from Dragon Con about partnership possibility