June 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Troy MacDonald, Kim Hofer, Joseph Opsahl, Kevin Ehrler, Stephen Gifford
Board Absent: Megan Stob, Renee Vandervelde
Observers: Kale Ganann, Erick Hofer, Morgan Niemeyer, Diana Sneve, Ellie Copeland, Matt, John Koniges, Patrick Cameron, Rachel Tippett


Agenda Items


Open Session


Finance Updates


Coordinator Updates

Anime Detour














Agenda – ATC/GPS involvement in pride. They are asking that we advertise involvement in Pride. According to their email they want staff to walk in parade. Morgan stated that she can post on social media about our involvement if we staff present but she would not be the one to organize volunteers for the walk. Heather should be the one to ask for and organize volunteers.


Agenda – Thank you from Hennepin County Library. Andy asked if we can we get pictures from Hennepin County Library and other organizations we give to of things money was used for? Kale said that he would reach out to them, but he thinks that AUSM, the libraries, Sister Cities will probably respond, but that the others may not.


Agenda - Independent audit of finances. Andy would like to know if this is something we can do. If we are interacting with other conventions, we want to ask for proof of their financial integrity, so it is something that we should be able to do as well. Kim and the rest of the board are fine with the idea. We will need to do research to find a company and find out how much it would cost. Gifford and Kim will start reach-out efforts and try to come up with some options for the board to consider.


Agenda - ATC notes announcements at Anime Detour meetings; who and when. All upcoming scheduled Detour meeting dates have an assigned board member to give updates. Board requested that the secretary send reminders to assigned board members prior to meeting.


Agenda - Procedure for changing ATC branding. Branding change procedure presented by Andy for board consideration. This will be for any kind of branding change – logo, mascot, etc. There were some concerns about making sure that multiple artists were involved in coming up with new branding material and that Anime Detour staff members felt involved in that process. Andy to review feedback and work on refining procedure to present for vote at a future board meeting. There was a concern raised about the SOS logo already in progress – how we will we handle this branding change happening at the same time this procedure is being implemented. Board decided that this logo will be grandfathered in since permission to design logo was already given at previous meeting.


Agenda - Equipment requests. 2 received this month from Fury Migration and This is Geek. Fury Migration requested a large amount of Consuite equipment and discussion on loaning Consuite equipment was continued.

Fury Migration - Andy made motion to approve request absent mobile service carts; in addition, Consuite portion of request contingent on having ServSafe certified staff on site. Gifford seconded. Unanimously approved.
This is Geek – Andy motioned to approve request. Joe abstained. Gifford seconded. Unanimously approved.
Both groups requests radios, so Megan needs to send reminders that $75 radio fee must be paid by August 1st in order to pick up radios.
Decision was made to no longer lend out consuite equipment. Edit equipment request form and post on social media that as of July 15th , due to updates in health code rulings, moving forward, we can no longer provide consuite equipment to other cons. Requests received between now and then will be approved only if the event can provide ServSafe certification.



Agenda - Projects updates


An additional concern was raised about the website team. There have been ongoing issues for 2 years and several projects discussed in this meeting cannot move forward because of inaction from them; registration opening late is also due to their inaction. This affects both the ATC and the AD website.  Andy acknowledges the need and will speak to Jayson about confronting the issue, since the same staff work on both websites.


At 9PM, Andy motioned to adjourn meeting. Joe seconded. Unanimously approved.