April 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Lauren, Kevin, Jo, Damarra, Andy
Board Absent: Anton
Observers: John Koniges, Megan Petersen


Board Elections

candidates should announce to Secretary before post-mortem of their intention to run
Secretary will assemble ballot
other board members will print and distribute them in Secretary's absence
will division heads count votes?
currently, SOS meetings do not count toward meetings requirement for voting

will dole out convention profits to charities at the next board meeting, the last meeting of the convention cycle
can earmark funds when donations are made to charities

the open discussion session provides opportunity for people outside of the Board to work with the Board

potential IP time bomb [John]

specifically referring to software development and retaining control in case the original author isn't available or willing to interact further
can also apply to artwork
solution: explicit disclaimer that would allow ATC/Detour to retain ownership
♦ John will draft barebones version

Board Bylaws

potential change: Treasurer to be appointed instead of elected
need Anton to send current version to staff list
♦ Megan will remind him

question: What is the border between Board decisions and decisions affecting the convention? [John]
decisions that immediately affect the convention are left to the Chair and Division Heads
Board decisions are more long-term

question: How to consolidate communications across various social media platforms and maximize efficiency?

ATC room parties promote ATC and the Community Fund, not Detour itself

Detour 2012

~120 at-con transfers, 160 total transfers
should have opt-out of e-mail list for convention registrants [John]
should check with Registration about opt-out [Andy]
ability to use credit cards was a big factor in Merchandising almost doubling sales
expand to art show transactions? [Kevin]
302 at-con pre-registrations for AD 2013, including 11 sponsors

will send a get-well-soon plant to Joe Swanson

next board meeting will be on 5/21, same time, to accommodate Linda Petersen's graduation on 5/14