May 2011 Board Notes




Board Attended: All
Board Absent:


New Business:

  • Anton proposed Damarra replace Stephen Gifford as board member; Stephen Gifford seconded;
    • Votes: All Yeas
  • Proposed: Anime Detour have a written policy on replacing chairman, division, department  heads
    • Heads must be approved by chairman and current division heads
    • Allow people to shadow
    • Anyone could apply for department head but must propose a vision for the department when an opening occurs, but ultimately it’s an open process


Floor Open:

  • Annette Gagliardi  proposed a request for funding totally $1875 for the ECFE Programming
    • Half of funding would go to give every child involved in the program a book; many of the children involved in ECFE don’t have books at home; this would ensure a book to build early literacy skills
    • The other half would go towards classroom sets used by ECFE teachers. Each set contains multiple copies of the books. Children follow along with their own copy of the book during reading skills. Classroom sets are reusable.
    • The titles for classroom sets are teacher requested titles - ongoing list.
    • Questions:
      • What standards does ECFE follow? They follow all state standards and follow the concept of SEEDs training (one book each month).
      • Do we require reports: we do not but we prefer it
  • Kale Ganann proposed the ATC board start a Community Fund to provide emergency assistance as need to the community. Requests that there be a place holder in the budget of $5000 for community bank if additional $5000 cannot be met by membership.
    • Lauren Ganann requested that the funds be released to the libraries if inactivity on this issue is not met in a year.
  • Damarra Atkins requested that we look at donating towards Huge Theatre, a new organization in the community that follows the Brave New Workshop model of theatre classes and giving to the community
  • Lauren Ganann proposed ATC donated to Fringe Festival if we give to a theatre