September 2011 Board Notes




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open discussion

Otaku Inc. [Richard Townsend]:

  • apologizes for MAC's nonpayment - 50% repayment by next convention (7/12)
  • thanks ATC for support for Sogen; proposes to pay for future help
  • may be renting sound and tech equipment from Detour
  • wants to model ATC's attitude towards attendees and for cons

question: possibility for evening meetings? [Charlie Hickey]
matter for later discussion with con chair, not board

Dept. of Social Corrections [Heather]

possibility of changing name to reflect greater interaction with community, bigger group size
no board members overtly opposed to name change
solicit suggestions at next staff meeting, final decision to come from board
Heather to expound on dual functions of department

outreach proposal [Damarra]

one group to do different activities, via DSC
pamphlets / brochures to direct people to professional resources for therapy/counseling
question: is this too focused on one part of community? [Anton]
question: more tightly-defined age groups? [Lauren]
$300 for craft days
meetings at Waterbury, library
Heather is okay with it, if it's focused more on the gathering aspect
ask lawyer about accountability if pamphlets are issued [Anton]
wary about scattering audience if activities are too divergent; baby steps [Lauren]
question: is there overlap with GPS' mission? can/should this be a joint venture with GPS? [Anton]
targeted to younger people
will provide tentative budget for inclusion [Heather]

Cosplay shoot-em up [Eryn Hildebrand, Josh Spotts]

next available time: Saturday 11/5
four photographers offering micro-shoots for cosplay community (20 min)
free to Detour members from 2011 on, nominal fee to non-members
involve Reg department to check membership
half pre-reg, half walk-up
primary sponsor: ATC/Detour
invite CONvergence to participate, MarsCon?
provide concessions
no problems with post-Halloween timing
any profit goes to LEG fund

â–º budget of $500 from ATC
vote passes with no objections

quick hits

â–º happy birthday to Heather
vote passes with no objections, albeit begrudgingly on Damarra's part

financials [Kim]
Wells Fargo discontinuing points on check card 10/08; how to use remaining points?
nay on gift cards for Guests
convert to gift cards from Best Buy

voting details [Lauren]
explicitly state all details of what is being voted on and its results
â–º have Secretary read aloud typed vote details before vote is cast and send out results within 48 hours
vote passes with no objection

new clubs [Lauren]
peripheral to ATC
explicitly capping DSC's involvement with new clubs
Heather's version of chairman's budget

term limits [Kale]
no new developments; draft variants of suggestions at next staff meeting

Greg Ayres' fund
falls under auspices of LEG fund - matching policy
enable donation capability on website
have Greg post first, then ATC will post

hotel contract for Detour is signed

announce benefit for Christina Facchin's mom at 9/18 staff meeting

Damarra will be ATC board spokesperson on 9/18 staff meeting
Kim will be the spokesperson in October
Kevin will be the spokesperson in November
Jo will be the spokesperson in January