June 2011 Board Notes




Board Attended: All
Board Absent:


Open Discussion (30 minutes)

  • Before Meeting - have agenda before set up
  • Proposed logo that will be scanned in and sent to atc board
    • Consider having open submission for logo ideas

Convention Related Topics

  • Speakers
    • Patrick put in request for new speakers
    • Need new speakers (speakers blown) partially to set
    • Request $400 to upgrade and replace speakers
    • Voting:  Board approved - all yays
  • Reg Rates/Reg Cap - Giff
    • Population Cap for registration to move forward:
      • Giff proposes 5000 raised as reg cap
      • Lauren: spaces already feeling more crowded, requests we wait until CONvergence;
      • Anton: should be the same numbers
      • Jo: fears going up to 5000
      • Giff: will tell registration to budget and plan for 5000 tentatively
    • Registration Rates
      • Lauren believes we should raise the rates
      • Anton propose raising post-december to $50 to assist with inflation
      • Explain food and programming costs
      • $35 to December 31/$50 from Jan 1 to end of pre-reg/$60 at door -all approved
    • Lost Badges:
      • Should we refund lost badge - keep one refresh
      • $60 for replacement badge and no refunds - be upfront about it in the policy, be clear about the policy
      • Ultimately policy comes down to the chairman


  • Room Parties
    • Erik requested two additional at con badges at Convergence
    • Additional $160 for badges - ALL APPROVED
  • Social Corrections
    • CONvergence have listed as Anime Detour Room Party - will re-list as ATC board
    • 13 people with Anime Tsuniushi - to add more people, 2nd and 4th Friday each, flyers for room party
    • Tomorrow discussing more about social corrections meetings are about  to give them to time to say more;
    • Have a dance in the offseason - Patrick may put together proposal; see what
    • Picnic is this weekend, setup at 4pm-10pm (picnic starts at 5pm)
    • People have volunteered for PRIDE festival
    • Heather will email the rest of the suggestions
    • Ideas from Social Corrections for ATC (Damaraa):
      • Have public speakers that are cheaper and easier to do; if popular enough, would send letters to school if they would want them to come to school or have a retreat (must have insurance - Kale); community outreach - social outreach (keep away from the notion of therapy - Lauren; wants to have resources
        • CALL it a resource group - would love to have a proposal for it
        • This would be towards younger people
      • Would like to have community for GLBT (20s+ and within the geek community?); would this be a subset of the first one
        • Kale: propose the larger group and then figure out the subset group


Board Topics

  • Heifer International - earmarked $500 for Heifer international;
    • Knitters and Ducks for $500
  • Macy’s Charity Program
    • Lauren: fundraising opportunity Macy does once a year; in September; got 20% off coupon so person gets $5 back - each Macy’s has a drawing; available by 21st of July; have them in store by June 20th, no cost to ATC - only need our tax id; could partner with GPS for silent auction; good idea to pursue, make a punch of staff at next detour meetings; can sell booklets up until the date (have them in hand at Wasabi)
  • Term Limits
    • Patrick requested we bring up term limits (slow-changing); should we address term limits; would need to be brought up at a full meeting;
      • Damarra: were fine with the concepts of term limit; suggest two terms, then a term off, then run again
      • Anton:  against term limit - a popularity vote
      • Heather: other people have issues with the length of terms
      • Lauren: do we have a bunch of people who would be run because with people - automatically get people in
      • Heather: it is a popularity contest; it should be balanced
      • Anton: the issue exists and we need to show how to vote
      • Jo: Do we want a forum and have a campaign process
      • Charlie: Do we have any prerequisites - for people who want to run should they attend a board meeting as a pre-req
      • Giff: If we are running events beyond Anime Detour, we need more forums than atc
      • Lauren: If you give us $20, you are a member of atc
      • Damarra: start a campaign six months beforehand
      • Anton: will not run again AS DETERMINED BY HIM AND HE WILL CRY A LOT ON AN ALOT
      • How’s the ATC Site coming along (separate website needed so not intertwined)
      • Heather: Can run again but must have term off
      • Kale: TABLED UNTIL JULY Meeting
  • Community Funds
    • Proposal for Lauren E. Ganann Memorial Community Fund
      • Lauren - proposed that it be renamed
      • ATC would seed the fund for $5000 each year until we cap, should match up to another $5000
      • Tier mention and sponser badge
      • Add a donation site to the fund
      • Must be short a 1/3 or less - can give $10k maximum
      • Organization must have open books for us and cannot request donation after $2000
        • Must be member of the geek community - must be a part of the larger geek community
        • Would be at the persons’ discretion
        • Edit: “Must be a contributing member of the geek community” - may not succeed $11,999.99 because it will become taxable on a federal level
        • Our  fund is not available to board members of ATC or staff member of Anime Detour; this is for our community - we take care of our own
        • Fund would have a cap - “Cap may not be lowered below the current levels”
        • Matching of funds happens at the end of the year (Giff proposed end of fiscal year) - go with the end of the year, longer term fund
        • Kim: move to its own savings account fund
        • Will be a multi-organizational network of funds to assist the geek community; site to coordinate what we’re giving; must have clarity on these funds; each convention would have its own
        • If they contribute on the website you are a member of ATC
      • Anton moves that with the exception of staff edits, the proposal moves forward with the known addendums to the staff to delegated $5000 for seed funds (with the caveats for further discussion and the work)- But will release the funds; Damarra second; All opposed; Kale abstained
    • Marie and Michael Porter (part of geek community) - lost deck, bedroom, car and house was forclosed/uninsured - DONATE $1000 from general fund
    • Peter Gamesch (helps with hauling, djs, helps with geek) - transmission ruined -DONTATE $500 from general fund