August 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, John, Damarra, Mike, Kim, Andy
Board Absent: Anton, Jo
Observers: Heather, Gifford, Kevin Ehrler, Jayson Stob, Lauren Ganann, Megan Petersen, Cyn Lettermann


open discussion: CONvergence [Cyn]

open meeting on August 26th, 7 pm

follow-up on e-mail about family in need [Gifford]

fund daytrip for his family from General Fund
determine budget first, then plan outing [Jayson]
ideas: Valleyfair, MN Zoo, dinner at a nice restaurant
set budget for $200 - $250
should find out more about family's personal life first [Gifford]

GPS Site Committee meeting status [Michael]

still unresolved
question: remove Anton from Site Committee, due to presence on multiple boards? [Lauren]
e-mail staff and announce at next staff meeting to solicit candidates for open position on Site Committee [Kale]
interest in position, because she's already doing many things related to it [Heather]


Social Outreach Services [Heather]

meeting on Friday, August 17th
Saints game on Monday, August 20th
Lantern Lighting Festival, August 19th [Andy]
State Fair day on Thursday, August 23rd
no group rates for Zelda concert on September 22nd [Kale]

financials [Kim]

Gifford wanted a budget of $190K, about a 15% increase, as stated at last staff meeting
currently at 658 registrations, 200 ahead of last year's pace
currently at 23 sponsors and 4 community sponsors; have received inquiries about what sponsorship entails
checking account balance at over $96K, minus GPS payment of $6,700
community fund at over $12K
not going crazy with the Cheez Whiz just because it's Year 10 [Gifford]
question: some sort of 10th anniversary commemmorative merch for sponsors? [Heather]


community fund/loan requests [Lauren]

drafted form
include question for dates of membership in ATC/Detour [Heather]
change "vendor" to "vendor/service provider" in question 4 [Kale]
still need community fund guidelines/mission statement
settle on consistent name for community fund - L.E.G. Community Fund
don't have ATC in name, in case there's a partnership with other bodies

quick hits

Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) telethon this Saturday, August 18th [Michael]

Richard Townsend not present; wondering about status of the charity Emily DeJesus wants to set up [Kale]

still need to update bylaws on website [Lauren]
Anton has most recent version of bylaws

confirmation e-mail to Andy Murphy about attending Board Boot Camp (Kale, Damarra, Anton, Megan, Andy) [John]

Kale will follow up on e-mail from Brianna Elg (Career Consultant)
add clarification to mission statement about ATC being volunteer organization [John]

Dave Chamberlain recognizes his financial commitment to ATC [Kim]

storage locker [Gifford]

Matt Hoffman is no longer available to make random trips to storage locker
will need to schedule trips to storage locker as early as possible whenever equipment requests from other bodies are approved
Andy will send e-mail to Matt informing him of equipment requests and ask to set up contact points
issues with inspecting equipment on its way out and back in [Kim]
question: use sign-in clipboard at storage locker? [Heather]